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  1. Hallo Almal, First, GO BOKKE!! Well it’s less than 3 weeks till the Labor Day Weekend and the response to this year has been magnificent. It’s going to be a great weekend. Just a few things to take note of: 1) In the previous update we said that RusK is in a DRY county. This is not the case. Carol of KOA informed me that Cherokee County has gone “wet” this last year--meaning stores do sell Beer and Wine. 2) We have posted the Texas Potjie Festival Schedule and Cook-off Competition rules on the website. Some of the things planned for the weekend are a watermelon eating contest for the kids, a piñata whack, a cricket and touch rugby match, tug-of war contests, the sokkie, and the Afrikaans Kerkdiens on Sunday morning. Go to the www.texaspotjie.com website for more details 3) Lastly if you have not booked there are still a few (a very few) RV and camp sites still open. Call Carol or Walter at KOA 903-683-6641 to book your site now. Can wait to see ya’ll at the Potjie. Regards The Texas Potjie Festival Team
  2. TEXAS POTJIE FESTIVAL 2009 Rusk, Texas Labor Day Weekend 4th thru 7th September 2009 For Cabin, RV and Camp site Reservations Call Walter or Carol Prebble of KOA (800) 562-4143 or (903) 683-6641 or Reserve online: ruskkoa[at]mykoa.com For Directions to the KOA Campgrounds go to: http://www.koa.com/where/tx/43233/ Mention you are part of the South African Group and Receive a 10% discount on Reservations from KOA Alternative Accommodations: About 1 Mile - The Southern Motor Inn in Rusk: 1 (903) 683-2688 About 2 Miles - The Weston Inn & Suites in Rusk: 1 (903) 683-8383 Make Your Reservations NOW!!!!!! :ilikeit:
  3. The Texas Potjie Festival website wwww.texaspotjie.com has a new feature--TexasPotjie Blog. Also for those who have Facebook there is a Texas Potjie Group that has been formed. Well its just week till the Labor Day weekend--and the Texas Potjie Festival. The response has been magnificent and I think we are in for another great South African get together this year here in Texas. :ilikeit:
  4. What Everyone Needs to Know about the Texas Potjie Festival especially Day Trippers The Texas Potjie Festival is more of a gathering or camping rally rather than a Festival per se. It could be described as an old fashioned Nagmaal. People are coming as far way as North Carolina and Wisconsin. There are people that sell their homemade boerewors, droerwors, biltong, koeksusters, some sell South African products like Mrs Balls Chutney etc but really it is about kuiering together and enjoying our South African cultural heritage. People wander campsite to campsite speaking and kuiering with each other. The idea of the Potjie is not to make it too commercialized or make it a too regulated weekend schedule that people have no time to rest. It is, after all, a no worries, care free, weekend. So everyone feel free to bring your braais, chairs, picnic things along and join the fun even if for a day. People usually arrive either Friday evening or Saturday morning and set up camp. This year we have put together such events as a cricket match friendly (bring your bat, balls and other cricket paraphernalia if you have it), and a watermelon eating contest for the kids on Saturday. The Best in Texas Boerewors Contest judging begins at 5.30 pm so people usually start their braais around 4 pm. Although I am sure you could pinch a piece of wors here and there, the Festival does not provide dinner on Saturday night. So why not come and braai with us instead. Around 7.30 pm is the Award Ceremony for The Best Boerewors in Texas and just thereafter the Saturday Night Sokkie begins. We provide some wine, beer and snacks in the hall to get the dans going. Last year the Sokkie ended around 1.30 am and a few die-hards went on till sunlight. Sunday is the day of the Texas Potjie Cook-off so most of the day is spent by the contestants in their respective camps preparing and cooking the entries. This year however we are having an Afrikaans church service at 9.00 am in the hall. We will also be handing out ice-cream and cookies for the kids at 1.00 pm. Judging starts at 4 pm and goes through till 6-6.30 or so. After that is dinner. Contestants take their pots up to the hall and there everyone (even those who did not enter a pot) dishes up. The idea is to share our food with each other. From year to year the amount of pots vary—some years we