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    www.sa-mom.com is a forum where South African moms (and dads) can get together and discuss anything related to being a parents in SA or, as is the case for most of our users, a South African parent living somewhere else in the world. We'd love to see you there.
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    Hi all I am an expat South African mom who has started a forum for other South African moms (wherever in the world they may be currently living). It is still a new forum, but I wanted to let you all know about it. We already have a few moms (and a dad) from across the globe, SA, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and Australia and would love to hear from you too. www.SA-Mom.com is in no way ment to replace your need for a forum like this, it's to chat about parent-type stuff, but come and have a look and you'll see. Anyway, I heard about you guys chatting on here and wanted to come and have a look and listen but thought it best to be honest about my motives :whome: rather than come in under false pretenses. I hope this is ok??? I'm looking forward to having a look around this site and having a chat.
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