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  1. Unfortunately I did not see that note and did send 2 photos as well! Thanks for pointing that out. We are carrying 2 additional photos with us (just in case they ask us for it). We also not sure about the "type" of photo required as the Abu Dhabi embassy guidelines state something about pictures that should be side facing 3/4 portrait. I did email the embassy with the query and they pointed me back to the link on the website for the DV lottery application guidelines. When we went for our medicals last week, all the other immigrant cases had their pictures facing to the side? So now we are a bit stressed out about this whole thing and have decided to take another side facing set this week. I don't know if this requirement is specifically for Middle East or Iran since Abu Dhabi handles Iran cases and all the other applicants at the medicals were Persian. We needed 3 photos for the medical. One for the x-ray, 1 for the pathology report and one for the doctors report. I only used 2 as I was exempt from the x-ray report and my daughter (2 years) only needed one - for the doctors report. Yes our interview is on Sunday. Got all documents in order. Busy booking our hotel stay in Abu Dhabi as we don't want to drive all the way from Dubai that early in the morning. Just hoping it all goes smoothly. Good luck to you as well.
  2. You need 2 photos for your interview and 3 for the medical test. http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/immigrants/info/info_3731.html On point 4 it is mentioned that you need to take 2 photos with you to the interview. Good luck!
  3. "IF" we are successful? When we applied for our tourist visa the year before we went under AP for 4 months! Hopefully it shows on their systems so it would mean getting the visa on the same day.
  4. Just received an email stating that I should log on to the site using my original CN. My interview date has been set for December 18.
  5. The November bulletin is out. Looks like my number will come up in December. http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin_5572.html For those who won, you will not receive any notification in the mail. You need to check online for further instructions using your CN number. Good luck to those coming up for interviews in October and November.
  6. You will have to check online to see when your number becomes current - the same link that you have used to check whether you won. Further instructions will be given then. Look at the Visa Bulletin http://travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin_1360.html to see which numbers are being processed in a particular month. November will come out in a few days. My guess is that 13000 is the cut off for November.
  7. Thanks Superkruz. Gotta get those forms filled in and send tomorrow. Judging from my number, my interview could be as early as Nov/Dec. Fingers crossed I receive the police clearance and a copy of my matric certificate before then. I'm sending the request to SA on Monday as I need to sign an affidavit in front of the commissioner of oaths here at the Dubai consulate. So frustrating . Luckily I have all other doccies already as I needed most when we moved to Dubai. [at]Eilleen - thanks for that. I guess persistence pays off eventually. Seems like we have been trying forever and now that its almost there it feels too soon! We even bought property here in Dubai during the "good times" and prices have dropped at least 30%. I guess we have to cross that bridge when we get there. For now, just save save save to have enough to move over. It all feels like a dream and we are so scared that the results will be rescinded again . Am wondering how many winners are there from SA this year?
  8. Congratulations to all that have won the DV 2012 lottery. This is just the beginning. There seems to be so many documents required etc but hoping that those that won will have successful interviews and finally hold a US greencard by the end of September 2012. I would like to use this thread for any queries that invariably come up with the process. I have a few questions that hopefully someone might be able to assist with: Can I use the same photo that I used for the lottery application or should I take a new set when submitting the first set of forms? I don't see info on the official site about taking new pics. Address details - Can I use a relative/friends' address when submitting the first set of forms or can I leave this blank? Once again... congratulations to all the lucky winners!
  9. Firstly... congratulations. I have been trying since 2006 and finally won this year. I also have the same questions re US address. I have a few family members and friends already residing in US so am planning to use their address details for US mail? Not sure if this is correct though. Maybe someone else who has gone through the process will be able to confirm. Do you have all your other documents like unabridged birth certificates, marriage, matric certificate etc? It all sounds so daunting but I have made up a checklist of doccies in excel and then just ticking off as I go along. Its actually not very difficult but more frustrating dealing with all the bureaucracy in the SA system - even worse when you residing outside the country as the consular guys have no clue when you ask them about specific stuff. Once again.... congrats! This has been my dream for a long long time and I cannot wait to finally go.
  10. Finally won the lottery after trying for so many years. Good luck to all the other winners!
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