had up to 48 Potjies and others as low as 25—so you may want a back-up plan if you have hungry teenagers. This year Chicken is the main category and we expect a great turnout. Then we have the Awards Ceremony for the Texas Potjie Festival Cook-Off and afterwards there is kuiering, music and perhaps some more dancing for those who want to. The Texas Potjie Festival is charging $10 per Adult (12 and under is free) for the whole weekend—Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Even if you decide to come up just for the day the cost is still $10. KOA is also charging a one-time $10 per person fee that covers the whole weekend for those who are NOT booked at their campgrounds—i.e. day trippers or those staying at the hotels. This is for the use of KOA facilities--they have a large pool, playground for kids, go-carts for hire, immaculate toilets and showers, a hall etc for your use. Campsites at KOA start at $21 per day for 2 people and additional $5 per person thereafter per campsite. If you still need to book call Carol at 903-683-6641. I hope this gives you the information you need for the Texas Potjie Festival otherwise email us at texaspotjie[at]texaspotjie.com or visit our website at www.texaspotjie.com Groete The Texas Potjie Festival Team :ilikeit:
  5. [color="#FF0000]Texas Potjie Festival 2008[/color] Rusk, Texas Labor Day Weekend Hi Everyone, Well its less than 3 weeks till the Labor Day Weekend and the response has been magnificent. It's going to be a great weekend. Just to get you up to speed: 1) We have posted the Texas Potjie Festival Schedule on our website to give you an idea of this year's events. Some of the things being planned are a Watermelon Eating Contest for the kids, a Cricket and a Touch Rugby match, and a church service in Afrikaans on Sunday Morning. Please visit our website www.texaspotjie.com for the full details. 2) For those wanting to participate in the rugby or cricket matches please bring along any paraphernalia (bats, balls etc) that you might have. 3) Those who are planning to take a trip on the Texas State Railroad, the steam train leaves 11 am on Saturday and Sunday morning. Visit their website www.texasstaterr.com for more information. 4) Those who would like breakfast from KOA on Monday morning need to book now. Call Carol 903-683-6641 to book your breakfast. 5) Just to remind you again the town of Rusk is located in a DRY county so make sure to stock up on your adult beverages to save you the hassle from having to drive the next county over to get your supplies. 6) There is a $10 attendance fee for the Texas Potjie Festival itself--this is payable in the KOA office. Children under 12 years old attend for free. 7) We still need judges for the Potjie Cook-off and Boerewors Contest. If you would like to volunteer please email us at texaspotjie[at]texaspotjie.com Groete The Texas Potjie Festival :ilikeit: [b]Texas Potjie Festival 2008 Shedule [/b] Saturday 30th August 2008 8.00 am Arrive at KOA Rusk en uitspan 12.00 pm Registration in the Hall 1.00 pm Cricket Match Friendly 3.00 pm Watermelon Eating Contest for kids 5.00 pm Judges Meeting for Best Boerewors in Texas Contest 5.30 pm Judging for the Best Boerewors in Texas begins. 6.00 pm Touch Rugby Friendly 7.30 pm Awards Ceremony for Best Boerewors In Texas winner 9.00 pm Sokkie Brought to you by Syla and the Kwagga Rugby Club Sunday 31st August 2008 9.00 am Kerkdiens in Hall led by Ds. Botha 11.30 am Start preparing for the Texas Potjie Cook-off 1.00 pm Ice Cream and Cookies for the kids in Hall 3.30 pm Judges Meeting for Potjie Cook-off 4.00 pm Judging for the Bread entries 4.30 pm Judging for the Dessert entries 5.00 pm Judging for the Open Category entries 5.30 pm Judging for the Chicken entries 6.00 pm Dinner 7.30 pm Award Ceremony for the Texas Potjie Cook-off 9.00 pm Potjie Celebration Party Monday 1st September 2008 8.00 am KOA Breakfast Inspan en trek huis toe VISIT the South Africans in Austin website to get their latest NEWSLETTER. Go to: www.sa-austin.com for more info.
  6. Hi guys, Well its just over a month till Labor Day Weekend and the Texas Potjie Festival. Bookings are going fast so if you are still interested please visit our website www.texaspotjie.com. Besides the usual fan fare we are also having a watermellon eating contest for the kids. :ilikeit: If anyone is attending the Festival and wants to be a judge for the competion please send us an email.
