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  1. JohanB

    I Need some help

    70k is way above the national average. You'll live like kings! PS What kind of line is a 25 year old in to be getting such an offer, I wonder... Medicine perhaps? Law? Drugs?!
  2. I wonder what kind of abuse Home Affairs would have had coming if it were not for services like the aforementioned...???
  3. What's that old saying: do as I say, not as I do! Makes you wonder...
  4. JohanB

    All Pro Dad

    Years ago I watched a documentary about these two, and I had wet eyes (only a bit, man!), and I must admit, nothing's changed!
  5. Classic Ernie Els. Of eerder, calssic commentator... You be the judge.
  6. It's not about what job he does, the answer lies hidden between the lines: he wasn't married for 9 years! PS Don't tell my wife I said this...
  7. JohanB


    I had to look twice. The first time I read 'Grandma's Curse'...!
  8. JohanB

    Monk: Greetings

    You remind me of someone els named Monk... With this kind of credentials I doubt the US will allow you in. You need at least Matric with maths and sience! Only joking! Good luck! It should be a breeze.
  9. JohanB


    Skinstad was SA rugby se idee van 'n 'image-boy'. Amper soos Anna Kournikova 'n 'image-girl' van Wimbeldon was: nice to look at (very nice, mind you) maar dis omtrent waar dit ge-eindig het...
  10. Durbs you poor bastard! I don't know how you can live in the new place!
  11. Nothing, I repeat, nothing, compares to real Niknaks... I bought Marmite in Fiesta and boy is it expensive!
  12. There's room in my posse for one more, Petunia!
  13. JohanB


    Ag nee man moet nou nie staan en :censored: praat nie; ek eet nou! Moet my netnie vra vir wie ek skree nie... :whome: (Ek het hom 'n klein bietjie versag - Janneman )
  14. First time lucky for me, and all the paperwork was done by the honorable me, also. The new entry system through the website is real easy. And basically you don't want to write anything on the 2nd envelope's papers that you cannot prove, like schooling and/or work experience. In my first envelope there was a paper of an immigration lawyer who wanted to do everything for me, from the US. Basically what that meant was, you'd still have to do everything for yourself, and then just mail it to him. They are called Kan-Tor, and they wanted to charge me the ridiculous price of about $4000! That was more than what I paid for the visas! And paying the lawyer did not include the visa payments, so through the lawyer, my eventual costs would have been enormous! Also, if you did not manage to get hold of all the required docs before the final cut-off date, it would have been only your own fault, with the lawyer washing his hands in cash, ag, I mean innocence... They made it very clear that payments were not refundable. You can decide what you want to do, but the idea of me having to do all the work in SA regarding the getting of unabridged birth and other certificates, and then have the lawyer take credit for it (literally!) was one too much... And remember, you actually don't need to have everything required at your first interview with the consular! As long as you show up as stipulated in the 2nd envelope, and in doing so proved you are taking the process serious, you'd be ok. You hand in what you have at the time, and then you have a length of time after that to get hold of the outstanding docs. They give you a paper that allows you back into the consular, but you must still make another appointment. It would be interesting to know, though, how many Lotto winners did actually use a specialist lawyer...? Perhaps we could organise a poll?
  15. Ok, so as ek dit nou reg gedoen het, behoort julle my huis te kan sien. PS Toe ek die plek sien toe MOES ek dit net kry, so baie het ek na afrika verlang! (not!) http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s102/Jo...os/IMG_4197.jpg Almal wil 'n huisie by die see hĂȘ...
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