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  1. My husband has the same situation as you, also only came back for a week, during that 6 month period. He has applied for naturalization, has had his biometrics and is now waiting for his interview notification the wait from applying to interview seems to be 5 - 6 months here in Raleigh. I am anticipating he will get an interview end of Feb beginning of March. I remember Superkruz on this forum was out the country for two - five month periods in his first year and he didn't have an issue, so I am sure it will be fine. I will update you after my husbands interview. In other news - I applied for my kids SA passports 6 months ago and I am still waiting .....
  2. Good luck with the rest of the process and thanks for sharing your experiences, it will help someone along the line.
  3. Congratulations on deciding where to settle! We did not bring a container over but we did ship several boxes over, we used 7 seas shipping. It was definitely worth it for us to bring over things like good knives, various household objects and personal things. I would look into bringing a few boxes over of your special things that would cost a lot to replace. Good luck with the planning!
  4. Thanks Malamute, I suppose I will do the same and hope for the best!
  5. One more question about these passport renewals! I like to know that I am doing the right thing - so on the website the photo requirements are 2' by 2' but I remember the SA passport photos being rectangular and even the spaces on the forms for the photos are rectangular - but it definitely said 2' by 2' . Also anyone done this before did you stick two of the photos on the forms before you sent them, or did you just send them loose? Thanks
  6. Ok great, glad to hear that, thanks SJ272
  7. My children have not become US citizens yet, but there has been some confusion around them getting passports once they are 16 because of the fingerprints
  8. Has anyone recently applied for new passports for kids that didnt have ID books as they were under 16 when we left? I am busy filling in the forms, and I see they want finger prints done at the consulate ( if they were minors when they left SA) as they do not have a set of fingerprints back in SA to compare. I am just going to go ahead and get a notary to do it here and send it in, but I was just wondering if anyone has experience in this. My kids are now 18 and 16 - so no longer minors when it comes to passports. When I phoned the consulate they said it was fine, but it wouldnt be the first time I was given incorrect advice. Hoping I can just have the fingerprints done here in Raleigh.
  9. Ravens, my husband will be eligible in December this year and my son and I will be eligible next year in August. My son and I were out the country for longer than 6 months so we had to reset our count down. My husband came in for a quick visit without us so he wasn't out the country longer than the 6 months. My daughter is under 18 so she will automatically get it. ilsem, it would be great to actually go in and do it personally and you can at any of the embassies but most people don't have one in their city, like us and you have to do it all by mail.
  10. Thanks Ravens, glad to hear they are not being picky about the notarizing of documents, they probably understand the difficulties here. The notary I was talking to says every state is different so it must get confusing.
  11. Well I went to the UPS and I have it done! I just hope it is acceptable! The notary signed and stamped a form that listed the different documents and then he stapled that to the copies, he says that is how they do it here. So he never stamped the actual copy. I will send it off and hope for the best.
  12. Thanks for the info on what you did. I laughed when I read "you confuse them horribly" because that is exactly what happened, they really didn't know what I wanted! I remember a year or so ago when I traveled to SA without my husband I had to have copy of my daughters birth certificate, certified - the bank gave me a separate piece of paper, they refused to actually stamp the copy! Of course landing in Joburg the official straight away told me this is not certified! This really is very frustrating, I don't think the bank will stamp the actual copy. I will try again with UPS and this time I will not call it a notarized copy! We always call it certified in SA but here I was told they say notarized but obviously in this instance it also needs to be called certified. Thanks again for the reply Jason
  13. Hi everyone Wondering if anyone has any advice. I am trying to get copies of my passport, ID etc notarized, this is for my retention of South African citizenship. The problem I have is that banks, UPS etc will not notarize a copy to say it is a true copy. They only will notarize that you are who you say you are when you sign a document. North Carolina and some other state have different rules about what notaries can do. I am feeling very frustrated because something that should be so simple is proving to be difficult. Can anyone tell me what their notarized copy looked like? Is the SA embassy looking for a this is a true copy? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Yes I agree, but I was more interested in not having to get an ID book for my kids so they could renew their passport, they can get their fingerprints taken here for a passport - no problem! Thank goodness
  15. Hi Guys I just phoned the SA embassy in DC and asked them about the whole not having an ID book for my kids and renewing their passport. The gentleman I spoke to was very helpful and he said an ID book was not necessary. The ID is on the birth certificate and it is also on the passport and he said that was sufficient. By the way I also asked him if I should get a retention of citizenship for my daughter as she automatically becomes a US citizen when we do - under 18. He said we should, which to me doesn't make sense but it is easy enough to do so I will do one for her as well. Not sure if the other embassies are giving the same advice about the passports but that was good news to me.