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  1. Thanks for the help. I wan't aware that you could only go to certain doctors for you medical examinations.
  2. I have entered the DV lottery, and chatting about the prospect of moving with my wife has left her almost paralysed with fear...so from one South African to a whole lot of them: 1. Do any of you, having moved to the US, wish that you could go back to your life the way it was before you left South Africa? 2. Do you feel completely separated and alienated from family back home? I realise and have explained that there is a good chance that we won't even win a GC, however I figure that we would be idiots to turn down a chance to get over there should the opportunity present itself. From the tons of reading that I've done it looks like 99% of people are super happy that they made the move. Eish....why are some people so risk averse? right? wrong?
  3. Hi All, I can't seem to find the answer anywhere, but since ther are a bunch of expats who have already gone through this process before I figured it was a good place to ask. Where will the interview be held for DV 2013? Will I have to stick my family on a plane to JHB for the day or can I simply pop into the Cape Town consulate 10 minutes from my house?....that is assuming I win the chance to even get an interview. Any info would be appreciated
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