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  1. CHOSA


    Definitely dont mind! Thanks!
  2. CHOSA


    DONATE NOW: CHOSA: Click here to find out how you can donate and help orphans in South Africa CHOSA is the first South African charity formed by and for the Expat community in the USA. CHOSA’s mission is to identify and support community based organizations (CBO’s) that reach out to and take care of children in need. To achieve this we will do the following: - Identify grassroots CBO’s that are efficient and trustworthy but who, nevertheless, are poor and receive little or no funding. - Educate people about the conditions that these children live in and how dedicated volunteers and caregivers have sacrificed so much in order to give these children a better life. - Show people that they can make a difference in so many ways: [*]Making donations [*]Volunteering in South Africa [*]Fundraising for CHOSA [*]Contacting your House Representatives OUR VISION CHOSA’S vision is based on the belief that every South African child is entitled to grow up in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment that will lead to uplifting the entire community. In order to achieve this, our goal is to create an organization that is based on integrity, compassion and efficiency. CHOSA is a 100% volunteer organization. Your money is not used for administrative fees and proceeds go directly to helping the children. CHOSA: Click here to find out how you can donate and help orphans in South Africa For more email us at: childrenofsouthafrica.org]jsacks[at]childrenofsouthafrica.org
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