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  1. Superkruz

    Passport Renewal

    Rather renew your SA passport while you are still in SA. It is far cheaper, easier and quicker (takes around 2 weeks) to do than when you are in the USA - you'll be sorted for the next 10 years.
  2. Superkruz


    I noticed that the numbers are progressing quite slowly this year - I wonder why that is?
  3. Superkruz

    5 Years and counting

    Well done - It's a long journey that is finally coming to an end
  4. Superkruz


    As far as I recall you need an unabridged marriage certificate but check your documentation that states what you require - it will indicate exactly what you need.
  5. Superkruz

    Retention of SA citizenship

    This page of the SA consulate website confirms the $25 mentioned by JJF
  6. Superkruz

    N400 Application and Continuous Residence

    I listed my non-USA address as the address where I lived.
  7. Superkruz

    N400 Application and Continuous Residence

    I completed the section on the form about my trips outside the US - they did not ask a single question about the long absences. My guess is that it is not uncommon for people to have one such trip.... maybe the guy that handled my case was in a good mood and let it slide. I did have answers ready for them in case they asked.... flimsy ones, but answers none the less.
  8. Superkruz


    I get what you're saying about the risk and volatility - virtually all currencies (except XRP) nosedived dramatically during the past 2 weeks, making it a good time to buy. I did and so far my endeavours are showing handsome gains- fingers crossed!
  9. Superkruz

    N400 Application and Continuous Residence

    As [at]RubyShoes said in an earlier post... I was out of the US for two 5 month periods. I simply applied, told the truth, and left it up to them to either approve or reject my application- it was approved. My research at the time showed that (according to the courts) the time before you lived here doesn't count towards the continuous residency period, but I guess they aren't very strict with the application thereof. My recommendation would be to file an application now.
  10. Superkruz


    Many single people who get selected in the DV lottery gets married after the date that they were selected which changes their application from a single one to that of a family - my point being that a change in circumstances is not uncommon. You should not have any problems, but would simply have to explain your situation.
  11. Superkruz


    I am curious no know whether any other forum members have dived into the Crypto market. I am on vacation in Florida but spend most of my time monitoring price movements on my laptop and mobile! With the meteoric rise of Bitcoin over the past couple of years it seems that Crypto's are becoming more mainstream (and are here to stay for the foreseeable future at least). I am betting on Ripple to be the next "thing" - any thoughts?
  12. Superkruz


    As SJ272 said... you can do it in China wherever the US consulate is. I did mine in Sydney, Australia.
  13. Superkruz

    Opening a LLC

    After a quick Google search, I came across this article that explains that even an illegal alien can open and operate an LLC legally - if an illegal alien can do it I cannot imagine why an LPR cannot. You might also want to read this one.
  14. Superkruz


    Don't know whether this helps but your stamped Diversity visa is a green card (I-551), albeit a temporary one, valid for 1 year - it says so on the visa. It is proof of your LPR status so IMHO that should satisfy their requirement.
  15. Superkruz


    About the address - Any address will do on the DS260. You don't even require one prior to the interview. I would advise having one by the time you make your first entry into the USA. I say this because upon entry you are given an opportunity to give them an address where the green cards should be mailed. Up to that point, any USA address you provide is meaningless and can be overridden upon entry so don't lose any sleep about this.