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  1. Hi Malamute I have recently landed here in the US and find your analysis to be extremely helpful. I just need clarification on certain issues and would be grateful if you could provide some input if possible. 1. Is it better to submit separate or a joint return for husband and wife 2. Am I correct in understanding that I will have to declare all my SA income on the 1040 once I become a PR (Green card holder) 3. and that I will have to do so as long as I have income in SA 4. One can only choose the 2555 ($95k exemption)form if one's SA income is less than $95k 5. Also any tax credits against the SA income is then filled separately in the Foreign Tax Credit form and not on the 1040 6. The SA tax year runs to 28 Feb and the US to 31 Dec - do we have to apportion the income and PAYE or can we use the 28 Feb 2011 IRP5 for Dec 2010 7. Is the extension to submit to June only for out of country PRs or can those 'in country' also choose it 8. Are the purchasable Tax software programs like "TurboTax" any good for those having dual income both here and in SA in a year 9. Also where can I get the tax tables, rebates, etc. on the web. I understand that you are not a tax professional but I think that you are far more knowledgable than most US tax advisors when it comes to PR! Thanks
  2. No. They just want your Matric certificate.
  3. Bubba, I think that I need help with my resume structure. Would you be able to send me a 'blank' structure? Thks R&J
  4. R&J

    Coming To Usa

    Howsit goingto, Unfortunately the CA(SA) is not recognised as such in the states. But according to Utah, you have to say that you are on International Accountant. I think that the multi-nationals would not have a problem with the CA qualification as they are familiar with them in UK and Europe, but all other companies will probably only recognise a CPA, especially when looking for a practicing auditor. As far as I know there is no conversion exam but I've been told that its not as difficult as the CA exams. Btw, have you started looking for a job there yet? Must admit that its not so easy when you are not over there, especially with the current state of the economy. The guys are right, Utah is a CA and the man in the know and its best you contact him. R&J
  5. R&J

    Just Landed

    Shane, I trust that you have long been sorted out with your green cards. Our addressees in the US have notified us that they have received 2 envelopes per applicant already (we landed in Dec but had to return to SA). Unfortunately they are not in a position to open the envelopes. Just out of interest did you receive 2 envelopes per each green card applicant? Would these be our green card packages or some other USCIS documents?
  6. R&J

    Green Card Mailed

    We landed in the US in December but had to return to SA for the time being. We used a US address for the Green Cards to be sent to and have been notified by the people at the address that they have already received TWO envelopes per applicant. The current adressees are not in a position to open the envelopes. Based on your experiences in this regard can you please confirm that each Green Card recipient gets TWO envelopes?
  7. Thanks Malamute! That is very helpful indeed. Btw is there a separate Q for transit or do you join the regular queue.
  8. We do not have our green cards yet but we do have the I-155 stamped in our passports. So this will suffice? Also, we do not have TWOV visa but would like to get out of the airport for a while. How do we do this?
  9. We are due to fly to the US soon VIA the UK where we will just be in transit for a few hours. Has anyone done this recently or knows of anyone who has done so? Our passports have the necessary temporary IV immigrant visa stamp. The question I have is whether or not we need a Transit visa for the UK. As I asked, has anyone done this before?
  10. R&J

    H1B Accounting Jobs

    Thanks for a brilliant reply Utah - you are a star!! You are spot on about using a SA tel no. and address - the prospective employer switches off even if you have a Green Card! In fact I don't think that they even understand what it is unless its a multinational but even they are reluctant. It seems that the American corporates and recruiters have suddenly become incredibly insular. Sheeshhh...and you are so right about Robert Half!! And I even have some US GAAP exposure gained over the last few years. So did you manage to get a job before or after landing in the US?
  11. R&J


    Hi Dolphin, Any idea what the salary is like?
  12. R&J

    H1B Accounting Jobs

    Hi Utah, I too am a CA(SA) with over 10 years post articles experience. I am in possession of a Green Card that we won in the DV lottery recently but I would prefer to secure a job before coming over to the US. What is your view on the job market there at the moment? Also which cities or states should I be focussing on? Are there agents/agencies in the US that are more amenable to helping us CA'S?
  13. Hi All We are so exhilirated as we have he received the approval for the green card and we will receive our passports and the sealed envelopes on Monday. Thanks all for your help and support, it was most insightful. Please keep in touch about the relocation, would probably need advice about that as well. Thanks R&J
  14. Thanks REO this eases the tension a bit Good Luck R&J
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