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  1. Doepie123


    Superkruz I can tell you are a CA, you are on the ball! just kidding, thanks so much! Hope it all went smoothly gmdbn!
  2. Hi Guys California because I have friends there and San Diego has always appealed to me. My uncle lived there for many years and I loved it. Although my husband and I are planning a LSD trip (not that kind of LSD and Atlanta is also on my agenda. Any other suggestions about places with a reasonable cost of living? Superkruz, lucky you! How did you get your green card if I may ask? I have heard from friends that our best bet is to try english/canadian/australian potential employers (banks, funds etc) or alternatively depending on your background the funds too as there are a lot of ex South Africans working there. what is the job market there like now in your opinion? i have been doing a lot of reading and speaking to people but its not quite the same unless you are in the market yourself. some people are lucky and some not. and by no means am i relying on my qualification to get me a job. when it comes to things like moving countries i guess there comes 90% preparation and 10% faith. Good luck and let me know what your experience is like, it sounds like you will be there before me - where you are heading? L.
  3. Hi All I am a qualified CA(SA) and my husband is a construction project manager. I am just wondering what the chances are of us finding a job using our qualifications or in our fields. the only thing is i dont want to work in an auditing firm and would prefer to stay in commerce and industry where i have been for the last 5 years. Can anyone recommend companies in California where I could perhaps look for employment that have hired any other CA(SA)s? or perhaps chat to other CAs living working anywhere in the USA? My husband will also need to do a conversion course given that the Americans are big on wood. Is there anyone else that he could chat too as well about where to do this and what the construction industry is like at the moment. He also has experience in retail finding tenants for shopping centres and doing tenant installations for the big SA retailers. Thanks so much L.
  4. Doepie123


    Hi All I am new to this forum but was wandering how long it takes between being notified that you have been selected to the actual issuance of the green card, assuming everything in between goes smoothly? My husband and i are looking at various options to moe to the USA, one of them being the EB1 Extra-ordinary talents visa. This is my second year in a row of applying for the DV lottery program, and i am wondering whether they take into account how often a person enters? Thanks. Lex.
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