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  1. Hi All i know this topic is old news, but it's the only place I can find to post this as i cannot find my other thread. it is Re Siener van rensburg. He did actually predict this global financial crisis. he also predicted that many Sa's will return home at some stage as things will become worse overseas. ( i know you guys don't want to hear that Sorry ) Anyway for those that are interested in reading some of his stuff PM me as I have two chapters outlining his visions and I'll pass them on. Blessings and good luck with the elections Bee
  2. Hi All, Sorry you must think I've dropped off the face of the earth, well I kinda did, off the WWW. We moved to a new house in Jacobs with a phone line but the incompetent Telkom has taken TWO months ( can you believe) to just do a line transfer. So my first day back on the web I've come straight to this site, ( missing my buddies from USA) :ilikeit: :ilikeit: :ilikeit: Does anyone still need the other link ? If so let me know and I'll do a search. Can't wait to go through all the new threads since I've been MIA :whome: :whome:
  3. Hehe Amen Lisa :ilikeit:
  4. Hi mal Thanks for your advice, i do realise there is allot more to sponsoring than one would think. I am however doing my homework so long and will work out the logistics along the way and implement them when we are ready. One thing I do know is that we do need to help, one way or another, those SA's wanting to get out of here, the best way the US law allows us. but do it we will. Even as Shak says to help them when they first get over there and when they ready to move on to help the next lot. My belief is " If God wills it, He will make it happen, if not , then well.......... so be it " first things first though, i need to get myself over there and then take it from there. At least Shak is breaking ground on that side and will be able to give me advice when I am ready. But thanks again Mal, help and advice is always appreciated. And blessings Shak on your brilliant plan !
  5. Aah awesome Lisa !! We are still a way off but that is definitely the plan, the people here are our family and we must help how and where we can. Your husband sounds like he's an excellent candidate, but seeing we so far off why doesn't he contact the people on this site. https://jobs.ncsu.edu/applicants/jsp/shared...e=1211817445475 this is one site. It is NC State University. It is an agricultural college that does farm research. They need experienced farm people. But look at all the listings. Good luck with DV lottery, we will keep you guys in our prayers, but also try this..... who knows .......something may come of it ?? Blessings
  6. Hey Shak ! thanks for the update ! My mouth dropped when you told us your plans about buying a piece of land and setting up a self sufficient/ like minded community to help other SA's. THAT IS EXACTLY MY PLAN !!!!!! Amazing, that is why we are looking at Texas, huge spaces of land with running water =fish and buck and space for cattle etc at very good prices . Of course we need to turn our assets into cash first as well, and also subdivide some parts but after 5 years when we have our citizenship we would like to look at the option of sponsoring folk from SA that cannot afford to emigrate the Investors route but that have expertise in farming, butchery, planting of organic veg etc Basically a self sustaining farm for the hard times that possibly lie ahead and produce to supply to the public. I wish you all the best in your endeavors and please keep us updated. Take care
  7. The bottom line is the rising fuel costs, inflation, not enough jobs due to the first two reasons. etc this thing isn't going to end here, it has already spread to Knysna last night. It's now in 5 of the 9 provinces. Gauteng. Mpumalanga. Limpopo. KZ-Natal. And even the last "toevlugsoord" of white South Africans, The Western Cape. The gov were aware of the looming potential problem years ago, but again did nothing, and now they want to open the SA borders to all of Africa by 2010. See my topic on " open Borders by 2010"
  8. Bee

    Homesick Teenager

    Cheryl A, You now have the upper hand with "if it will make you happy " and yes it will make you happy, she has to mourn a bit it's natural. Use this time to show her America and meet new people, letting her always know that after a set time she can go back if she still wants to. The more she enjoys the States, the further away her BF will slip from her mind. This friend of yours obviously made some sense to her so take her up on her offer, keep going with this positive momentum. i mean who doesn't want to see Beverly Hills etc ?? Don't fall for emotional manipulation. You have made a break thru
  9. Bee

    open borders by 2010

    Well , I don't know what to say, the guys on this forum say it all though. South Africa to open borders by 2010 http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php?t=119236 Here are the original articles. http://www.globalvisas.com/news/south_afri...rld_cup145.html http://money.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=565122 :censored: :censored: :censored:
  10. Bee

    Homesick Teenager

    Mmmmmmmmm CherylA !! She sounds like me in my youth, more like I have to bump my own head. It also sounds like it has now become more a battle of wills on her part. I think Kara gave the best advice about no more cents etc. Good luck, so sorry you have to experience this on top of everything else, with the move and all. Bee
  11. Bee

    Homesick Teenager

    OMW, tell her to stick her nose out of your family biz :cry: :censored: i hope it all works out for you, sorry i can't give any advice !
  12. :ilikeit: :ilikeit: Cool Shak !! When do you plan on going over for the " look see trip " ? You have the right attitude as I know patience and Faith and allot of work to be done for such a huge step. What area are you looking at to live ? i'm so envious, but really ahppy for you that you can already start the 1st step. please keep us updated :whome: :ilikeit:
  13. :thumbdown: :censored: :thumbdown: So not good !!!
  14. Bee

    We are here!

    :ilikeit: :ilikeit: Great CherylA All the best in your new home and counrty, so happy it all worked out for you :ilikeit: :ilikeit: Good luck with settling in and new life !!
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