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  1. Hi Snoekies - welcome. Were are you located?

  2. There are a lot of South Africans working on the cruise ships. They make pretty good money and get to see some great places. Every cruise I have taken there have been at least 4 or 5 that I have met.
  3. stay strong Doplhie - everyone on this site reading this is pulling for you and your son
  4. zulu


    I loved it - I was only in Comox and the surrounding area but it was beautiful - very quaint. You will definitely enjoy your trip. I took one of their little 14-seater puddle jumpers from Vancouver - door to door was only 30 minutes. If I had more time I would have liked to have taken the ferry across but I only went for the weekend to attend a birthday party. A friend of mine from Durban whom I've known since we were in our late teens.
  5. zulu


    I would rather have the heat than the cold - I just came back from a quick trip to Canada over the weekend. Went to Vancouver Island and it was really chilly - couldn't wait to come back to the Dallas weather although I know come August I will more than likely be complaining about the heat.
  6. Wow Stana - that is indeed a small world - there is no such thing as coincidence - it was meant to happen
  7. I get rooibos and chutney from my local Krogers and I think I have even seen it in Walmart
  8. Stana - I finally reached Mark and spoke to him about the certificate - he said he didn't matriculate in 92 but maybe it was another copy that was printed in 92 - he said for you to call him on his cell phone when you return (361-212-6748)
  9. I think I saw a phone number there as well - got to be the same guy if we both found him - let me know when you get back - I love mysteries - I should have been a detective - LOL
  10. Stana - out of curiosity I googled Mark Baylis and there is a Mark Baylis who lives in Austin and works for All Things Digital. What was the date of matriculation - the picture of this guy shows him as maybe late twenties, early thirties. He worked in Johannesburg and CapeTown
  11. zulu

    I'm Back

    thanks Bev
  12. zulu

    I'm Back

    I'm back too - I lost my log in and password and just now found it
  13. your pictures are great - does this mean you live in the hill country or were just visiting. Where in Texas do you live?
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