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  1. Thanks Griffster - still holding fort, nothing received as yet. We're in Atlanta, Georgia, guess this state has more going on than others. Will update as soon as we hear anything...
  2. Just called the USCIS regarding the status of our Processing timelines, and the answer was very disheartening, to say the least. Our N-400 Timeline to date: March 4 2011 - mailed in N400 March 12 2011 - Checks Cashed. March 16 2011 - Received l-797C NOA March 29 2011 - Biometrics Completed May 5 2011 - Yellow Note - About bringing additional info to interview zzzzzzzzzzzz June 16 2011 (Soweto Day!) - Called USCIS and spoke with agent - told takes about 113 days (I'm assuming from the time N400 received, or from TODAY? eish!!) Thing is, we're planning on relocating to Portland Oregon end of June /1st week of July. We're currently in Georgia... and time's running out... Quite disappointed with timeframes really... should've filed 3 months before the 5year period, that would have been around September 2010! Now, do we move or stick around? I have a job offer in Portland from my current employer (national company) and I made the request to transfer.... Thanks in advance.
  3. Question here I'm hoping someone will be able to chirp in with an answer... We recently mailed in our N400 form, together with the requisite amount - $680 x 2! The money's just been debited from our accounts... so we did something correct there! Now, the civics test... the answers to the civics test... is this just mostly obtained from the internet, or is there a specific guide one has to purchase? Thanks in advance. UPDATE: To answer myself... found this useful link online: http://1.usa.gov/c8c6T7
  4. Hey Shaun, I see you're in the Apalachian part of the country... love the weather, scenery and waterways... Beer will be on me next time I pass by! Thanks for the help, highly appreciated. Ice.
  5. Hiya all... In the 5 years that I've been a member of this forum, I've really gained tremendously! Even though I don't visit often, much of my accomplishments are a direct result of the information and advice I've gained from here. Thank you! With that being said, I've been thinking a lot about giving back, and I feel guilty that I did not come here sooner to do this. But as with all things, it's better late than never. I run a Search Engine Optimization and internet company, started right here in the US, and I guess one of my main reasons for coming to the US in the 1st place was the cost of bandwidth, truth be told! What I do, in a nutshell, is help companies with a webpresence, or website, to rank in the major search engines - Google, Yahoo and Bing. When you rank in a search engine, it's only a matter of art before your website can be found, and that's what I specialize in. I optimize websites, get them noticed in the search engines when the target market types in the search query or keyword relating to that specific website. There are many ways one can get their website seen on Google etc... and most of them involve paying Google (adwords) MSN (though AdCenter) etc to be seen... this is what huge companies prefer to do - they have the budget to justify paying a cost-per-click metric in order to be seen. On the other side, you have small to medium businesses - Mom and Pop shops, such as the general landscaper, videographer, CPA etc, who offer awesome services, but cannot afford to pay for adwords in order to have their website seen on the search engines. This is where I come in, I optimize websites so that they eventually end up on the 1st page of Google and other search engines - in the end you get FREE traffic! That's the ultimate goal of search engine optimization - and I'm darn good at it! THE OFFER! I am offering my services to 3 folks - if you have a website you would like to rank in the search engines, but you have absolutely NO idea how to do this - email me, and I'll do it all for you, FREE, GRATIS, MAHALA! I'll generate reports for you to show how you can tweak your website - onsite optimization, ranging from your title, description, keywords, H1, H2, H3 tags etc... I'll do the off-page optimization for you, and get your website to page 1 of Google and hopefully to NUMERO UNO, Number 1 - Pole Position Babie! WHY? Because I can really! I've learnt so much about Internet Marketing, I make a living off it... but I've been doing it for myself and close associates only, and it can get pretty lonely holed up at home all day... I'm taking this out, and wanna do it big... In return, all I ask for, is an honest review of my services, nothing else. Interested? email me - support [at] gfeelgood.com, and we'll take it from there! Good luck! Ice.
  6. [at]Eileen and Oscar! The last time my heart was pounding this hard was when I was watching Borat - The Movie - Just before he proposed to Pamela Anderson etc... Jokes aside, this is all classic information - been so busy with my Internet Company and it was just easy to go through the lawyers, - but they want a lot of money! They claim they can file for Naturalization of Children of Green Card holders - all Hogwash I guess. In all earnest, we're about at the 60 day mark before our 5th year anniversary, and I guess it's time to make the application for the Biometric test I believe it is yeah? THANK YOU EILEEN, THANK YOU OSCAR, and to everyone who's chirped in with their experience... will definitely come back and share in our experience - WOW! Love this board. Now, before I rush off an make a tool of myself, where do I start? What forms do I need to start the process? Thanks in advance. Ice.
