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  1. We went for our drivers tests on different days: I went first and then was able to report back to hubby what comments were made, what they look at etc. I even took him on the roads they did me, showed him where I messed up, etc. He went a week later and, funny enuf, they took him on the same roads! He passed with flying colours...
  2. Sam

    High Flying

    Ek is net bly ek is nie die een wat sy onderklere moet was nie...
  3. Eileen

    Happy Birthday, Sam!!

  4. Sam

    Do you like spiders?

    I clicked on your link and got a pop-up saying it is virus infected...
  5. Guess what salad we are having tonite?!
  6. Dee, my kiddos and I did kinda the same thing at a Women's shelter that I LOVE. It made my kids appreciate what they have and made them more aware of others' problems. Abused women is something VERY close to my heart, since my sister is one and I have a little personal experience on that front too... You can never fully appreciate another's plight without seeing it firsthand. Good for you!
  7. Sam

    Lisence Plate

    I LIVE THAT! I won't add my date / year of birth, just leave it at that. CUTE! Dee, I like that, but since my recent life changes, I guess I am not a 'Liefie' LOL
  8. Sam

    Lisence Plate

    :ilikeit: I LOVE it! Too long...
  9. Sam

    Lisence Plate

    They boys and I are getting our very own little car, a red '96 Chevy Blazer, today or tomorrow. I want personelized plates on her, but can not seem to come up with something cool... I wanted PMS365 or PMS247, but they are already taken. Then I came up with BAKGAT or SAFFER, but dunno... We are only allowed 6 spaces on our plates, using letters and numbers and spaces. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  10. I see them, Dee! And yes, I agree! We form friendships here in spite of the knowledge that we might never meet face to face. And thank you for that, to each and every one of you!
  11. Sam


    I want to watch RUGBY! All I have is cable, but I am pretty sure it can be watched online... Any help from you rugby maniacs out there, please?
  12. Sam

    green card process

    ...and you continue to hurry up and wait and wait and wait and... Janneman: jy gooi die Afrikaans so merkwaardig dat ek 2 keer moes lees! LOL Die Afrikaans is nie meer so goed nie: jy laat my dink aan my pa-hulle: hulle is een aand, 'many moons ago' afgetrek van die pad oor hulle die hele pad vol gery het (dink nie die brandewyn het enigsins gehelp nie...) Toe die treffiekkop lang hulle karretjie kom staan, begin my pa en sy buddies almal gelyk praat (dis in ou Rhodesia en my pa-hulle is Engels en die treffiekkop is Afrikaans) om te verduidelik hoekom hulle 'oortree' het. Die arme Afrikaanse mannetjie kyk hulle blykbaar almal so verskrik aan en se vir hulle: "Don't speak to me two by twice! Speak to me once upon a time!" Noodeloos te se, hy was so de duiwel in omdat hy sy naam so gat gemaak het dat die drie van hulle die aand in die tjoekie spandeer het!
  13. Sam

    Tax season

    From what I've heard, it is a GREAT program if your taxes are straight forward...
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