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  1. pawpaw

    pawpaw: Hi everyone!

    Hello everyone, well, I just moved to atlanta 2weeks ago, im here for 1year (au-pairing) I know there's alot of S.Africans around here, I would love to meet some of you! Hope to make some sa frnds while im here! Cheers
  2. pawpaw

    pumba: Nogge nuwe lid

    Welcome...i also recently joined sausa! currently in oradell! (north jersey) Leaving in august to Georgia! Congrats on your baby!
  3. Ha Ha Ha....i found that really funny! I like it! As much as i HATE forwarded emails, i always read them and most of the time, i actually go along with it all....i know they arent true, but i do it anyway...so there...i just confessed!!
  4. pawpaw

    pawpaw: Hi everyone!

    Thanks alot guys, I really cant wait to get to Georgia! So many friendly people around, looking forward to maybe meeting alot of you S.Africans! Take care ya all!
  5. Hi Korky, So youre in Teaneck! Im in oradell, only a couple minutes from teaneck!! What u doing here?? Should meet up and chat!
  6. pawpaw

    pawpaw: Hi everyone!

    Hi Tempressdeedz, great to meet you too! Well, im not actually in atlanta yet! Ill be arriving in august, im still in NJ! I just extended my visa for another year, and didnt want to stay in NJ! Georgia looks like fun though...I love the south...hopefully ill meet some cowboys....heeyah!!! Well, thanks to everyone else who replied aswell, Nice to see so many south africans 'looking out for eachother' C ya
  7. pawpaw

    pawpaw: Hi everyone!

    Hi Tokoloshi, Alpharetta is about 20 miles from atlanta i think? Dont know too much about the area!
  8. Hey, Im moving to Alpharetta in august, i've been staying in New Jersey for a year (cant wait to leave) Im here as an aupair, wondering if theres anyone in or near alpharetta? Would love to meet you guys! Pauline
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