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  1. Yes! I made my own butter this weekend! Now I’m also going to fess up that the +/- 3-minute bottle shaking method seemed much to easy. It’s a problem these days, we have gadgets for everything, and I wanted to make it the really old fashioned way. Here’s Bubba’s method:- 1)Got thick cream from the Store 2)When I started this project, I had a particular item in mind that I keep in the same cabinet as other kitchen items. 3)I found the item and by the time it was on the kitchen counter, I could feel the sweat forming on my forehead. 4)Added the cream, a little salt, and found the energy to plug the power cord into the outlet. Phew, hard work! 5)Found the “on” switch, and out of breath with a good sweat breaking out I powered up the item. 6)Now came the hardest part, standing and watching the food processor churning away at the cream, until - voila! – we have karring melk and butter. At first I was going to make some of the bread mentioned by C185, but I decided to rather bake some homemade Mieliebrood. Home baked Mieliebrood with homemade butter, simply divine! Duisend dankies vir die wenk Janneman, tuis gemaakte botter is baaie lekker, hahaha ek het maar die maklike pad gevat, die bottel-skud sou my baaie lank gevat het.
  2. Janneman, now that you mention the bell, the "sêpperrytir" on my Uncle's farm had a bell as well!
  3. Jammer ek vat so lank om te antwoord Janneman, ek was mos laat gewees vir my eie geboorte so paar jaar terug! Very interesting to read how one can make butter, and it sounds very easy. I will try this coming weekend, 4th July. Some family will be around to visit at my house then they can share And I'll make some pot bread to go with it. Reading this also reminded me of a few years back as a little kid, we visited my Uncle's farm, and he had one of those Cream Separators. It was our job to crank the Separator to get enough cream for home made Ice-cream. Best tasting Ice-cream!
  4. I also enjoyed reading your roadtrip experience, likewise some photos of intersting places along the route would be interesting to see.
  5. Sjoe, wat hakkel ek so op 'n Sondag aand? That was obviously supposed to read "also look at Careerbuilder.com"
  6. Bubba

    Hello Again

    Eish Jerseygirl! Triplets! Congrats! (.........Bubba is thinking how special the parents must be to handle triplets.......)
  7. Exactly my experience as well. Just blend in and make friends, there are lots of people out there willing to make friends with you, accent or no accent. If they are interested where you are from ,they will ask.
  8. Hi Tieda, Keep looking at the internet, you've got most of the sites covered, also look at at Careerbuilder.com but also go out and meet people. In my opinion the best way to tackle a situation such as yours is to market your talent (and your Hubby's) by word of mouth. The beauty of the States is you can do some temp work while you are looking, there are lots of opportunities out there to help with an income in the interim.
  9. Hi Jeannine, Welcome to the States! Another bit of advice, when moving to Atlanta, the closer you find work to the CBD of Atlanta, the closer it would be ideal to live near to your work. Take your time to find your place to live, it can make a big difference. My daughter lives in Decatur, and rush hour traffic can be a nightmare if you live too far out and work close to the CBD. An interesting statistic I got from an Immigration Attorney is that there are about 28,000 South Africans (or former South African citizens) living in the Atlanta Metro area, so you're bound to bump into someone with the same "accent" as yours sooner or later.
  10. I'll try, but with 2 growing teeanagers in the making, not much is available for freezing. Next update from me is early next week! With photos of the buns if possible.
  11. haha Eileen, I made a 1/4 portion (or 1 person potion) this morning and they were divine, I may have over-baked them by a few minutes because of reduced quantities, as said they were never the less divine! Sorry Eileen, none left...... Next weekend I'm in Tuscaloosa for my Niece and Nephew’s confirmation, I'll ask my SIL nicely to make some from the recipe. The recipe is really good.
  12. Hi Alwyn, as C185 said, look on your Health Insurance providers list. I had this problem 2 weeks ago when my GP closed his office without notice, and I was looking at a list of names where I did not know who was who. Then I asked around at the office, and turns out most people at my work actually use the same GP. Now I have my appointment with him tomorrow. Also, depending on what part of Atlanta you are in, I could help with some Dr. name references, my daughter lives in Atl. Let me know if you need more help.
  13. Thanks, was able to open it now.
  14. Haha, the worst thing about yummy food photos and posts is reading them at work (yes, Bubba is at work on this holiday, I have contractors working in the Plant), then remembering those delicious Wollies hot cross buns. I tried that link but it will not open, will try again at home since they block a fair amount of content through work servers. And let it be known that I will bake some this weekend, ........if my hunger pains can hold out that long!
  15. That's very neat, more so because one can view the front page of papers worldwide. I guess some would pay the $1.00 per edition, I would not. If I want to read news about SA, I usually read on iAfrica or IOL.
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