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  1. This weekend I received a letter in the mail that I only dreamed of receiving as a young girl growing up in PTA. I have my interview scheduled for my citizenship , 30 days and counting! I wanted to post something on this forum as this as been my go to for reading up and finding out information, for being a "friend" when times go tough and allowing me to know I was not alone. Also for the vulnerability that you all have shared on these forums that allowed me to learn from but also not be to hard on myself. Thank you to everyone! So five years later what has happened? I have moved 5 times to 5 new cities, got divorced & got engaged . Managed to find a job that was below my experience level in a great company and subsequently accelerated fast through the ranks. Have built a solid credit record, something I still think is bs I got cable and got rid of cable and now live off of apps and live streaming. I have embraced my american colleagues and friends and have learned that I was as biased towards them as I perceived them to be towards me. I have cried many a time, screamed and felt despair and loneliness but now I get to the point in my life that I can start to think about bringing my family across and hopefully help open some doors for them. I am extremely grateful and I know very fortunate for the last 5 years. Here is to the rest of my american journey with the new passport and finally travelling without having to submit 3 months worth of bank statements! Also if anyone needs any support, let me know, will love to pay it forward! Meg
  2. MeghanE

    Divorce In Usa

    Hi All, Would really appreciate any help. My husband and I have decided to get a divorce. We got married in SA and now reside in Illinois, it's amicable but have no idea how to go about it. Someone told me we have to be in SA to get divorced? Again any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
  3. Seems like Mleg and us are tracking on a similar time frame. After arriving in the states on 16 March 2013, travelling from east to west, lots of stress and adjustment we finally are starting to settle. We both have jobs with my job finally coming in 1st of October. A new apartment lease has been signed and I can finally decorate a new place and welcome guests. This is a difficult journey but a good one after all, I advise anyone considering this to keep in mind that we both really wanted to come here and there were a couple of times were we nearly got on a plane and went back to South Africa. So make sure you are fully committed. South Africa is a great country to give up
  4. MeghanE

    Hello To All

    Hi Odie We are in San Francisco,so not too far from you, been here for about 4 months in San Francisco Nice to see some more SAfricans in Northern Ca.
  5. So almost a week ago my husband and I crossed the line and entered the greatest city in the world on what felt like the coldest day ever. Coming from SA when it was 30 C to 30 F, a great blow to the system. We are here and want to make it work, so any advice would be appreciated! Where are all the SA's hiding and how did you get started here? Jobs wise the responses are very slow but I think it's because they work on resume's and cover letters that are so out there, I am not sure the we are getting our flamboyance out there. I not sure I can blow my own horn as much as they can :/ any advice. Furthermore how did you get a rental place? We've been looking and people want salary slips and tax returns? How do u get started on this and where do you go? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  6. MeghanE


    Hi Hunter I would suggest informing them of this mistake, I have heard that ANY mistake no matter how small can disqualify you from the entire process. I think if you let them know you made a mistake they could either rectify it on their side or you might have to send a new form. Good luck! M
  7. Hi J Pretty much the same experience for us coming into the states. Easy and friendly from all the staff at the airport. As far as I understand your naturalization process starts the moment you register into the states, with regards to coming back they allow you up to a year but after leaving the country for more that six months, your naturalization process gets a reset on it. They have to deem that your intent is to relocate to the states so staying out for more than a year puts a question mark on that. We want to keep our naturalization time as short as possible so we are going back within the six months. REALLY want those blue eagle passports Hope this helps ! M
  8. Hi Mleg So in an attempt to try and calm your nerves, have you not checked in yet?
  9. MeghanE


    Hi Tami I am not quite sure when you got married but if you can find the original signed form or copy of it, I think it's an I 30 that you sign on your wedding day, you can take that to Centurion home affairs, they fax it through to the head office and you get it within 3 days. This was our experience. We had issues with my husbands birth certificate, also 5 months, I ended up speaking to the Home affairs head office at 012 810 7568, Mrs Van Niekerk, and the next day we had the birth certificate. She also has an email address charlene.vanniekerk[at]dha.gov.za. I hope this helps, R1400 is ridiculous to spend and I always get an uncomfortable feeling about things like this. Hope it all works out
  10. MeghanE


    Don't stress to much about it. The waiting is the worst but just to put you at ease. Our number was 56xxx and we went for an interview in June 2012, we are leaving for the states on March 15th. If you have a look at the current numbers which are approximately 10000 lower than 2011 it looks like your number should come around June 2013 aswell. Just make sure you are prepared for when the time comes. I can promise you, after the interview you will walk out and think "Why did I stress so much!!" Good luck for the wait, THAT is the worst
  11. Now at least if you still love New York after Frankenstorm then you know it's the place to be
  12. This is so exciting! We just returned from New York for our LSD and NYC was phenomenal as usual! I opened my bank account with Capital One bank and it took some time but went through fine. I only received my green card though after 10 working days of checking in so I am not sure how long it is on average but seems like they tell you 7-10 working days in standard. The same with the bank cards btw but you will get an account number and online banking etc. I got a Tmobile contract for $50, which I thought was way overpriced but we were there for 3 weeks. There is also free wifi in all the Starbucks that we went too so I used the wifi apps to make phonecalls back to SA and send whats app messages. Very jealous that you will be there for Halloween as it's something we never see here nor on the scale that they do it! Have a great time!!
  13. Congrats Joe & Kie!!! We must definately have a class of 2012 reunion!! Does anyone know what happened with Moobear his interview was last week Tuesday
  14. We are also organising a trip to NYC in September, only problem is the US Open is going in New York so tickets are a little pricey. Is there where you want to settle down??
  15. Hi Mleg Our case number was 56xxx. I submitted the DS122 form in July of last year and then submitted the DS230 forms after we got married in March 2012. I logged on to the Electronic Check for the DV Visa which is where I got my letter for the appointment. I was just watching the numbers on the Visa bulletin and once it became current I started checking that site every day. Our interview letter came on Friday the 13th of April. I am not sure how your process happened but if you want to expand on where you are maybe I can give you some advice Cheers for now!! We got it!!! I posted the whole interview process under 2012 July Winners!
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