  7. Adjusting to the US took me about 3 years. Houston is a big city, and very spread out. Your side of town (katy) is very flat. What I found was everything looked the "same" when drving. Getting familiar with the city and directions is most important. Otherwise it can be disorientating. Google maps really do help. Secondly Houston during the summer is HOT and Humid--much worse than Durban for instance--But everyone has AC. Food wise: the prepackaged bread here is terrible. Do not even buy the"wonder" white bread--dis spook assem. I always wondered what was in it. But stores are now baking their own "artesian" breads and these are good. Leibman's store is on the I-10 west (also known as the Katy Freeway) just before the Beltway. Look on Potjie website and press the link. But I think the hardest thing was firstly being isolated and having no friends and family support network at the begining--it takes a while to restablish new friends.
  8. Depends what you are looking for. The suburbs are great. Hell I never lock my doors even when I away. Crime is not like in SA. Kingwood you can get a very nice house easily for $250,000. Woodlands is nice--but very busy. If you do not want a commute to downtown even consider a house in the downtown-rice university area (much smaller but your resale price tends to appreciate much more than in the suburbs)
  9. Hi JaLiNi, Welcome to Houston Town. Katy is on the far west side of Houston and is in a rather afluent area. The schools are good. Go to http://www.katyisd.org/ to find out about the school district. Schooling is very different that the South African schooling system. It is going to be culture shock at first. Spanish is not required as a second lanuage as far as I know BUT your children will have to take atleast 2 years of foreign languages in order to graduate. When my son enrolled they credited Afrikaans as a foreign lanuage so they might be exempted. Mind you this was 17 years ago so the laws might have changed. There are thousands of Saffers in the Houston area and I am sure you'll bump into some out there in Katy. In fact we hold an annual Texas Potjie Festival--coming up on the 1-3 September. Last year we had around 400 people attend. Go to www.texaspotjie.com . Other things to know Leibman's store--for the needed supplies. Best of Luck on your new adventure
  10. For Mbeki: here in Texas there is a saying: Bulls@#T walks and Money talks... :censored: We'll have to wait and see.
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/player/nol/newsid_63...stm?bw=nb&mp=wm
  12. Atleast it didn't cost NOBODY 20.5 million. What a farce SA democracy has become. I urge everyone to download the letter and send it President Mbeki. Although crime is out of control, what is more important is the fact that the very foundations of democracy in SA are at steak. Perhaps our input can make a difference. Ps send email onto everyone you know
  13. Here is the letter/pamphlet that the ANC ministers and their lackies did not want SA and the world to see. I urge you to not allow this to be suppressed. Copy and send it on to you friends and family. Send it to President Mbeki in anycase For those who still do not know this letter campaign(bellow) sponsored by First National Bank of South Africa caused the Minister of Security too visit the President of the bank. Afterwards the bank cancelled their campaign against crime. The question is WHY? Dear President Mbeki, I am a proud, but concerned South African. Proud because I live in such a wonderful democracy. Proud because my country has been recognized by the World to host the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Proud because our economy is showing exceptional growth. And proud because we showed the world that peaceful settlement can be achieved through working together. But I am also concerned. Concerned because even though I live in the most prosperous country in Africa, our crime rates are the highest on the continent, far outstripping the poorest African countries. Concerned because last year alone reported statistics recorded 18 528 murders, 54 926 rapes and 119 726 violent robberies. I’m also concerned that crime is destroying our progress and threatens our dream of eliminating poverty and living in peace. As a result, the world continues to question the credibility of our progress. Mr. President, I know you love this country as much as I do, so please make crime our Government’s Number 1 priority. As a committed South African I will be right behind you — because as our Nation’s history has shown, there’s nothing we can’t achieve when we work together. Yours faithfully, Signed,
  14. Eric in my opinion this is much worse than 1986/ onwards when the Nationalist called for a State of Emergency and band the press. The world is under the perception that the new South Africa is a democracy. Clearly by the ANC regimes actions yesterday IT is not.
  15. I just read in the online Sunday Times that FNB of SA was forced to quit their Anti crime campaign, by the ANC regime, which was due to start this week. This is surely a sad day for South Africa. FNB’s Anthony Vorster was quoted as saying “under great political pressure, FNB was put in an untenable position where we were FORCED to withdraw from this campaign. The government is not happy about this. Two minutes ago, we had a meeting with the minister of Safety & Security, as well as other ministers. We were ordered to ensure that the campaign did not reach the public domain”. Go to the Sunday times and the Rapport to get the whole story.
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