  7. [at]Eileen & Oscar. Guys... you make my heart pound as it did when I first got my GC back in '05... Thank you so much for the feedback. Now, we've been contemplating going through an immigration lawyer to do the naturalization interview... Is this necessary? My spouse and I have kids back in SA... so we would like them to come and join us once the interview process is over. All in all, we've been told the cost of the interview is quite high, which in and of itself is not the issue, but using an immigration Lawyer is! Oscar - WOW... that easy, really?! LOL... Can't wait... We arrived in the US December '05, making this coming December the ideal time to do this. Sounds too good to be true. Please, any info you can provide relating to this experience would be highly appreciated. Now, I take it the contents of this envelop were never disclosed to you? It was never opened in your presence or anything to that effect? Seeing as our time for the interview is drawing nigh, do we receive anything in the mail or do we initiate the interview from our side? Thanks once again. Storm.
  8. [at]Oscar... Congratulations Mate... way to go. Been a while since I last visited, but Oscar's experience was just too profound to go without a response! I don't suppose you could share the experience in terms of the questions asked at the interview? Anything to look out for? Did they bring your old papers from the original Green Card application in SA? That sort of stuff... Hope not being too personal... I have mine coming up before year end! Thanks for sharing once again.
  9. Awesome comments! At least I managed to get some SA'ers to come and talk huh?! :ilikeit: Speaking of which, I must confess Jerseygirl, New Yorkers are passionate about Lady Liberty, so I'll do my best not to ruffle her skirts again! As for the Golden Gate bridge, that's worth a thought...honestly, I was just monkeying around during my downtime and came up with that. ...and CAZZ, please don't get HUBBY here, I've no ego but, the little I have right now will do to keep me afloat! :whome: Got another one for you folks...love Table Mountain now huh?! ice.
  10. In response to Korky I used about 5 photos in the montage...the original's the ocean with the blue sky. I then googled the keyword "South African Flag" and "American Flag," found the ones I needed and used the "distort" feature in photoshop to make them look like they're flying. Then the image of Atlanta, scrapped off the sky as it was a different blue to the background image.... As for the statue...there's a "Magic wand" tool, literally, on photoshop that strips out the background to any photo, more like the green screen effect in motion pictures...You could literally make pictures of yourself look like you're a jet setting professional who enjoys lunch in London, dinner in Helsinki and a snack in Australia, (ahem). I digress. You can grab a trial version of adobe photoshop elements 5.0 off the main website...you have a month of playing around with it before deciding to buy the software or not... Finally, the coloring in the lettering...it's an effect you can do using the gradient feature....go to Youtube and use keywords "photoshop gradient" or sleek gradients to see how easy this is. Honestly, as "professional" as this may look, it's a lot easier than you think. Now you make me sound like an ubber pro...time for consulting fees anyone!! Thanks for the feedback once again. ice. PS: If you need any software, lemme know and I'll see what I can do for you...
  11. :ilikeit: Love the comments + the criticism...I thrive on that... Honestly, I was just making a logo for my Home video diaries (which we've been making religiously since arriving 2 years ago). The city in the back-drop's Atlanta...been here too long and probably moving to San Diego August this year. As for the writing behind the statue...I have created a couple of logos with the writing in front of the statue...didn't like it personally. Photoshop's awesome...you can literally do just about anything on that....been playing around with photoshop for over a year now without any "formal" training..... Hope that answers your questions and thanks so much for the feedback. As for active members...alas, can't help there either...there's a South African shop here in Atlanta we frequent and, even though almost everyone who frequents this place's from SA...nobody seems too eager to communicate or mix and mingle....if it's not being done in person, little chances of it happening on the web huh! Guess we're all concerned with our daily lives and looking out for ourselves than the fellow man...kinda reminds me of the sad state of Zimbabwe and why the whole population's failing to butt out an octogenarian. Sorry wandered off there a bit. ice.
  12. Been reviewing our US experience video Diaries when I came up with the attached logo....should we not spruce up the SAUSA logo? Is it not about time? Let me know what you think yeah? I can do literally anything with photoshop Ice
  13. I, like most of you, have been sitting transfixed to the television watching the Statewide fires in California causing so much pain, havoc and uncertainty in many people's lives. I realize that some forum members live in California, one of whom is Tok,....wherever you are, and whatever your status, I apologize for not having written sooner. I do not know what your present predicament is, but I sure hope you're safe and in a position to continue your work and communicating with us on this forum. Words cannot describe the horror of this event...nothing beats the memory of seeing one's "American Dream" up in ashes in a matter of minutes, not to mention the loss of irreplaceable family heirlooms and memories. VasByt Tok and all you nameless individuals who have chosen California as your home...may something great come out of this. My Heartfelt thoughts and love. Ice.
  14. storm_ice

    GO BOKKE!!!

    So, the BOKKE are World Cup Champions 2nd time running! WAY TO GO I SAY, about time....guess this now puts the spotlight on the 2010 Soccer World Cup around the corner. Amazing stuff this, absolutely amazing and very flattering....I guess I'm going to be the star employee this coming Monday at the Water-cooler at WORK! TO all the supporters on this forum, enjoy the celebrations!!!!
  15. Breaking News: Lucky Dube murdered Popular South African musician Lucky Dube has been shot and killed 10/17/2007. It's understood he was shot during an attempted hi-jacking in Rosentville south of Joburg. Officials say his family were with him when he was shot. Cry the Beloved Country...
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