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  1. Boer08, thank you for making the drive ~ it was very lekker to meet you! We had a great turn-out last night for our World Cup opening match viewing party. Today we volunteered at the Atlanta International Soccer Festival hosted by the South African American Chamber of Commerce and the German American Chamber of Commerce. It was a scorcher of a day but we were very happy to be involved in this event, and more than happy to support the South African soccer players there! Please see our primary site for details on upcoming events - Saffers in The South
  2. This is an invitation to anyone looking to join a viewing party for the Soccer World Cup opening. The Midway Pub in Atlanta will be re-screening the ceremony for us at 7:00pm June 11th. They are offering us discounts on pitchers and trying to locate a local distributor for Savannah, Windhoek & Castle. Our May Braai to Say Bye to the Super 14 had a bumper turn-out of approximately 60! We even had people come from North Carolina & Maryland! It was lekkkkerrrrrr!!!! For details of our upcoming events, photos, sponsor offers & deals to Saffers in The South members, to RSVP, and to meet outstanding company, please go to our primary site: Saffers in The South on Meetup We are also on Facebook: SiTS on Facebook. Stay tuned for details on our July event. It is our 1st birthday & we are organizing a lamb on the spit! Cheers! Cathy
  3. Caligal, the organizer for Saffer DC group & I just spoke today about how cool it would be if we all met up there for the fest. If we threw in a few SAUSA members, that would be a blast! We are waiting for them to update their site on ticket prices and a few other details before we finalize it with our members.
  4. I came across this information a few months ago. This year will be the 5th annual event. I have spoken with the organizer, who is also an owner of the winery involved, and he told me that in the beginning, 60% of the people attending were South Africans. More recently, he said, it is more like 10%. I was curious if any South African here had ever attended? I plan on going to attend & volunteer (they are looking for South African volunteers) and with any luck, will get a few SiTS members to come out, too. Here is the link: SA Food & Wine Fest
  5. Our March braai & potjie was a great success with our biggest turn-out yet ~ approximately 30 people! Here is a picture of the oxtail potjie --> the pot Plus, look at this cake a member made for the braai: SiTS cake I was a little sad when people started eating it :/ But it was good! The SA side was chocolate raspberry & the USA side was lemon. What a masterpiece! And the evening was nicely finished off with a few of these Springbokkies I would like to announce that our April & May events have been set. What: Peachtree Road Farmers' Market - "Peachtree Road Farmers Market is an open-air venue where Southeastern small farmers and growers, regional producers and purveyors of traditional foods, and local craftspeople may market their products face-to-face with Atlanta customers." When: April 17th [at] 9:30 For the adults there will be a cooking demo by Chef Richards of One Flew South & Rolling Bones (BBQ) and for the kiddies the Southeastern Horticultural Society will have chicks available for kids to pet and a talk about where chickens & eggs come from, the different colors & shapes of eggs, and all things chicken-y & egg-y. What: Braai to Say Bye to the Super 14 When: May 29th [at] 1:00pm We will supply potjie with contents, picnic supplies, charcoal, soda, a few side dishes & our free Saffer Raffle. Our biltong sponsor, Braaitime, will supply free biltong & droewors. We ask that you supply your meat & booze and 1 communal dish. For the details I have left out & to RSVP, please visit our SiTS page. To access the info you have to join the group as I have the settings on private to protect members' information. However, membership is free and it is as easy to opt out as it is to join, so no pressure! We are also on Facebook. As always, if you are in the area, we hope you can make an event & meet the members. Please help spread the word if you know of anyone looking for a social & support network in the general Atlanta area. We are growing at a fantastic rate and really have a super group of people Thanks!! Cathy Edit for failure to properly attach pictures! :/
  6. Nothing to add in terms of advice as my husband is American so that eased my journey a lot. But I wanted to say good luck & hang in there!
  7. Enter promo code, kraselsky, for 20% off your ticket price. Thanks, Ashley!
  8. Have you been missing Knysna's Oyster Festival? Saffers in The South is very excited to announce our second February meet! Event: Oysterfest! Place: The Park Tavern, 500 10th Street NE, Atlanta, 30309 When: 02-13-09 [at] 12p.m. What: Live music in the park, cold beer, buckets of oysters & a bunch of happy Saffers! Please be sure to purchase you tickets ASAP on the event link. They are currently $20.00 per person. Parking will be across 10th Street at Grady High School. Unfortunately not a kiddy friendly event, +21, so make sure to bring your ID. Our March event has been scheduled and details can be found here: Saffer Spring Celebration Events include: oxtail potjie, braai, ping-pong, great friends & more! Kiddies welcome! You can also find us on Facebook. We do hope that if you are in the area, you can join us!
  9. Seems they should have some type of 'peek inside' feature, like Amazon, so you can get an idea of the contents.
  10. Saffers in The South will be having their 6th meet on 02/27/2010, Saturday [at] 2pm at the The Art Place to watch a musical called Baby. One of our members is involved in the production of the play. For details about ticketing & RSVPing, please go to Saffers on Meetup Lupper & drinks to follow with stunningly outstanding company. About the musical We are trying to hit all interest points, so if the previous meets have not been your cup of tea, we hope that this will be the one that gets you out! Naturally, the usual raffle will be held. Entry is free to members. And that's not bribery, that's a fact. As always, if you know of anyone who may be interested, please spread the word! We can also be found on Facebook for those who wish they lived in Atlanta so that they could attend, but don't. Ag shame. Xie Xie!
  11. Thanks Toks! One day I'll get that right...
  12. A successful event (if I may say so myself) with some really lekker people! Photos can be found here: Dave & Buster Photos If you are in the Atlanta area, or will be, or know someone who is, or know someone who will be, or... (you get my drift ), please direct them to our group: Saffers in The South We can also be found on Facebook, Linkedin, and Craigslist. Muchas Gracias!
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