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  1. explorer


    Well said Janneman. I started out here cutting peoples lawns just to make ends meet. And the great thing about this country is that nobody thinks any lesser of you. We'll at least not the people that care.
  2. Already got my tickets!!!!Can't wait. Now all we have to do is deal with the HOT weather ,maar n boer maak n plan
  3. When I went for my citizenship test ,you had to write a sentence in English. The next office over the ICE officer had to spell the whole sentence out for the guy . What is the use of the test then?
  4. What's up with that. Just ignored mine
  5. explorer

    Lunch Anyone?

    Wow hoe klein is die wereld! Is jy n duiker?
  6. explorer

    Lunch Anyone?

    Played for a club on Pretoria called Pretoria Sub Aqua. Went to interclubs in Durban and Bloemfontein in '92-'94. Lots of good memories. Played with so guys here for a while but was too unorganized and late in the evenings.
  7. explorer

    Lunch Anyone?

    Sorry but in N.J. Big u/w hockey fan too. Miss it so much.
  8. We are already scheming. Thinking of dropping my son off at the inlaws and doing a grow-up roadtrip.
  9. This sounds like it could be a lot of fun!. A little far away but you never know.
  10. We rented a house in Salvo on the Outer Banks of NC last year and LOVED it. It was far away from the hustle bustle. No Boardwalk or amusement parks. Just a walk over the dune and you're on the beach. Now it was July, Memorial day weekend the water might still be a little cold.You cold look further up North, If you like a little more action like Nags Head. Lots to do there.
  11. Dit lyk so lekkerrrr!!!. Net nog een meer ding wat ek eendag wil doen!
  12. !!...Anway please tell me how you got a Credit card, they will not give me one because I do not have a credit score and do not have any debt,I just do not get it, if you are clear on ITC here you do not have a credit score but if you have mountains of debt you are okay !!!It just does not make any sense to me...Back in SA if you were clear on ITC you got whatever you wanted and if you had existing debt they were nervous to give you anymore....I need help !!! I tried to get one the first year I was here but it is now 2 years down the line and I have just about given up !! Just open a Macy's/ Home Bepot/ Sears credit card. They will give those to just about everybody. Before long you will be getting all kinds of credit card applications in the mail.
  13. Got goosebumps both times I listened to it
  14. explorer

    Hello From Nj

    I kept a diary for the first 2 year. It is strange to read it now and to see how down I was and uncertain of the future. I will never forget the first time I got pulled over by a cop , handcuffed and put in the back seat of the cruiser. My little car was registered on my cousins name for a while, and me driving on a int. license. Took a half hour to sort that whole mess out.
  15. explorer

    Hello From Nj

    Hello from NJ. I left S.A in 1994.I was 24 jrs old and had just finish the Architecture course at the Pta Tech and had to do the practical side of the degree. Couldn't find anywhere to work,even for free.It was then that I decided that this might be a good time to go and visit my cousin in N.J. Somehow I was able to get a 6 month tourist visa.Sold everything I owned bought a ticket and had $2000 left. Said goodby to the girlfriend(who I was secretly really trying to get away from) Thanks to my Cousin I was able to hang around for 6 months, by a car for $1000 an get a feel for the place. Obviously overstayed my visa and became a illegal alien. For the next 3year I did everything I could for money ,landscaping, odd jobs,shoveling snow in the winter and was able to make it. Was hard being the guys who's out there cutting the grass for the people in the big houses, or hanging christmas lights for people in McMansions to lazy to do it themselves. Funny thing was I thought I was really making a lot of money. Making money got me to go scuba diving my great passion at the time. I was a diving instructor in S.A and started teaching at a local scuba store. One of the best decisions I ever made. Was able to make a lot of good friends and contacts. This finally led to me finding the love of my live and finally my vocation. I met my wife in 1997 on a blind date. It was love at first sight. We gor engaged in 1997 and married in 1998. I was honest and upfront with her about my status right for the started and she stuck with me through it all. We filed for my green card with the help of an attorney and went through the well known rigmarole. My Son was born in 2001 and am sorry to say he doesn't speak afrikaans. Maybe one day. I file for and got citizenship in 2004. What a special feeling that was. I always loved working with my hands and I am a proud member of Dockbuilders Local 1456 NY/NJ. We build and maintain all the piers on the water around the tri state area. It is tough leaving your family behind and going out into the unknown but was one of the bets decisions I have made in my live. Have a beautiful wife and son, a nice house ,good job and can fly my mother out here whenever I want to. Groetnis Ernie
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