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  1. Thank you. I'm never going to get used to saying "I'm from America" 😂
  2. It's been many years since I last posted on this site. Life in Hawaii has been good to us. Climate is perfect Year round. My oldest 2 kids are getting close to finishing university and the youngest son entered college and my youngest daughter is still in school. My wife, at 48, is doing her nursing degree. I'm still flying an ambulance. Life's good. To top it all, my wife and I attended our USA Citizenship ceremony on Tuesday. We are Americans. "Life, Liberty & the persuit of happiness"
  3. Yes Janneman, Not my kind of thing but I did find this on the internet which looks a whole lot better than what I tried. 1 Package Nori (Dried Seaweed) cut in half lengthwise 4 Cups Steamed white rice (short grain rice) 2 Tablespoons Furikake 1 Teaspoon salt 1 Can Spam, fried 1 Spam Musubi Mold/Press Terriyaki Sauce Oil for frying panko bread crumbs 1 egg Cooking Process: Measure 4 cups of uncooked rice rinse and cook preferably in a rice cooker following the manufacturers instructions. Generally, 4 cups of uncooked rice and about 4 1/4 cups of water works for me. While rice is cooking, cook spam until golden brown and crispy. Cut Nori(seaweed) sheets in half lengthwise. In a large frying pan, cook the scrambled egg preferably in 1 thin, round sheet that can be cut to size to fit the spam musubi shape. Once the rice is cooked allow the rice to sit in the pot, covered for about 15-20 minutes. Now, mix rice using a rice paddle and add salt, furikake and lightly mix. Do nut over mix or make it too mushy. Put your spam musubi mold in water, then put a layer of rice (about half way up the mold), press down with other mold half, then add spam, then more rice on top. Press again with mold press. Remove from mold and wrap with nori. Set spam musubi in refrigerator for 30-60 minutes to allow it to set slightly. Heat oil to 350 degrees Beat two eggs with 1 tablespoon water added to bowl. Pour panko crumbs in another bowl. Dip spam musubi in egg wash, then panko breading. Gently lay musubi in hot oil and flash fry for about 2 minutes. Drain musubi and allow to cool for 5 minutes. Cut musubi diagonally and plate. Finish with thickened teriyaki sauce or mayonnaise. Garnish with green onion.
  4. Hello Everyone on SAUSA, I just wanted to share our recent experiences and "Things are looking up" seems to be the right place to do it. We as a family moved to Hilo Hawaii from Texas just recently as a really good job presented itself. We have been here about 3 months. The Islands are reputed to be expensive but now with a few months of living here I can give anyone considering moving to Hawaii some Pros & Cons to help with your decision. Let me start with the Cons. Hawaii is very very far away from the mainland. Actually there is only an 800 mile difference if you fly from Houston to England opposed to Houston to Hilo. It is located right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So if you come here you need to know that this is the furtherest place from Southern Africa that one can get. This also means that shipping here stuff is expensive. So things like beds cost more because of the size and expense to ship here. Conventional grocery shopping costs about 1/3 more. Living in Honolulu costs a great deal more than the mainland because rents for an apartment can start at $2000 and spirals upwards from there. Just take a look on Craigslist. Other cons could include tsunamis, hurricanes and flooding. See www.tramptravellers.blogspot.com our blog as we talk about some of these such as "Vog" Pros Choosing to live on the Big Island changes things. Mainly because it is much much cheaper here than Honolulu or Maui. We are able to earn a living on 1 salary while my wife takes care of the kids. Rents are more inline with mainland rents and possibly much cheaper. This makes all the difference. Cars are easy to get, affordable and the milages are very low for obvious reasons. We pay $1200 for a 3 bedroom house in a very nice middle class neighborhood overlooking the bay and 15 minutes from work. House rents can be as low as $800 if you are prepared to commute (never more than 30 minutes). Many of my single friends rent rooms sharing facilities at about $400 per month. Another factor to choosing to live here on the Big Island. Commutes are shorter. Since it is the Big Island, about the size of Swaziland, there is a lot of home grown produce available at much cheaper prices than the supermarkets and even though fuel is at $3.83, you will find that you will not spend so much on fuel because it is an island after all. There seems to be work in the hotels and in the tourism industry and certainly the hospitals. But the big thing about living in Hawaii is that daytime temperatures will remain at about 25ºC even in Winter. Now in the first week of December I am still in shorts and T shirt and the locals say that this will be the case right through winter. I have only worn jeans once. We still snorkel on a daily basis. JUST LIKE HOME. You can braai most days and right down at the beach. Hilo rains more so I do say most days but Kona side of the island is dryer, has better beaches and probably higher rents than Hilo because it has more tourism. Islanders are made up of a mixture of original Islanders, Japanese, Whites, Mexican, Philippinos and Polynesian. So everyone is a minority. Not much in the way of racial tension at all but I have heard that some mainlanders have had run ins with locals. Our experience so far has been excellent and the only negative was I was told off by a local for doing a U turn in a non U turn place and another when I was driving too slowly. I can live with that. The last thing is that you will never be bored here. It is a great place to raise children and I want to encourage you to look at www.tramptravellers.blogspot.com for things to do here. Lots of people who move here stay only about 2 years because of island fever.
  5. Anyone considering moving to or visiting Hawaii? visit our blog for great images. www.tramptravellers.blogspot.com Of all the US states I have visited, Hawaii has the closest climate to South Africa being a little like KZN. It is a great place to live. Especially the Big Island.
  6. www.tramptravellers.blogspot.com Our blog has been updated. Some nice changes in our lives, great pictures and a relocation story to share with you.
  7. stana

