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  1. Final Update: My inlaws had their interview today at Johannesburg Consulate and visas were approved. They will be joining us later this month. The process took 15 months in total. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays!
  2. Update: Replied on the RFE from USCIS with a copy of the original marriage certificate and another copy of the marriage certificate, clearly explaining that all the needed information is listed since it is the long form even without the word “unabridged” Case was approved on July 3rd. Yay!!
  3. Thank you! Will check with them.
  4. They are doing consular processing.
  5. USCIS rejected the marriage certificate(it has all the information) and issued an RFE. According to the company that assisted with everything you have to get a letter from the US Consulate. I would think that if this was a change that USCIS would have accepted the certificate without the word unabridged.
  6. Hi All, My parents recently applied for their Unabridged Marriage certificate. It came back in the long form only saying Marriage Certificate. According to the company they used, South Africa stopped printing the word “unabridged” on the certificates. Is this true? Thank you!
  7. Hi, I used xoom, it worked really good. It is way cheaper than a wire transfer. https://www.xoom.com/south-africa/send-money Hope this helps.
  8. Yes, schools and rent really do go hand in hand. The Vista Verde area is really the most expensive area in Irvine. We live in Stonegate, my daughter attends Stonegate Elementary. Irvine is very diverse from one area to the other, so look on www.greatschools.org, student demographics. That will give you an idea of your neighborhood. The reason I mention this, our school is only 18% white, and my daughter struggled to make friends at first as she can not speak Chinese.
  9. The nice thing about Vista Verde, it is a K - 8 school. I really think that helps a great deal.
  10. Hi OCBound, I live in Orange County. We are in the IUSD (Irvine) school district. It is one of the best public school district in CA, some people say the nation. I have heard about a boy with Aspergers and he was given an aid to assist him during class. The specific school was Vista Verde in Irvine. Visit www.iusd.org, maybe that will give you more info. Just remember that you can only attend the school allocated to your neighborhood (school boundaries). Give me a shout should you have more questions.
  11. RiaanGouws

    New Beginning

    Hi Gieds, Congrats on being selected. Your number is not that high, some have 99xxx. I do think that you will get an interview just looking at the visa bulletin. Cut-off for June is 34400, you will most likely be in the next group. https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en/law-and-policy/bulletin/2016/visa-bulletin-for-may-2016.html Good luck with the adventure.
  12. Hi, I agree with SJ27. You can use this tool to see how far your $$ will go in the different cities. http://money.cnn.com/calculator/pf/cost-of-living/index.html You can also use the take home pay calculator, as some states do not have income tax (Dallas, Texas) http://www.adp.com/tools-and-resources/calculators-and-tools/payroll-calculators/salary-paycheck-calculator.aspx Good luck with your move.
  13. Exciting times. Our N-400 forms was sent in this past Friday(15th Jan), hard to believe that it is THAT time already although it sometimes feel as if it took forever. Good luck with you last little stretch Superkruz!!
  14. RiaanGouws

    Age Of Entry

    We entered in March 2011, a month after my 29th birthday. My husband was 36 turning 37 later in the year and my daughter was 5 years and 3 months.
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