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  1. Same here....Oh well, this was my last attempt - clearly not meant to be....besides id rather be in good ol SA considering how black lives are taken in in the US. As Marvin Gaye said "whats going on" ...Good luck to those who got selected.....
  2. 11th time for me bud 😄.....Optimistic this year though 😉 All the best and Good luck to All
  3. YankeeNut


    Number 8 for us and again NOT SELECTED. I've gotten so use to seeing this message I don't even feel sad anymore... Congrats to all who were selected this year. Lucky number 9 for me next year (if it happens)
  4. Its a No x2 from my side as well. So are there any winners on this forum?
  5. YankeeNut


    I quite like Portland (Oregon). My wife and I visited in 2000 and she has an uncle living in Beaverton. New York (not the City) is also awesome.
  6. YankeeNut


    You'r not alone Henry. 4th time unsuccessful for me too. Have faith brother...
  7. YankeeNut


    Best of Luck to all for the DV2013 draw. I have a GOOD feeling this year (fouth time)
  8. Still not Selected. Diisappointed again
  9. Thank you Superkruz - Will definitely have a read. Are there allot of people going this route and is it successful?
  10. OMW....this is so crazy. I just logged onto the site to read the posts of those who won and found the announcement. I'm so sorry for those who originally won but also excited about the possibilities of being selected in the redraw. Both my wife and I applied on the 08/10/2010 (3rd time) and really thought we were going to win this year but we were not selected again . I even received one of those spam emails in March this year saying that I have won hahahaha. I thought that I will just keep trying until we are selected. Also can someone provide some info regarding the H1B process as I thought maybe trying going this route (seeing that I'm so unlucky with the lottery LOL.) will be better.
  11. Same here, 3rd time unlucky as well.:thumbdown: Congrats to those who won :ilikeit:
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