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  1. JBeukes

    Anne: Nuut in New Jersey!

    Hello Anne, Baie welkom. Dit vat maar altyd 'n ruk om aan te pas, maar julle moet vasbyt. Ek weet daar is Suid Afrikaners in daardie omgewing, maar weet nie wie nie. (ons is in Kanada naby Hamilton in Ontario). Beste is om by die kerk in te skakel. Die plaaslike biblioteek sal ook van hulp kan wees mbt plaaslike organisasies in julle omgewing. Groete Johan
  2. JBeukes

    Flying from the US to Canada

    Sorry, I checked again - www.sidekick.com is not working. There's a mobile company on that site. The other two should be OK. Johan
  3. JBeukes

    Flying from the US to Canada

    You can try the following sites: www.orbitz.com www.travelocity.com www.sidekick.com My site (www.travelonly.com/XIT) have decent deals from Canada outbound, but your location is Alabama, right? Johan
  4. JBeukes

    JBeukes: Another Travel Agent? Nooit! Ja swaer

    Thanks, we're constantly booking South Africans from Toronto to SA. I hope to get a few clients from the US as well. Regards Johan
  5. Hi everyone, I've been a few times on the forum last year mainly because my employer (Groeneveld North America) was looking for technicians & sales people. Now I want to promote my own business. We bought a travel franchise about two years ago. If you're interested in travel, tours, air tickets, etc. please check out my introduction in the Commercial Section under "Travel Agents" Regards / Groete Johan
  6. JBeukes


    Hi everyone, Below a short intro about our agency. We're based in Dundas, Ontario and have booked hundreds of passengers from mainly Toronto to SA. A few from other provinces and even fewer from the USA. I know it's expensive to fly home - we're not always the cheapest, but always competitive. So, please try us. We will do our best to assist you with your travel plans. We don't advertise (exept for travel deals in the newsletter for South Africans in Ontario) and rely heavily on word-of-mouth. I hope to have a banner ad on this forum and the Canadian one shortly. (sjoe, nou's my beste Engels opgebruik!!) About us: Vacation.com Travel Agency of the Year in Canada in 2004 & 2006. Services: We are a full service travel agency with great airfares to most destinations worldwide. We specialize in Getaway Tours to Southern Africa. We also offer cruises, all inclusive vacations, and holiday packages worldwide. Ask us about Travel & Health Protection before you travel. Why choose us? We have competitive airfares from North America to South Africa. We work with tour & safari companies to offer an unforgettable experience. Contact: Johan Beukes jbeukes[at]travelonly.net Phone: 905-520-0683 For trips in North America & Caribbean: www.travelonly.com/XIT For trips, cruise & tours to South Africa & World: www.safridetours.vacation.com Hendie - Paid for 2007
  7. JBeukes

    Where are you?

    Tussen die Groot Mere in Kanada. Meer presies - 45 minute suidwes van Toronto in Ontario. 'n Klein plekkie met die naam Dundas. Noord & Noordwes van ons is Lake Huron en Oos suidoos is Lake Ontario. Johan
  8. JBeukes

    Any cheap tickets to SA?

    Tickets booked in SA departing USA is called "reversed ticketing" and in general mor expensive. The $999 is not terribly expensive, but I'm not sure about the prices in the U.S. either. I'm in Canada and book mainly South Africans to SA, and sometimes to Europe, the Caribbean, etc. Ek en 'n vriend man my (voorheen van Stellenbosch) het ongeveer twee jaar gelede in 'n Travel Franchise "ingekoop" op 'n tydstip toe ons altwee werlkoos was in Kanada. Intussen het ons altwee by verskillende maatskappye begin werk en doen ons die "travel agency admin" deeltyds. Ek hoop om natuurlik eendag 'n klompie Noord Amerikaners op 'n toer SA toe te vat. Hier is die gemiddelde Kanadees maar erg oningelig oor Suid Afrika. Johan
  9. JBeukes

    Interested South Africans?

    Hi everyone, I am responsible for business development in the US for Groeneveld (a Dutch company that manufactures and sell automatic greasing systems & safety equipment for trucks & off-road equipment). The head office for North America is in Canada, where I'm based. Essentially I am looking for people to be involved with our company in one of three ways: 1. To be trained as Installers for our products (mechanics or someone who is "handy") 2. If a person has already a business (i.e. equipment company, refrigeration, air-conditioning, trucking, etc) the company might be intersted to become a Service Dealer and sell and install our products. 3. Entrepreneurs who want to set up their own business and become a Groeneveld Distributor. I'm sure there must be some entreperneurs out in the Bay area? More information about the company is available on www.groeneveldusa.com If you know any South Africans or Americans in your area who might be interested in hearing more about our program, please ask them to contact me. By the way - Vir almal in Suid Afrika wat wonder of dit maklik of moeilik is om hervestig...as volwassenes sal ons seker altyd immigrante wees. Ons kinders raak gouer deel van die nuwe kultuur, maak nie saak waar jy vestig nie. Die vraag is gewoonlik of mens sal kan aanpas? As hierdie Kalahari klong in Kanada kan aanpas, sal meeste mense seker elders kan aanpas. Maar die verlange na Suid Afrika, met sy eiesoortigheid, die taal & kultuur en jou familie en vriende is maar altyd daar. Laat ek afsluit voordat ek "homesick" raak... Ek hoor graag van julle. Groete Johan