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  1. Kwan

    Dv 2011 Entrees

    Yes they did give confirmation numbers, and also added that the info I gave needed to be completed i.e photos etc. all sounds good, I am justnaturally hesistant on the net I think
  2. Kwan

    Dv 2011 Entrees

    Heard about the lottery, checked on internet, and fund a site USAGCLS, and entered there, now the host of questions and detail, Me being paranoid South African, is this the right place, and is it safe too provide all your info and photos etc.??
  3. Yes, I have been living in Texas, for about 2 months every year for the last 6 years, and have SA friends living in Victoria, as well as a couple of TX people we know by now very well, all over, down South in Alpine, East side, by Emory And have a couple of clients in Houston, as well, stayed there for the first time this year Must say, I have been in nealy 40of the Lower 48, and there are a couple of beautifull places, but TX, man I don;t know why , it just feels good Having the business registered at the moment, If I get a partner on that side and he sponsors me, is that possible ? and would that make it easier ? Quicker ?
  4. Ok No I do not have USD 1 Mil, I am a businessman, trying too open a office on that side , my wife is a Advocate, We have not done any paperwork yet, we are starting right now with the process, and if given a choice would fly out tommorow if we could
  5. Hello All Just joined, and would appreciate all help and info or advice The wife and I have decided that a move too the USA, is in the cards for us, We have visited the USA in the last 8 years and decided Texas is where we want too grow old and cold, Now, where do we start ? and is there a list of things too do and what not too do ? All help greatly appreciated
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