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  1. :-) Thanks everyone.. Yolande
  2. Hi everyone, As promised, an update from our side.. eventually ... After being almost on our way to Memphis, hubby eventually decided to accept the job offer in Aus after much prayer and weighing up of pros and cons! The better work-life balance in Aus finally swayed us - and the 50% international travel associated with the 'possible' Memphis job was not as attractive as a job with max 30% local and national travel, that is close to the sea and where he could even work from home for 1 day every two weeks or so. So - we will eventually now be based in a small town 104 kms S-E of Melbourne, instead of Memphis US! Beautiful there, reminds me a lot of the Paarl area in the Western Cape. Anyway - the company in Aus is paying for an immigration lawyer who is sorting out our visas for us - our work visas have already been approved (after 2 weeks), and she is lodging our permanent residence visa applications in the next week or so. At the off-chance of those being rejected because of hubby's age, we will then still move to the US end of December, but the lawyer is confident that it will be approved. At this stage of the race our container will be packed in 3 weeks time (also paid for by the company! - they are paying full relocation!), and we intend flying out the first week in Nov. Our house was sold 2 weeks ago after being on the market for 3 days and my car sold after being on gumtree for 1 day (and we were really concerned that we would not sell my car easily!). So yes - now things are happening fast. Lots of sorting out to still do, and all the other odds and ends that go with moving to another country. Seems like such a shame to let go of the green cards after all the 'stress' and money to get them in the first place - but that's the way the cookie crumbles I guess. And it is not as if we didn't try to get hubby a more suitable job in the US... just wasn't meant to be then. All the best to all of you who are still stressing about getting your green cards, and to those of you who were so readily available to give advice on this forum. It helped a heck of a lot. Bless you guys... Yolande
  3. My passport and ID book is still in my previous surname. I used that surname on all my application forms, and our visas were allocated like that. Obviously I also submitted a copy of our marriage certificate, etc - to prove that I am married to my husband. You have to use the surname in your passport.
  4. Very basic stuff, don't fret. Have you been to the US before, did you enter the lottery through an agent, where do you plan on living, when are you planning on relocating, have you looked for a job yet, think that was about it. Good luck. We had our interview in May and it was a breeze, I expected MUCH worse. Y oh - and remember to take your originals with you as well, they look at it and keep the copies.
  5. I haven't been to either, hubby has been to both. Our kids are 8 and 11 and 'they' say that Aus is a better place to raise kids? The LSD trip is going to be at a push, but if it comes down to it and we have to do one, we will make a plan. My one concern about Melbourne is the weather? I live in Durban, and do not like being cold. But then I've been told that summer in Memphis is unbearable - and winter there is colder than Melbourne - so don't know which is worse . Thanks for your comments... Y
  6. Hi Superkruz Would you rather go to the US if you get a green card though? Our option will be Melbourne. Hubby is there at the moment (working there for a week on a project), and he says it is very pretty. But there we will have to take a chance at getting our permanent residence, and I am a bit unwilling to take that risk.... Yolande
  7. Thanks for all the comments so far. I REALLY appreciate it. My head is really spinning :-). What a ridiculous situation to find ourselves in! Anyway, after a LOOOONG backwards and forwards discussion last night we are now going to try this: Apply for the USA job, see how long we can stall the Aus position, and then see what happens. And as Deedz said earlier - pray hard. I was also thinking along the lines of what you said, Gomp - if we don't get the USA job, maybe accept the Aus job, then still fly to the US a few days before our visas expire, fly back to Aus, and if it is really awful (guess we would know within 6 months!), we still have that option? Not my ideal though - expensive as you said. Will let you know what happens.....
  8. Hi everyone, Can I ressurect this thread? :-) You will NOT believe this, now that we are looking at 2 possible positions (still have to apply) in Memphis, one with a very good income, with the visas in passport and brown envelopes under the arm already, hubby was offered a job in Melbourne Aus just this morning!!! They want to know by Friday whether they should get their immigration lawyer started on organising his work visa. So we are sitting with: US PR visas and 'maybe job' vs Aus company sponsored work visas with definite job. This is enough to tear my hair out. Guess I should not be complaining, other people are hoping for just ONE of the two, and here we have to make a decision. Personally I have set my heart on the US, but hubby has family in Aus and NZ, and he asked me to look at the benefits of Aus (which I don't want to see now?), i.e. the low cost of medical compared to the US, living at the coast again (I love the sea), etc etc. Heeeeeeeelp? Any good OR bad advice will be very helpful at this stage of the race. Y
  9. mm- that sounds like something I will try.
  10. The one that I make almost always when we have a braai is: Cut the bananas in slices (at least 2 bananas per person in our case) Add a squirt of lemon juice to keep the bananas from going brown TOO soon Add equal amounts of condensed milk and mayonnaise, until the bananas are nicely covered (smothered comes to mind :-) ). And that is it. Yummie! My kids LOVE this (and mom too).
  11. Will check them out, thanks gman, and thanks for the warning about SevenSeas slaptjips!
  12. Hi Johnny My husband has a friend in Memphis, we used their address. Y
  13. Hi all Has anyone used SevenSeas Worldwide to get items shipped to the US? We are selling everything but have some books, toys and sentimental stuff that we want to have shipped to us once we have settled in. My husband found www.sevenseasworldwide.com, rates look reasonable (using moving companies to do this type of thing costs an arm and a leg!). Or any other ideas? Y
  14. Vaccs R4100 - all had to get flu and meningitis shots, husband and I hepatitis I think, not sure what else. Really starting to think we were ripped off, because you believe them as they are the 'experts' because it is the travel clinic? Actual medicals at dr Blanckenberg - R500x4 = R2000 Then still the x-rays, blood and TB skin tests, that was just over R1000. All in all it cost us just over R7000 for a family of 4. Add your visa interview of just over R28000 Nice total of R35000.
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