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  1. I will bow out gracefully. Ek het my mond verby gepraat, I should know better that to voice those kind of opinions on the board. My apologies to the moderators.
  2. I can't see you having any problems whatsoever. I would suggest you get a detailed report from your son's doctor, and take that when you go for your medicals. The doctor will tell you if he needs anything else regarding your son. Good Luck! Please keep us posted. Yours is a unique situation, I'm sure your experience could help others possibly in the same position.
  3. Stop worrying! Employed or unemployed, they see "Pharmacist". As long as you have sufficient funds so that you will not be a public charge, you pass your medicals, it'll be a breeze. Don't think that they just draw numbers out of a hat, they investigate what skills could be utilized in the USA, and base their decision on that. Whether your wife works here or not is your decision, as long as you can support yourselves. Medical profession skills still seem to be in demand. You don't say what you do for a living?
  4. I can't see it being a problem. I know of 2 families who came over with mentally challenged children and have obtained their green cards and citizenship. Think about it, it would be unconstitutional for them to refuse you. Also, my husband was the principal applicant when we went for our interview, but he was unemployed, I was the breadwinner. All they were interested in was that we had sufficient funds to support ourselves. Your wife must have stated her unemployment on the original application. If this was a problem, you would not have been considered.
  5. That makes good sense. Thanks for the explanation.
  6. I agree. But you will notice that the subject got sidetracked onto a lighter note. Maybe we should leave it there, before it gets too heated...
  7. If you don't get any response, maybe you could contact the KCC or the US Consulate in Joburg. I'm sure they will be able to help you. Just remember, Monday is a public holiday in the US, so they will be closed.
  8. Yes, I hear you. But how can one live in a country for 30-40 years and not learn the language? Even in South Africa, the English speaking people have a smattering of Afrikaans and vice versa.
  9. What am I missing? Went to apply for my passport yesterday in a predominantly Latino area. 12 people in the queue. 2 Caucasians, 10 Latinos. Of them 8 could not speak English, had to have a translator. But ALL of them had US birth certificates! Not children, people in their 30s and 40s. How can one have a US birth certificate and not be able to speak English? Please don't read this as bigotry, I'm just confused.
  10. That is pretty good. I pay $4.99 on an overseas debit card transaction. Am always afraid they will have the debit card stolen and my account gets cleared out!
  11. Bev, were there any additional bank fees?
  12. Those fees look good. Please let us know how well it works.
  13. I feel for you. That feeling of absolute helplessness against the force of the elements is horrid! Did you have much damage to your home and belongings?
  14. Good. So is the one on SA. And search on "immigration".
  15. I just googled "cell phone text scams reporting". There are various options, and seems you can report it.
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