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  1. Congratulation! We received our Green Cards a month ago and the feeling of opening the mail with those cards inside is still fresh in our memories. We were a little fortunate when it came to Green Cards, we used to be on H1B & H4 visas and my wife's company could not sponsor due to the difficulties to optain Labor Certification. My wife was in the lucky position to manage a team in the USA and in their India offices and the need for her to go to India came up. We came back to the USA on L1A & L2 visas after spending 13 months in India and our Green Cards was filed under EB1, the whole process took exactly 6 months. Enjoy the feeling!
  2. I don't know if it depends on the reason for your police clearance but we had to get one for my wife a couple of months ago. All she had to do was go to the main police station in the metro/county and they did it for her, it took about 20 mins.
  3. C185

    Work In The Usa

    While I was replying to another threat I thought that I should also give you these websites, you might just find something there. Try www.monster.com and www.careerbuilder.com for research. Good Luck!!!
  4. C185

    New Start

    Your 3 year UNISA degree will be sufficient to land you a job in the USA, any other experience will be a plus. The "schooling" system here works on a credit system, meaning you have so much credits after so many hours of school. They refer college/university to "school". In order to do a qualification exam, CPA was the case for my wife, she had to get more credits since SA Degree's are only 3 years instead of the 4 here in the US of A. So all you have to do is to run some 1 year program to "earn" those credits necessary to qualify. You can always enroll for you Masters Degree over here, that will bring your credits up and you can do your qualification. Just be prepared to pay a lot of money to complete a Masters Degree. One of the ladies reporting to my wife did her Masters through a private but well renowned university and it set her back $50k. I think State Universities are less expensive, I do not know to much about that though. My wife ended up not doing anything further as her current qualification is sufficient for further career growth. She does however want to do it sometime in the future for herself. The point I am trying to make is that it is not necessary for you to start as an intern, you should find something better, depending on your current career level and qualifications. Just do your homework to as where there are jobs available as that is the biggest problem currently. There are jobs available, just not a lot. Try www.monster.com and www.careerbuilder.com for research. Good luck with your interview and your adventure that lies ahead.
  5. C185

    Work In The Usa

    The intercompany still happens, my wife is on the L1A. Good luck!!
  6. C185

    Work In The Usa

    Someone else could hopefully give you some better news but the companies that my wife, sister, brother in law and a good friend works for send most of their IT related work to India. My sister had to fire half her IT team a month ago, all the work those people did are being sent to India. This is a company that has more than 50k employees in the USA. My friend works for a smaller company and ALL their IT work gets done in India, they have minimal staff over here just to do the hands on stuff, networking etc. Keep on trying, hopefully you will find a sponsor but your best bet would be the DV Lottery. Just keep on trying and stay positive. Another option would be to try find work for a global company in SA, work for them for a year or so and try and get an intercompany transfer. You will qualify for a L1B or L1A visa, if you are a manager or someone with extraordinary capabilities you will qualify for L1A, that is one of the best visas to get for your Green Card hopes. Jammer ek kon nie vir jou goeie nuus gee nie, hopelik is daar iemand anderste wat kan help, ek wou jou maar net bewus maak van die huidige realiteit. Dit geld ook nie net vir IT nie, my vrou is 'n rekenmeester en hulle sukkel net so, hulle het verlede week 17 accountants laat gaan om hulle werk India toe te stuur. My vrou se maatskappy het haar juis verlede jaar vir 13 maande India toe gestuur om spanne daar op te lei en werk oor te vat. Haar maatskappy het al 11k werknemers in India, dit is alles werk wat voorheen in die VSA gedoen was. Sterkte daar!
  7. C185

    Dv 2013

    Nashville, TN - We moved down here about 5 years ago.
  8. C185

    Dv 2013

    Nice and close to JFK, enjoy your new apartment. We used to live on Roosevelt Island and loved it over there.
  9. Hotels like the Marriott Residence Inn usually have a pet friendly policy and they work well for longer stays since they have a small kitchen and living room area. Something like a small Studio Apartment type thing. You might have to cough up a pet surcharge, but you can check out their website for those details.
  10. Do you live in the USA? As far as drinking in Parks, well it is also not allowed over here, atleast not in Tennessee it isn't. Don't try exceeding the speed limit by to much also, not a very good idea. I am no expert when it comes to the economy but it is NOT doing good at all the last time I checked. Finding a proper paying job will also be a little harder than you thought with companies starting to lay off again.
  11. C185

    Dv 2013

    We lived in NY back in 2006/7 and lived on Rooseveldt Island. It is in the East River between Manhattan and Queens, the Queensboro Bridge runs across it. You can only access it by car from Queens but there is a Tram/Cable Car from Manhattan (you will find some of the best view at night time from the tram when you cross the river) and the F-line stops at Rooseveldt Island. The advantage of living on the island was that it was still "part" of Manhattan but it got nice and quiet late night and weekends. The rent is still slightly high but still a lot less than Manhattan self. There is a postoffice and Grocery store across the road from where we lived also lots of sport parks on the island for those with an active lifestyle with a nice walk way around the island. You can Google the Island, it's got some interesting history to it. Anyway, have a look at this website, I can really recommend these apartments. They have onsight laundry and a 24hr Concierge that comes in handy when you need stuff delivered or arrange transport to the airport or somewhere. They also have 24hr maintenance crew available and they were very reliable when we lived there. http://www.manhattan.../availabilities The Queens part across the river is the Greek area called Astoria, you will find some interesting shops in the area with very good restaurants, that is if you like Greek food.
  12. Some quick feedback, we had a stop over in Greenville, SC and had a good experience during our over night stay there. The people over all were extremely friendly and helpful and we were greeted by two friendly South African ladies when we checked into the Marriott Townplace Suites. They work for the hotel group and was helping out at that specific hotel for a couple of months. We did not see much of Greenville itself but it does look like a nice place to live.
  13. C185

    Immigration Lawyer

    Not sure if I understand you 100%, Fragomen has got a whole department that only works with the company that my wife works for. I am sure if you go on Fragomen's website you will find all their locations. They seem to be all over the world and immigration is what they do. http://www.fragomen.com/ourlocations/Locations.aspx?xpST=OurLocations
  14. C185

    Immigration Lawyer

    As far as I know there is no rule that states how soon you are alowed to proceed with your Green Card application and there should not be any risks other than the usual risks when you go the H1B - Green Card route. As long as everything gets done according to the book, the labor certification process is followed then there should not be any problems. Concerning Fragomen, the largest Audit Company in the USA and one of the largest in the world only use them, Fragomen has an office just for their immigration needs. We have been using them through my wife's employer and my wife gets very good service with quick responses. Hopefully they treat all there clients equal.
  15. C185

    Immigration Lawyer

    Sterkte, ek hoop jy kom nou reg. Dit maak mens maar siels ongelukkig as jy 'n prokereur ongelooflik baie geld te moet betaal vir iets wat jy amper self kan doen en dan kan hulle dit amper nie eers reg doen nie. So terloops Boer08, Nashville wag vir jou kuiertjie!!
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