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  1. usadele


    Thanks! That is a very handy resource to start with.
  2. usadele


    Hello, Am a Saffer living in the US now. Does anyone know where I can get a basic contract online for the sale of a painting? I am selling the work to a person in SA who will pay the money into an SA account. The painting will be shipped to his family member living in the US -- from there he will handle getting the work back to SA. I am not a lawyer but obviously will need a contract stipulating all conditions. Advise from this site is always helpful and I'd appreciate any comments from people who have sold something and used a contract. I just want to make sure that this deal is above board and legal. Thanks so much in advance!
  3. usadele

    Tax season

    Hubby and I recently relocated to the US from SA. We funded the move ourselves. Anyone know if we can/should bother claim moving expenses? Will we get anything substantial back? Thanks! (He is a citizen and I a perm res).
  4. Corken, sorry for your loss. ENjoy your SA hols and look me up when you return. I live in Philly and have only found a handful of Saffers so far.
  5. usadele


    I live in Philly...
  6. Hi, Have a fancy Nokia that I brought from SA. Want to use on a pay-as-you-go basis w/ T-Mobile or AT&T SIM card but apparently the phone must first be "unblocked" before I can send and receive sms messages. Anyone know anything about this and how to get the phone functional? Thanks!
  7. Hi, This forum has been a great help getting me settled in the US. I have yet another question: For some strange reason I can receive text messages from SA from MTN subscribers, but none from Vodacom. All mine, sent my from carrier Verizon, go through to all parties just fine. Anyone else who has had this issue and been able to resolve it?
  8. Lived in Albuquerque for three years. It was lovely. If you are a big city person however, you will get tired of it. Also, it is very far from anywhere. Its locale to Colorado and Utah though was a huge plus for us. We loved the time there (the weather is good tho' dry). I am now happily living on the NE coast where the lure of "bright lights, big city" has pulled me onto the next leg of our adventure. Contact me if you have quastions about Albuquerque.
  9. Hi, Recently landed in Philly. Any South Africans in the area?
  10. Hi, Am a permanent resident in the US and lived here five years and then returned to SA for two years. Recently returned to US and am entering the job market here. Does anyone have an inkling on how to roughly covert SA salaries paid in rands, to dollars? I have searched the www for some sort of formula but could not find one. Prospective employers want to know my salary history and I certainly want to position myself favourably. (I seem to recall something about dividng SA salaries by 4 or 5 to get a US equivalent, but I could be way off.) Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I hope someone has had a similar experience and can assist: Does anyone know how long visitor's from SA can stay in the US? (From what I can make out, it is usually a three-month limit, with the option to file for an extension.) Has anyone had their parents able to visit for a longer period? Thanks for you help!
  12. Thanks Utah, I am actually a permanent resident returning after a time in SA. Perhaps I phrased the question incorrectly, but I thought I read somewhere that one is allowed to bring in around $9000 without having it taxed or some such. I am totally respectful of US law and want to everything above board!
  13. Hello again, This is a great forum for a relative newbie like me. Can anyone please tell me how much currency can be brought into the US (Traveller's Cheques) without having to declare it? Thanks!
  14. Hi, Would really appreciate some help as I am totally confused on what to do. My husband and I are relocating to the Phildelphia area soon and want to bring our pet dog and African Grey parrot. Has anyone else done this recently? I called the Joburg US Consulate today and the guy told me it was decided last year that pets cannot be imported to the US anymore. Is this true? I am assuming it is load of hogwash. If so, please can someone tell me the most painless procedure to get my pets to the US? I know I have to get my dog a rabies shot 10 days before she leaves. What paperwork is required? I also know the bird will be quarantined for 30 days in New York. How do I go about getting permits and the associated requirements? Any advice is really appreciated as these animals are like my kids; I cannot imagine having to leave them behind.
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