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  1. Hi all! It's literally been years since I last roamed these forums! I hope everyone is still doing well! For us, we have now past the 5 year mark of living in the USA and we want to go ahead with applying for US Citizenship. It's really expensive ($680 each) so my question is: If my wife and apply (and hopefully get) US Citizenship, does our one son (6) automatically become a US Citizen too? I doubt he would be required to take any Citizenship test etc. Or do we also need to apply and pay for his application separately? Has anyone else crossed this bridge yet? Thanks!!!
  2. grantmc

    Container Costs

    we arrived here 3 years ago with 5 suitcases and a baby's carseat! So we bought everything from scratch and actually enjoyed going buying furniture and appliances again To be honest, we rented a furnished apartment first, and then just over a year later, we bought a house, and that's when we did all the furniture/appliance shopping and had it all delivered to the new house before we moved in. We did have a few trunks shipped over for us containing some crockery and silverware - and of course, the rest of our son's toys It was like Christmas in June for him when the trunks arrived!!!
  3. grantmc


    Congrats Hett!!!!! Life is about to start for you
  4. When I applied for my renewal, I took the forms to my local police station to get my fingerprints taken. They obviously had never heard of this, or done this for anyone else before. But after a little explanation they were happy to help! I sent my forms to Chicago, and the new passport arrived about 6 weeks later!
  5. No, all notification letters come in the regular mail.
  6. Actually it is probably easier for a single person to be successful at obtaining the green card. Once you have qualified for a green card, the US Consulate only really needs to confirm 2 things. They are: A ) your level of education, and B ) the financial resources you have available to move to the USA. Being a family unit or a single person does not matter to them. At the interview, the US Consulate needs to ensure that you will not become a ward of the State, meaning that you will have enough financial resources to support yourself while you settle into the US until you find a job. They generally use the US Poverty Guidelines, which specifies a $ amount that is considered the minimum one needs to survive a year. For a single person, that amount is a significantly lower than the amount required by a family of 5! If you want more info about the US Poverty Guidelines, just search this forum and there are a few discussions around that.
  7. Henry, theorectically everyone has the same chance of winning. However, if a person and their spouse enters the GC lottery separately, and either one of them wins, the other automatically qualifies for a green card too. SO in essence if a person is married, they have double the chance of winning than a single person. Hope that helps
  8. Today, March 30 2009, officially marks our 3 year anniversary of living in the USA. Quite frankly, I think these years could even qualify as the best 3 years of our life God has blessed us with a very easy transition from SA to USA, and we are now settled down in Cleveland, OH (snow and all), in our own house Of course, this forum was instrumental in helping us get to where we are today, and without it, the ride would have been a lot more bumpy!! So thank you to everyone who contributed, we really appreciate all the encouragement, advice and humor from you :ilikeit: Viva SAUSA, Viva We love the USA and have made it our home. And so far, we do not have one single regret for moving across the Atlantic! God is good!
  9. grantmc

    1 week to go !!!

    Congrats Justme. We were in your position just over 3 years ago, and haven't regretted one thing about making the move! This forum will serve you well when you land in the USA and start to set up a new life for your family
  10. Welcome Mark. I know what you mean in your post. Some Americans don't know how good they have it! I have a friend here who told me his school bag was stolen from his car which was parked outside the one night. I sympathized with him and asked him if they did any damage to the car, such as damaged the locks with a screwdriver or broke a window to get his bag. "No," he replied, "the car wasn't locked!" Ja-Nee! Good luck with all your plans!
  11. grantmc

    Flickr Group

    Janneman will need to show us how we can put the © Our Name on each photo
  12. Welcome Squirrel!! Just curious.. If you are a Canadian citizen, why do you want to move to the USA? I would assume that the lifestyles are similar?
  13. or writing his name in the snow Welcome to North America :ilikeit:
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