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    I arrived in USA in 2000 when I married my USA husband. He and I instantly gained a family of 7 kids most of whom were teenages. I am, now a realtor in Merritt Island and attend college as a para-legal .College is as a result of my background when along with my sister-in-law I started the first passort application business in SA.We weather all the storms from Home affairs as when they tried to close all the businesses down .Many people where left in the lurch.So I learnt about HA the HARD way thru many hours spent in the Halls waiting for application to come out.I also learnt what works and doesnt.I have wriiten a book "DIY for Home Affairs "which will be available all proceeds will go to the wedding fund for my kids(just kidding)!
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  1. Anybody want to arrange viewing in their city to watch this new movie about 1995 world cup rugby ? Ok maybe there is some politics in there too, but I wont let that put me off lol.
  2. My daughter is in charge of arranging the " J " visa for seasonal work at Crystal Lakes Ski Resort near Mt Rainer in Washington state. This is not a scam (i am one of the moderators on the immigration sections) but time and postions are limited, Please email me if you are interested I will forward the info to her.
  3. Decision time You are on a horse, galloping at a constant speed. On your right side is a sharp drop off, and on your left side is an elephant traveling at the same speed as you. Directly in front of you is a galloping kangaroo and your horse is unable to overtake it. Behind you is a lion running at the same speed as you and the Kangaroo. What must you do to safely get out of this highly dangerous situation? If you do not know, see answer below. Get your drunk ass off the merry-go-round
  4. It depends on the age of the child.I always suggest when a child is born and registered, at this time apply for a "full-birth certificate" because itt takes about 6mnths/1year to get a birth registerd in the computor sytem (if you are lucky)
  5. I would contact our own Saville as he understands both the SA and USA sides of the application.
  6. Hey Grant , my husband parents in El-Dororado and his twin brother in Witichia.So from time to time we are in the area ,I'll look you up !
  7. Living close to Orlando its an easy day trip to any one of the themes parks for me all year around. I have also avoided Animal Kingdom feeling its a bit cheesy. However on Saturday night my husband choose to cheer me up and take me for a beer at Animal Kingdom Lodge .Their resturants serve many South African dishes and wines. The staff are young South Africans , and to talk a little Zulu and Afrikaans, even if it was a bit rusty was great.The ambiance of the lodge was like any safari lodge in Africa, and included a thatched roof, You can aslo see the animals from the porches ,balcony and resturants.Its great for getting over a bit of homesickness for the things we really love about Africa - the beauty!
  8. Micminmouse


    I filed my citzenship application six months prior to the date (3years based on marriage) and waited 18 months till the citzenship ceremony.
  9. Good question this was Catheral Peak which is the Northern Berg.We stayed at Champagne castle about eight days later and not a bit of snow in sight.
  10. On my recent trip to SA I went with two other American couples one a journalist who wrote this article.A PS to this is that my brother Gary ( mentioned in the article) and his family were robbed in their home on Sunday at gunpoint. They ONLY lost their computers , jewellery , and my brothers beloved cameras.. We say only because they were not physically harmed, we do not even consider the emotional cost (yea right) http://www.floridatoday.com/apps/pbcs.dll/...5/1065/sports04
  11. Snow on the berg taken two weeks ago on my recent trip to SA.
  12. Micminmouse


    I cut and pasted this from a previous post on "determination of citizenship" Okay I know we have chatted a lot about dual citizenship but with the recent passport thread, determination of citizenship has become a topic on its own that needs clarification's as some people have applied for a SA passport and have been refused based on their parents citizenship at the time of their birth You are either a natural born citizen of SA or not. Why is this important ? When you you leave and live in a foreign country, if you are natural born SA citizen you can always resume that SA citizenship. If you became a naturalized SA citizen you lose the citizenship after living outside SA for more than 5yrs If your parents were SA born but lived in another country AT THE TIME OF YOUR BIRTH it is not automatic that you are a SA citizen (hence my recommendation in passport thread to complete form (BI-16649 retention of citizenship) If you were born in SW Africa as a SA citizen , you are still only a SA citizen if you formally applied to maintain your SA citizenship when the government changed and became Namibia. So if you are a natural born SA citizen regardless of how many years you have been out the country or how many citizenships you have acquired you can RESUME your SA citizenship. NOT the same if you acquired SA citizenship through naturalization I am sure that is as clear as mud !
  13. Micminmouse


    When you became a USA citizen you renounced all other ties to any other country, and at that time you renounced your SA citizenship. What SA does is that after you have been out of the country for more than 5years your SA citizenship will "verval".Only if you want to keep your citizenship will you make formal application to "retain your SA citizenship" otherwise your are on "hold" (lol)
  14. As I am from Durban it was chicken curry with all the sambals,and home made chutney.And I also made a fruity, spice pork loin with basmati rice.I made cassata icecream ,pineapple mouse and then we had irish coffee. Lots of wine and gin and tonic.Now if only I can prevent my four friends who travelling back with me to SA next week from showing two fingers and asking for a fanny pack when we get to SA.
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