    Job Search

    Hi everyone. I hope that for those who have applied for their green cards, all is going well and for the rest that it all works out well. Not too long ago I started a job search page on http://www.oilfielddiscovery.com/. It utilizes some of the most powerful online job search companies so for those of you who may be looking for an improvement or new to the country and looking for a position or perhaps just to see whats out in the field, I highly recommend trying us out. It is FREE. Although our company is Oilfield industry related, the search CAN BE IN ANY FIELD. In fact I have tested it. I tried "nanny" and came up with many positions. Even pilot, accountants, paramedic etc I tried them all and thousands of jobs came up. In the search page, just type in your desired field of interest and the location. It will do the search for you. Good luck. Stu
  8. stana

    Job Search

    Hi everyone. I hope that for those who have applied for their green cards, all is going well and for the rest that it all works out well. Not too long ago I started a job search page on www.oilfielddiscovery.com. It utilizes some of the most powerful online job search companies so for those of you who may be looking for an improvement or new to the country and looking for a position or perhaps just to see whats out in the field, I highly recommend trying us out. It is FREE. Although our company is Oilfield industry related, the search CAN BE IN ANY FIELD. In fact I have tested it. I tried "nanny" and came up with many positions. Even pilot, accountants, paramedic etc I tried them all and thousands of jobs came up. In the search page, just type in your desired field of interest and the location. It will do the search for you. Good luck. Stu
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    Wedding In Texas

