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  1. I feel exactly the same way. I live in Arizona and I think they should have done something about this problem a long time ago. All these protesters are probably people with illegal family members in the US.
  2. I believe that what Tokolosi is referring to with the question about $1 million is that there is a category for obtaining a green card by starting your own business in the U.S.: Green cards may be available to investors/entrepreneurs who are making an investment in an enterprise that creates new U.S. jobs. You must invest $1,000,000, or at least $500,000 in a targeted employment area (high unemployment or rural area). In return, USCIS may grant conditional permanent residence to the individual. For more information, see Section 203 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and 8 CFR 204.6 Other than this option, good luck with obtaining a Green Card. One option would be if your wife could obtain a job with a company who would be willing to sponsor her for a work visa or Green Card. It's not an easy process, and I would encourage you to educate yourself as much as possible. The US citizenship and immigration Services (USCIS) website is a very good start.
  3. A CNA is short for Certified Nursing Assistant, and they basically work in hospitals, nursing homes, etc. They are not nurses, but help the nurses. They take vitals, change bed linens, often help with baths/showers/toileting, etc. etc. To my knowledge they don't make a huge salary and they often work long hours.
  4. Dolphin


    Hi Amber, There is actually quite a few South Africans in Phoenix, and they have regular get togethers. You can search the web for Springbok club in Phoenix and you should find their website. I live in Yuma, AZ about 3 hours away from Phoenix. If you ever feel the urge to get away for a weekend, you should come and visit. I will let ou know if I go to Phoenix again, and maybe we could meet up for coffee.
  5. Dolphin

    Final Interview

    I would just keep the copies in a seperate pile from the originals. When I had my interview in Johannesburg 2 years ago, I went to a lot of trouble to make copies and have it notorized. However the guy behind the counter just handed the copies back to me and said they don't need them. He did take the originals - just paging through to make sure that everything was there. Later they gave all the originals back again. I don't think they worry about the order in which the forms are, as long as it is all there. Good luck! If all your documents are in order, it really is just a matter of formality, so don't stress out too much.
  6. Sounds to me like no matter what choice you make, someone is going to be unhappy. Your BF has to make this decision for himself. If you force him to come to the US, he will most likely just end up being unhappy and start to blame you for it. Why don't you come back for a visit and maybe use the time to think about the relationship? Things may not even be the same here as you remembered it. You might be glad to go back to SA again. And if you really want to come back, and he doesn't, maybe it's time to call it quits with the relationship. Sounds to me like it's not the happiest relationship anymore in any case.
  7. Hi Fiela, Your questions are not silly at all. I also did a cross country trip with my parents and we just stopped and looked for a motel whenever we got tired. We did not do any pre-booking. I agree with Boer08, in that prices will vary, but most will be between $40 (super eight) to $100. We just drove around and asked the prices until we found one that was reasonable. As far as the rooms are concerned, most were perfectly willing to let us have a look at the room before we made a decision. If you are a non-smoker, be sure to ask for a non-smoking room. Also, on weekends, availability may be a little more limited. Most places were clean and well-kept. Most have a breakfast - this can vary from very basic (doughnuts and coffee) to a very nice continental breakfast with a large variety. Most highways have signs by the exits indicating if there are motels off of that exit or not. That's the easiest way to find a motel- otherwise you can drive around in the city/town and try to find a motel that way. Of course if you have GPS, you can also use that to find a motel. Hope this helps.
  8. If you've been living only in SA up until now, you only need the South African Police Clearance.In my case I had been living/working in the US for a few years prior to going for the GC interview, so to be on the safe side, I took both the SA clearance and the FBI clearance.
  9. I have also used her for my police clearance and she was very helpful. I would recommend her.
  10. Dolphin

    My First Us Address

    I live in Arizona, and if you want to, you may use my address. Just let me know and I will send you the details.
  11. Dolphin

    My First Us Address

    Which state were you looking at settling in?
  12. Dolphin

    Think Test.

    17/25 and I promise I didn't cheat. Just think carefully and picture it in your mind. Sometimes they give a little hint in the question too.
  13. Dolphin


    I PM'd you with estimated salary range.
  14. Carike Keuzenkamp het verskeie Afrikaanse kinder CD's wat jy kan koop en download van Amazon of ander soortgelyke websites.
  15. Dolphin


    The hospital that I work for announced this morning that they are looking to hire 2-3 fisiotherapists (physical therapists) and are willing to sponsor them for an H1work visa. There is a possibility of a sign-on bonus, which can be used towards paying back for the costs of flying, visa application, etc. If you or someone you know are interested, feel free to contact me for details and I will give you the name and number of my supervisor to contact. This position is for an outpatient therapist in Yuma, Arizona.
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