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  1. Hi Everyone I have a few questions and was hoping someone will be able to assist me or point me in the right direction. My brother would like me to buy into his business in SA but I don't know how the money side of things works when having a business in another country. What are your suggestions about getting the money here and paying taxes? Should I have him transfer money to me every month and I pay taxes this side? Or should the money be paid into a SA account and taxes be paid in SA and then transfered. Anyone have a business in SA? Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Agree with Slaptjips. Today is our 3 year anniversary in the states and there's no going back. I lost my job but that hasn't changed my mind, this is home now
  3. Not sure if others have tried Maggi Chicken Flavor Bouillon but it's a good alternative to Aromat. It looks and tastes very similar, have seen it in most grocery stores.
  4. Those lenses are expensive because of the glass, better glass equals better quality photos. They also provide you with better aperture for darker areas/rooms. Plus you pay extra for the IS. I went for the Sigma equivalent just because it was cheaper and have used it mainly for weddings. But if you just take pictures for fun then it's not really worth paying so much extra for those lenses.
  5. We flew with Delta to SA and return last month and had no problems, everything was smooth and a good choice of movies and music. Food wasn't too bad either They were the cheapest and SAA were the most expensive
  6. My wife is on AT&T and she sends and receives fine, sometimes they are a bit delayed. I use my work's Verizon phone and I can also send and receive from SA but there are sometimes that I don't receive or get it the following day
  7. Visa Bulletin They haven't released the next numbers yet
  8. shayne

    GC entry at customs

    We stood in the same line as everyone else with our passports and the documents that the embassy gave you after your interview. We dealt with a very friendly chap at the customs counter and he made some jokes which helped us relax, then we had to go to another area and wait until our name was called but I can't remember what was done there. I remember this part taking a while because the guy they were speaking to before us could hardly speak a word of english and he was entering the USA to get married to a US citizen. Our connecting flight was 2 hrs after and we missed it because our flight from SA was delayed and standing and waiting in the line. It was no problem to put us on another flight about a hour later but just in case I would book the connecting flight 3 - 4 hrs later
  9. BigLots have surprised me a a few times with some of the SA food they have. I have found 2 kinds of Rooibos there, one had a vanilla flavour added to it. And this week I found Mrs Balls Chutney for $2 a bottle minus the 20% special they had that day so I bought all 8 bottles :whome:
  10. NewsWeek March 25 2008
  11. Malamute, you said your number was just on 60 000 well the visa bulletin was updated today and September is up to 62300. Strange it didn't become current though, maybe too many Africans trying to leave these days
  12. I helped an ID10T/DFU user in SA once and when I asked her, Ok so what's on your desktop now? She replied - Paperclips, sticky notes and pencils :censored:
  13. What about paypal? I had some one from SA send me money using paypal, I'm sure you can do it the other way, not sure what the fees are though
  14. shayne

    Bring Pets To The Usa

    We used Keringa and they were very good
  15. We paid $750 pm for a nice 2 bedroom condo on the 3rd floor but it depends where you live
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