  10. stana

    Job Search

    Looking for a job? at www.oilfielddiscovery.com there is a job search facility. its new and it works well. You do not have to be looking only in the oil industry. It will search all career fields and its FREE to use, no catches. Good luck with your job search.-Stu
  11. Sorry about this very late reply. Sometimes things get placed on the back burner like my solavei account. Now that I have been with them for a few months, it seems ok. lots of people doing well with it. I have decided that due to my rural location to be very careful in promoting the product and this seems to be the thing to watch out for when joining. Interested parties should be careful of their network coverage. Its good in big cities and very good up country but not so good here in Texas.
  12. Hi Bev, So sorry for the late reply here. Wow, we have just had a bad month. Really tested our endurance with "living in America" We survived 3 doses of flu (all 6 of us) and then my brother in JHB passed away in mid January. He was the last person we saw when leaving SA in September 2010. However on the bright side, my brother in law is getting married here to a lovely American girl and we have my wife's mother visiting for the wedding. Thank you for the compliment. My kids have settled well. Michael wants to join the Coast Guard. Can't believe he and Siobhan are leaving school already. Siobhan is only 16 so we are going to have to guide her into her future career but she is also talking about the Coast Guard (to do Journalism) Its never too late to start a blog and the interesting thing is that it can be printed into a book if you want. take care Stu
  13. 7 pages of the newspaper are available to view on www.oilfielddiscovery.com hover your mouse over the home page.
  14. New photos and stories on this blog www.tramptravellers.blogspot.com If you are considering traveling in Texas, there may be something in this blog for you to see.
  15. Hi Everyone, I have been a bit quiet the last few months since leaving Kenya but busy working on this site and a very new enterprise. http://www.oilfielddiscovery.com and its associated monthly news publication Oilfield Discovery LLC newspaper. The newspaper is a free publication targeted towards the oil field industry in South Texas. Our intention is to generate revenue selling advertising in the paper and by providing recruitment services available through the website. The paper goes to print in late November but the recruitment is already up and running. If any South African is looking for an oil field position (money is really good here) please go through the site and be sure to let me know that you are from SA. or Zim. Other positions are available but we are biased towards the oil field. Otherwise if you have any questions just email me.
  16. www.solavei.com/stuanna This works, its new get on board now to build your passive income. Solavei have joined T-Mobile to create this exceptional opportunity for cell phone users. Click on the link or copy and paste into your browser. http://www.solavei.com/stuanna
  17. Obama publicly made a statement yesterday to this effect. I saw this on CNN. Note this is not a word for word quote. "Any qualified illigal immigrants will have their deportation deffered for 2 years. To qualify you must have arrived in the USA before the age of 16 but still be under the age of 30." Seems to me like the start of the gates being opened.
  18. Dolphi, As a parent of 4 my heart goes out to you. I read that you have no insurance and if you are like me who cannot afford it yet, then I have 2 suggestions for you. Please consider the first very seriously and before you reject the idea, I urge that you completely explore this avenue before doing so. This is registering with the goverment hospital as soon as you arrive back in South Africa. My mother who lives in Nelspruit has had 2 eye ops through the goverment she has also had a hand op. My mother in law has had a hand op and my father in law has cancer is being treated as we speak through the goverment. And all it has cost them is R20 per visit each. I want you to phone my mother about this and she can guide you (if you would like her number please pm me) here's the thing, in the goverment system if the local hospital cannot treat you then they will send you to pretoria where all the professors reside and the treatment at this level becomes world class. My father in law who lives in barberton gets his treatment in pretoria because his condition is untreatable in the local hospital, as will be the case with your child. Would you believe that they also supply transport to collect you at your home and will take you to your treatment for free. Now I realise that this will not be comfortable as you will start at the bottom in the long queue's and rude medical staff but once you are in, it gets easier. How would you qualify? Simply arrive at a hospital with your id, have a SA address and be unemployed (which would be your case in SA). My wife has a cousin who has a similar problem, except he is technically blind and works and lives in Hoedspruit but has travelled the USA last year as the representative to some blind peoples association in SA. I am not suggesting anything about your childs condition just that he is going to be a mine of information for you when you get to SA in terms of Doctors etc. again if you would like his details you would need to pm about this. take care Chorioretinitis: Inflammation of the choroids and retina of the eye. It can be caused by various pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungus or protozoa. Other noninfectious diseases such as sarcoidosis can cause abnormal deposits in the eye which can also result in inflammation. Stu
  19. http://tramptravellers.blogspot.com/ has been updated a few times since this topic was started if anyone cares to look.
  20. stana

    Credit Cards

    Thank you every one who responded. Some good advice and insight. a letter came back from capital one with reason for declining me. The letter stated "missing or no information" at the credit check
  21. My wife decided to home school a few years back when our lives started to crumble during the late '08 & '09 economic crisis. At that stage we were living in Zim had a great job but it all came to a grinding halt. Little did we know that everything happens for a reason and that by Sept 2011 we would be boarding a flight to live in the USA legally and permanently. Because of this move and the uncertainty involved about job prospects and locations, Anna continued to homeschool despite excellent schools here in our area of Texas. We chose the British Cambridge System & Sonlights Curriculum's "Teaching Textbooks" for the 2 older kids and Sonlight Curriculum with "Teaching Textbooks" for the 2 younger. Both excellent especially "Teaching Textbooks" a maths program designed to teach maths,-no input required from Mum or Dad. Thankfully. Our children can be upset by such major moves in our lives and one way we as parents can combat that is through homeschooling until we find our place. Despite common perceptions, social life definitly does not suffer as there are an unbelievable amount of parents homeschooling in this country and they find each other, form networks and minor schools that meet for school & sports on a weekly basis,as in our area. Home schooling is not for every parent or family situation so careful thought should be given before making that step, however saying this, it is so easy to change it back and reinstate back into formal school when things settle down. As we intend to do now in the new school year. We certainly got to know our children-what a blessing it has been.
  22. stana

    Credit Cards

    Hi Please can the longer in the USA & wiser forum members comment on credit cards. I need one. I am not comfortable using my Debit Card with all the warnings about the lack of security with them and I am losing out on opportunities like free travel insurance etc offered by the Credit Cards. So today I applied online to Capital One for a card they recommend to new immigrants. First I did the free capital one check on my status which was followed with a card suggestion. But then I was turned down in the actual application. I know that must have done some damage to my none existant credit score. I do not want to make another application attempt until I get some feedback from "ya'all" This is the first time for me to seek any form of credit in the USA. Thank you
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    Congrats SJ27 and RubyShoes. Life is about to change with an incredible rush for you.
  24. Yes thats exactly right, perhaps much much less than winning a lottery. I think there is more to this. From the brief discussion between Anna and him and considering the time frames, we think that Anna's parents and his parents new each other in Broken Hill.
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