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  1. We enjoyed the weekend SO MUCH! Thank you again for everything! Looking forward to your visit!
  2. boerenooi


    I have to take the GRE also. I heard that the Kaplan classes are pretty good and heard good things about Kaplan books. Princeton review is also good. You just have to make sure which GRE you need, there is a general one and then subject based exams and most people take it more than once at least. From what I've heard, the English part is the difficult part, but the math part is pretty straight forward...
  3. Jip, I mail it throuth USPS also...they don't do surface mail any longer, so you can just send it first class...
  4. boerenooi

    Culture Shock

    Talking about 21st and culture shocks... I gave my American friends a big shock with my 21st! We had about 70 guests, about 25 Americans and the rest my big new South African family! We started off with springbokkies (young and old) and had a chinese restaurant catering, decorated the unfinished basement like you can't even imagine (covered everything with hemp) and we had a blast! Dancing on David Kramer, drink drink drink and eat eat eat... Some of my American friends even asked me to organize their 21st birthdays later this year... I have to say, the SA way of 21st parties are much more fun than passing out in some other American bar in town!
  5. I came to the US with my parents in April after my matric year and started university in August that same year. The only thing is that if you don't have a greencard application in before she turns 21, she'll have to apply for a student visa, but untill she's 21, she'll be able to be on a H4 dependant visa. I would recomend that she start looking into universities and find out about paperwork because she'll have to submit her grades from 8th grade to 12th grade to the university and other documents aswell - it took me some time to get everything together.
  6. boerenooi

    Hershey PA

    I would totally love to visit Hershey PA...and if you buy a house there, we will all come and visit you!!!
  7. boerenooi

    Our house

    I can't wait to see "my" new room!!! Congrats!
  8. Dee, We had soooooo much fun! Anne also enjoyed it ALOT!!! She can't stop telling how much she liked it!
  9. boerenooi


    Ah, I didn't try the floats at Sonic yet, but A&W has the best rootbeer floats! They also brought out a new diet rootbeer that is not too bad and you can get that at most supermarkets!
  10. Ek is so jammer ek was bitter lanklaas hier. Ek is nou gesettle hier in die hartjie van Kentucky en geniet dit vreeslik! Ja, Hein, hier is BAIE om te doen! Ek het sommer gou gou pelle gemaak en het darem al so bietjie van Cincinnati/Newport gesien, Louisville, Gatlinburg en was saam met 'n paar pelle op 'n roadtrip St Louis toe! Ek doen ook nou gemeenskapswerk by 'n Hospice en by 'n instansie vir mense met Alzheimers en geniet dit vreeslik baie, nooit gedink ek sal in so situasie wees nie! Ja, dit is nie Pretoria nie, ek mis Hatfield baie, maar hier is soveel ander goed om te doen in die Somer veral, so ek kan nou bietjie op studies fokus en Somers lekker jol... wel, totdat ek 'n greencard het, dan sal ek bietjie werk soek. En als wat julle gese het is soooo waar en ek het gesien hoe mense hier ariveer en na 4 maande weer terug is SA toe a.g.v. idees wat geskep is ens en dit het my baie motiveer.
  11. Hi Cesa, welko. You must look up old Vlakvark. He is in Chicago. Also (Arieapteker) Arie & Amande Trouw who are in South Bend, not far from you. Spekkies
  12. Hi Lulu, Our oldest daughter could not crawl untill 11 months and then only BACKWARDS !!!. At 14 mnths she started walking and nothing is wrong today. My golden rule has always been : Don't rush nature! A child will crawl when he/she is right for it, they will walk when they are ready to walk and they will have sucess with potty training when they are ready for it -DON'T RUSH them into something. spekkies
  13. Hey guys & girls, Have I overlooked something? What is this story about police clearance cert? I had mt fingerprints tken and completed the application form but never handed it in as it was not necessary for H-1B's. Also the cert expires after a period. Do we need it for GC's ? Spekkies
  14. Thanks Tokolosh, Ek reeds oornag (SA tyd) gat geskop. Rita aid se prokureur file vandag haar aansoek - ek het vergeet dat ek haar aansoek al lank gelede vir hom gestuur het. Hy het net geslaap op die job. Het hom toe ook maar solank gewaarsku dat as dit 'n aanduiding is van hoe hy ons CG's gaan hanteer moet hy solank twee ander aptekers soek. Spekkies
  15. boerenooi


    Hi! Ja nee, ek weet ook nie wat gaan aan met die SA jeug daar in Amerika nie. Mens kry hulle nie in die hande nie en hulle is ook nie rerig doenig hier by sausa nie...
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