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  1. Ulani Sorry I’m not trying to hijack your discussion just thought below could be handy to Cazz Cazz Have you tried any of the sheep milk products? We can’t have cow dairy , but we can have sheep yoghurt and sheep cheese. In Oz you can buy all sheep milk yoghurt at the deli or health food store. Heaps of families use it that can’t use cow milk products. I buy two imported cheeses Kaperakaas by Delre ( made in Holland) and Bulgarian sheep’s milk cheese Kashkaval by Kebia both are imported. I’m sure you can get both brands in US you just need to buy it from a deli.
  2. Hi I’m a regular member of www.Saaustralia.org I based in Sydney Australia since 1994. I would like to order some biltong and droewors for a family member in Boston, Cambridge as a surprise birthday present. Please point me in the right direction of a local deli or link in Boston, New York or in MA that I could order some online from. I’m hoping to find a local place that they can start supporting regularly. So far they have unfortunately not found a place. They in a one bedroom unit so not much opportunity for them to make it themselves. My brother doing his MBA at MIT so he is flat-out like a lizard drinking. Thanks a million in advance.
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