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  1. Hi all JOBS FOR UNDERGROUND OPERATIONS MANAGER (PRIORITY PLACEMENT) (1 position) AND MINE ENGINEER SPECIALITY IN ROCK MECHANICS/INTEGRITY (1 position) I’m posting this on behalf of a network contact. Company is willing to consider work permit applications and therefore candidates from South Africa etc. will be considered for the above positions in Manitoba, Canada. They are looking for candidates with relevant mining work experience. For Underground Operation Manager Critical Competencies - Technical • Must be knowledgeable in pertinent aspects of mine engineering, including environmental monitoring, mine ventilation, mine survey control, mine blast hole layouts, and mine development planning. • Must be familiar with the application of rock mechanics principals in the application of ground support. • Must have a wide knowledge of mining methods and a strong understanding of mine equipment and the required mine support systems, (electrical, compressed air, process water, mine dewatering, and mine ventilation). • Must be able to interpret and implement company policies and government regulations. • Must be able to keep abreast of technological change and maintain a high standard of safety related programs in the mine area. Education / Experience • Diploma or degree in Mine Engineering or Geology, or acceptable equivalent. • 10 – 15 years’ experience in mining and the various engineering disciplines. • Appropriate training in the varied safety disciplines, (mine ventilation, mine rescue, emergency response, WHMIS, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, etc). and strong knowledge of the applicable Regulations governing the operation of mines. Computer Competency • Computer literacy to include Windows 98 or ME, MS Office 2000, (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint). • AutoCAD 2002 – Preferred • GemCom – Definite asset. For Mine Engineer specialty in rock mechanics / integrity Education Requirement Either a related engineering degree or diploma in Mine Engineering or Geology, or acceptable equivalent For any of the above job postings please PM me should you be interested or know someone who might be.
  2. Not so easy to rent without credit record. We've overcame it by getting a letter from the company stating hubby's position and that he came highly recommended. Also a letter from the bank stating that we will be good for X month of rental due to money in the bank. And then if you really want a place ask to meet the owner in person. Sometimes agents just won't go the extra mile due to no credit record. We had a meeting with them so they can see who we are and that made a huge difference. You'll have to learn to not be too sensitive as New Yorkers can be very abrupt. Do not take a no and move on, if you want something keep going back and it might work out. That's how we manage to get a lease with Toyota for 3 year on a Rav4. Be prepared they might ask for more than the first and last month rental as deposit! Just a note a month goes so fast before you know it is over.... done.
  3. Hope I can give you some information (been here now for 8 months). We live about an hour North of NYC, so I do not know the areas closer to NYC. What I do know the closer to NYC the more expensive the rental will be (our experience). An option could be looking at places in New Jersey. The amounts you mentioned for rental will be minimum that I would budget for furnished. Food is not too expensive. Transport with train into NYC from our area about $400 per month. First you have Federal tax (government) and then State tax (in the State you work/live). Tax also depends on your dependents etc. Salary - ask them to make you an offer and then negotiate from thereon. One thing about the NY area is that there are beautiful parks and lots of lakes. To survive relatively comfortably on $105,000 will absolutely depend on how much you will pay towards accommodation and daycare (which is around $1,000 per month). A very rough estimate you will take home about $5.700 per month on $105,000 per year salary. Hopefully this will give you an idea.
  4. We used Barbara Op't Hof from Pretoria - for the translations - she is registered Company Name Word Worx TEL: 012-348 5694 FAX: 012-348 5694 FAX-2-MAIL: 086 695 3436 CEL: 082 892 0303 E-MAIL: opdew[at]telkomsa.net Hope this helps
  5. Wow Ingrid I love the fall season and your photo's are great.
  6. has not set their status

  7. Ann

    Where are you?

    Highland Mills, New York - views of Bear Mountain from my home
  8. We have permanent residence status in Canada. Thank you once again for all the info.
  9. Thank you for the detailed reply. We will be entering US from Canada by vehicle.
  10. Yes it is the final move to the US.
  11. What documents do we need when we enter? The documents I am referring to is, furniture to follow, cash, valuables etc. or is it not necessary. Looks like 15 July will be the day.
  12. Ann

    L-1A Visa

    We have been for the interview and within 5 minutes the L1 visa was approved. Now the next few weeks will be crazy.
  13. Ann

    L-1A Visa

    Thanks Oscar for the reply. Yes we do meet all the requirements. Hold thumbs it will go well.
  14. Ann

    Another Newby

    Thanks guys for the welcoming words. Durbs the Head Office is in Dallas, Texas, so who knows what the future brings.
  15. Ann

    Another Newby

    Just a brief introduction. My name is Ann, have a daughter of 17 and hubby's career field is in the chemical/environmental. We're from La Lucia Ridge, KwaZulu Natal and prior to that from Gauteng. We will enter USA with an L-1A visa. Our interview will be 30th June 2010. Will be living in the Orange County, Hudson Valley, New York State area. Looking forward to be part of this forum. Any advice at this stage will be more than welcome.
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