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  1. Yup, I said i *would* happily pay $100 a year for it, hence considering it a bargain (at $100 for 5 years as had been mentioned before on the thread)
  2. ^^ just note that if you get it on a green card like we did, you scan your GC not your passport on the GOES machine, and when you eventually get your US passport you need to contact them to update the document used for global entry.
  3. We got global entry cards late last year and it is the BEST THING EVER. Both for coming back from overseas/abroad but also what a bonus it was to have TSA pre for domestic at the height of December travel time! I'd happily pay $100 a year for this, I think it's a total bargain
  4. SJ27

    2017 Draw Results

    Awesome news that it's gone current for everyone! Good luck for the remaining applicants for this year
  5. There's no simple answer. There are some websites detailing it for new immigrants and you'd probably get better properly detailed info from those. Because most SA immigrants have had private medical aid in SA we are a bit more au fait with the principles than those coming from NHS etc type systems, but a lot is different too. Like SA, the type of plan also determines your excess, copay, coverage, etc. We have no copay for doctor appointments for example but other plans may have $30, etc. Insurance also differs across states. I have to say, while hospital stays cost more our day to day ends up being much cheaper, and our insurance is awesome re info, help etc - puts Discovery to shame. Some things for a saffer to be aware of, there is a difference between "ER" and "urgent care". The latter is often (not always) a good substitute for ER and significantly cheaper. Another is that your medical insurance often dictates the provider you use, not like SA where you just go to whatever hospital etc and claim (well you can here but the cost is significantly bigger). Also, optical and dental are usually addons and not included in the basic plan. I'm not sure how or when the proposed repeal and replacement of Obamacare will affect the current situation.
  6. SJ27

    2017 Draw Results

    When were the police clearances done? Check they don't expire before the interview. If all your forms are in order, the entry was accurate and you don't have a criminal record, you shouldn't have any problems being granted a visa. Good luck!
  7. I know there have been sporadic posts about various sites to do this, but I haven't yet seen anyone post about the WatchESPN app. Download it, choose your cable provider (it didn't ask me to prove I had the account so I'm not sure how that bit actually works) then choose from the list of games, either by "live" list or by sport (they have cricket and rugby too. And lots of international stuff that isn't on actual ESPN on TV. They even have some domestic games, e.g. Bulls vs Cheetahs on the schedule.) A cool feature is that if you're doing something else on your tablet/PC, it minimizes the game to a small screen in the corner, so you can keep an eye on it. You can chromecast obviously too if you've got that set up (can't do it directly from the app, at least not yet). It's not perfect, e.g. the commercial breaks don't line up exactly with the game, but it's nice to be able to watch.
  8. And then to add to this idea, we have also seen Muslims reaching out to Jews to help physically and financially after the recent desecrations at Jewish cemeteries. It's so inspiring to see people motivated by their religion to reach out and help those of other faiths. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/two-muslim-american-linda-sarsour-tarek-el-messidi-vandalised-jewish-cemeteries-desecrated-a7604011.html http://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.premium-1.774052
  9. SJ27

    2017 Draw Results

    Good luck! Do you have your birth & marriage certificates etc all waiting?
  10. Came across this earlier, funnily enough. Similar sentiments in more detail, pretty well expressed I thought. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dear-evangelicals-i-dont-think-you-realize-how-you_us_58af2c13e4b0e5fdf6196f4f Apparently as we see here, however, all bad behavior just gets excused with a shrug and "i'm/he's only human after all". Interesting religious approach. But agree with you this thread has well outlived its useful life, such as it was. Let's hope for actual relevant stuff in future.
  11. Indeed, I did ask if a specific forum could be blocked. There doesn't seem to be any way to do it. Hence, I have simply not bothered to return to that forum since. It's interesting that Reichette keeps referring back to the days before that. Hence again, I refer to my initial post on this forum...i think it says it all, as others have noted, There clearly is a large silent readership here - I too have been getting a number of likes from readers who don't post - I don't even recognize some of the names! I'd said before, quite clearly, that I did not want to block reichette as a user because he had posted some useful posts in the past, and my way of recognizing that was to just start ignoring the "spiritual" forum posts (which were always some form of preaching) rather than blocking him entirely. That may now be the only option, should he start mainly posting political propaganda in general forums to try get reactions when his "spiritual" posts no longer do. Awesome!!!!
  12. Actually reichette, sorry to disappoint you, but I don't go to every thread you do. In fact the last two in spiritual life are still happily bolded as unread on my page. I can't be bothered with fairy tales, even when they are headed by some provocative heading such as a new whatever for the US (the full title doesn't show on the " new content" page on my tablet). You headed this "despicable behavior." And put it in general. Then proceeded to give some propaganda nonsense. I repeat, real despicable behavior is happening all the time now - attacking people on the basis of their religion and skin color. This is not the foundation and ideals of America. And this is fact, not Cruz talking rubbish about what he thinks people's motives are. If you want to post political propaganda, at least be honest about it, and headline it something like Despicable Democrats in the words of Ted Cruz, or something like that so we know to avoid it too. By voorbaat dank.
  13. This is generally excellent advice on any Internet forum. (It becomes more interesting/illuminating when posters take it personally...)
  14. Well, I suppose if you believe the creationist myth then you'd believe people are actually serious about bewitching him...lol
  15. True, if you are going to criticize despicable behavior then criticizing those who attack cemeteries, places of worship and people is clearly a much better place to start than some imagined rationale for people exercising their first amendment rights.
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