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  1. Hi Exxie

    Thanks for your conversation. We are settled in and loving every minute in this city. Where are you from? And did you come over with a company or private? Where do you live in Houston...zip code? You can also e-mail me direct at maudieusa[at]gmail.com if you like. I sincerely hope you will settle in soon and that everything will go smoothly. Where are you from in SA? xo

  2. Slaptjips, we actually would not like to go out more than 15/20mins travel to 77079 (Dairy Ashford N) if possible.
  3. Durbs, that is very kind of you...thanks so much. Will look into those areas. Also would love to go to the Potjie Festival. How far is it from Houston? Talk soon.
  4. Thank you so much, Fiela. I sure appreciate that a lot.
  5. Hi Everyone! We (my husband and I) are moving to Houston on May 15th... Can someone please advise us regarding good areas around zip 77079? We are looking for a rental house. Also how does one go about socializing with people...what is the best way? Thank you so much. Weskusmeisie
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