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  1. I'll tell you why I prefer the US over Australia. Firstly, I think you can experience similar lifestyle in the US (but this depends heavily on the state). I think a state like Texas -> JHB / California -> CT can be very close to home. Obviously going to New York will be worlds apart from SA. 1) Property prices in Australia are crazy, forget about ever owning your own home (maybe an apartment), and this is why most people rent. In the United States, its still the American dream to be 'king of your castle' and own your own home. There are many states with affordable housing. 2) Australia, from what I hear, is a complete nanny state (not bashing it, just laying it out there). They have rules about everything and everything is enforced even if it seems completely pointless. You cant have a beer at the park where you are having a barbeque, if you go 5km/h over the speed limit you lose points on your license etc. This might be great for some, but it is too much for me. In this regard, Australia is much more like Germany or Switzerland. Watch an episode of border patrol (Australia) to see what im on about 3) As for as economy goes, it is true that South Africa and Australia were much more sheltered if you compare it to the United States or Europe, but the US is experiencing a great recovery (if you compare where they were 2-3 years ago). Also, the economy is very dependent on the state. For example, the economy in Texas is much more robust and diverse and its relatively easy to find a well paying job and live comfortably. A state like Florida is on the other end of the scale. 4) In the states you feel like you are part of something great, you are in 'the center of the word' so to speak. Everything new and exciting is happening there. At least that's what it felt like on my last trip - granted it was only a holiday. People are queuing around the block to get into the United States. Some immigrant applications have something like a 10 year backlog, and every year 20 million people enter the GC lottery to try and get into the states. Why do you think that is? It is the most difficult and most desired country to emigrate to.
  2. Yup, immigrant Visa valid for 6 months. So the clock is ticking, and I need to make a move.
  3. Thanks for the reply Seems like completely misinformed stereotype of 'Africans' is the order of the day. Might be better in cities with larger concentrations of south african expats, where the locals have had some interaction with us
  4. I was just wondering how the average American views us Saffa expats, what are the perceptions? Obviously countries like the UK and Oz have much closer ties to South Africa, and have larger ex-South African's in their countries, so they are more informed. As I am considering emigration to the US, I was just curious if anyone knew what the common generalizations are about south africans, particularly in the United States. Does anyone have any experiences on this they could share? Thanks
  5. Good question! I have been looking for posts from other South Africans, but I have only found one or two. If I remember correctly, last year about 900 people from South-Africa got selected for a green card in the lottery.
  6. Thanks so much Malamute! That certainly cleared things up for me. Makes sense to not tick 'y' on the SSN box then without a US address. I will follow your advice
  7. So Ive been entering the DV GC lottery for two years running. I checked the website on the 16th Of July 2011, and I was notified that I have been selected for further processing. Yay! I never realized the process would be so drawn out, and so complicated. There is certainly lots to do. I have been pouring over other forum posts to gather as much info as I could get, but I still have two questions. 1) When can I expect the first notification letter? Is it shortly after the draw? Or do they only send the notification letter close processing your 'cutoff group' (I am AF 000 41xxx). I have all my documents and photos ready. Should I send them now? Or do I wait for first notification letter? 2) On the DSP 230 form, under question 10 and 11, they ask for a US address which I dont have. Many forums I have seen people say to mark both of these as N/A for the time being and submit the forms. Only once you arrive at a 'port of entry' is this information taken down, and then that is the address where your green card and SSN will be mailed to. It should be fixed and not change, as this will only cause confusion. Now my question is, for those that didn't have US addresses at this point, what did you do? I don't have any family or friends in the US. Should I try set up a PO BOX online in the state that I'm aiming for and use this address? Thanks guys. PS. Already getting cold feet as its one thing to enter the green card lottery, its another thing to know that within a year you could have a green card in your hand, and would need to leave everything behind if you do decide to use the opportunity.
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