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  1. Tami, Take the health care costs in SA and multiply it with 8 to 10 to get the USA cost. But, good news, in some states like KY, a hospital may not refuse emergency treatment such as birth. Afterwards you can negotiate a discount and/or payment schedule. They never refuse a reasoble schedule. Otherwise let them find you afterwards and sue you in SA. LOL!
  2. Doepie, It is not just a question of working where YOU want to work. For a H-1B visa (a visa that allows to work) you first need to apply for an I-140 (job certification). What is certified by the Dept of Labour is that there is No American suitable for the job. Your employer will have to advertise your job in at least 2 local newspapers and do a posting at the workplace where everyone is able to see it. And uou must pray that no amefican apply for that post. Many people that I know had to move away from the bigger cities and towns to small towns in the bundu's to obtain this certification. You are also limited with the number of applications you may submit. ( I think it is 3)
  3. Saville, you are so right about an employer's legal team looking after the interests of the employer. The quicker you get your green card the sooner you can go aid work for someone else. Our employer's laywer has been working on our green card process and I only received my I-140 2 months ago after working for our company for 6.5 years.
  4. Spekkies

    Immigration Links

    Hi everybody, There was a girl and her mom in SA who helped us with passport applications. Her name is Allet. Can anyone help with her contact info please. Her allet[at]mweb.co.za does not work anymore. Spekkies
  5. Has anyone heard anything about the girl who used to help with passport applications. Her name was elmarie or Elle?
  6. With the new laws in SA it is against the law to damage or destroy a firearm. The only legal way is to take it to a registered gunsmith for disabling or destruction. He will then issue a certificate and the firearm license will then be cancelled.
  7. Spekkies


    Hey Slaptjips, System says "the member does not receive messages" contact me fourie[at]insightbb.com and I will send you a book of excellent recipies.
  8. Clayton, Ek stuur vir jou 'n boodskap met kontakinligting van RA aptekers in Hendersonville area.
  9. Clayton, As jy nie regkom naby Hendersonville nie. Die Eastern Kentucky distrik grens daaraan en die PDM is Karen Krein van Kaapstad. Kan met haar praat want sy het 9 vakante poste op die oomblik en sy sal jou beslis kan help. Ek weet ook sy het poste in Noord Kentucky naby Ashville ens ens ens. As jy vir Rita Aid werk sal jy gou sien dat hier meer SA aptekers is as in SA. My partner in ons apteek is Tille de Beer, raai vanwaar sy kom! Die apteekbestuurder in Mount Vernon is Leana Fourie en in Versailes Road is dit Lettie van ZYl,in Summerset is dit ou Dries. Kentucky is vol SA'kaaanse aptekers. O ja ek het van Anita vergeet wat die apteekbestuurder in Nicholasville is. Net oor die grens by julle in west Virginia is Eloise apteekbestuurder en Alan Gaum is ook daar naby. Dan het ek ook van PG van Walt gepraat naby Hendersonville. HHierdie naweek kom nog Rite Aid aptekers van Tennesee hier kuier want ons hou Vrydagaand 'n moerse paartie in Lexington. Al die mense wat ek hierbo genoem gaan by die paartie wees.
  10. Spekkies

    Dv Lottery

    I have tried evrything but I can not get a 600 x 600 pixels photo. How did you people do it. I have even tried proffesional photographers.
  11. Clayton, We are from Pretoria and work for Rite Aid. We came over in 2006 and live in Lexington,KY. We often visit Gatlinburg which is not far from where you are going to live. Bring solid wood furniture and leave the "weatbix" wood and laminated stuff behind. Some electrical stuff can work on 110 and 220V, if so bring it. Look at the back of the appliance for the voltage input. Leave everything with an electric motor as we use different cycles. Bring your ornaments and thing that mean a lot to you. Leave all bedding stuff want die beddens hier is ander grootes as in SA. Jy meld dat jy na 8 maande meer salaris gaan verdien, moet jy eers 'n internskap doen? Dit klink vir my of jy ook vir Rite Aid gaan werk. Pg vd Walt werk ook vir Rite Aid en hy is baie naby aan Hendersonville. Sal sy eposadres vir jou stuur. Die lewenskoste waar jy gaan bly is baie laag in vergelyking met ander plekke. Groetnis Spekkies
  12. Spekkies


    Janneman, Ons gaan volgende week met een van daai opgeblaasde ballongoeters oor die Grand Canyon vlieg. Hoe hulle dit reggekry het om my te oortuig weet ek nou nog nie.
  13. Spekkies


    Has anybody found a substitute for 401K which has turned into a 201K. I would like to continue contributing to 401K, but only 6% as our company is only matching 6% of our remuneration. What could one do with the other 12%?
  14. Janneman, My vrou het so pas kennis ontvang dat haar labor certififcation goedgekeur is en die prokureur gaan nou voort. Ek's nie seker wat is die volgende stap nie is dit I-140 of I-485? In elk geval is die prokureur daarmee besig. My labor certification is nog nie goedgekeur nie a.g.v. 'n oudit. Ek moes bewys van my registrasie as apteker, op die aansoekdatum vir labor certification, WEER aan hulle stuur. Dit was ingesluit in die oorpsronklike aansoek maar wil hulle weer bewys daarvan he. Dieselfde het gebeur met een van ons ander aptekersvriende .
  15. Janneman, Het nou net met die firma se prokureur gesels. Hy file nou 'n I-140. Wat is dit en wat beteken dit?
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