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  1. Financial Emigration

    I know it’s not what you wanted to hear, but I have literally, just this week, finalized my Financial Emigration through FinGlobal and I couldn't be more happy with the results! From start to finish their service has been absolutely top notch. Took about 5 months for my specific situation. It can get a bit pricy if you have lots of policies and assets to cash out, but it’s probably a mere fraction of the cost of flying back to SA and spending weeks to months sorting out the mess and jumping through the ridiculous hoops necessary to get the process moving along. I caught a really lucky break and got my payout and Forex transfer right when the Rand hit its recent high, which effectively paid for itself, as I was going by a much higher exchange rate back when I started out If your financial situation is super simple, you bank with someone who is able to process your MP336(b) without you physically walking into a branch, and you use SARSefiling, then you may be able to do it yourself. But there are a lot of regulations, moving parts and a very specific order that needs to be followed. The process also takes quite a while, even with pros doing most of the heavy lifting. One screw up or delay and you could be set back weeks... probably months.
  2. EB4 Petition

    I think this happens more often than you would expect. After we were drawn in 2010 we applied for our certificate ages in advance to avoid any issues. It took 2-3 months to get my wife’s birth certificate (I already had mine years earlier). We figured we’d just go and pick it up and then wait for our Marriage Certificate to come through some months later. When the lady went to fetch my wife’s birth certificate she came back and asked if we had any other certificates outstanding, because she had just seen a Marriage Certificate with my wife’s name when she was looking in the filing cabinet! LOL!
  3. Dv-2018

    Congratulations, Angel! Good luck to you and your family for the rest of your journey! It’s quite a ride!
  4. N400 Application and Continuous Residence

    Lucky you! I emailed them with a query a week after I filed my application and have heard zip from them. They also never answer their phones. I made very sure to send them a bank check and self addressed return envelope. I’m sure I’ll get them soon enough, I guess i’m just not used to good ol’ SA service anymore. Nothing like a small dose of Home Affairs to remind you of home
  5. N400 Application and Continuous Residence

    Awesomesauce! And congrats to you guys! Thanks so much for thinking of me! We're still on track for filing our application mid-March. Going to go through the N400 form next week after I'm done filing my US taxes! Our application for retention of SA citizenship went in 5 weeks ago and we're still waiting on a response from the Consulate in LA. We've decided to proceed with our N400 application regardless. If DHA get their act together in time for our citizenship, great! If not. So be it! We're not chasing after slapgat SA government institutions anymore. We've done our best and are leaving the ball in their court. Thanks again for the update! J.
  6. RAISE act and family sponsorship

    Right now the government is barely functioning. The partisan divide is bigger than ever and we are now in another election year with HUGE stakes for both parties in the House and the Senate! Yes, immigration reform is in the headlines and Congress can see almost nothing else right now, but it’s DACA where the fight is happening. It’s the only reason so much discussion is happening and it is the bargaining chip that both side are going to use to gain leverage, because it is in fact a very popular act with huge support on both sides. Dems will more than likely give Trump money for a wall to save the Dreamers, but I doubt they’ll vote for anything else that touches on comprehensive immigration reform before the Dreamers have a guaranteed path to citizenship in a straight up separate vote. Which would take DACA off the table when it comes to the rest of immigration reform. Trump and the GOP were fools to tie immigration reform to spending for the wall along with DACA. If they had tied border security and the wall to the gargantuan defense budget or infrastructure instead, they wold have got it without a fight and then still had DACA as leverage for comprehensive immigration reform! Now they’re going to have to choose between getting a wall and border security spending or getting comprehensive immigration reform in return for DACA and my guess is Trump being Trump, he’ll opt for The Wall because it “sells” better to his base. This would be a win-win situation for both parties, as the GOP and Trump can go into the mid-terms with another major campaign promise fulfilled and Dems can go in and declare that they saved 800,000 Dreamers. Also bare in mind that comprehensive immigration reform would also most likely have to include a variety of other aspects like the introduction of truly skill-based visas and priorities to STEM applicants over the current flawed H1B system, along with all kinds popular and unpopular changes to student visas, migrant worker visas and the like. Trump is certainly very vocal about family-based immigration and the DV lottery, but he’s not going to be able to throw out the bath water without the rest of the baby, not with such a divided political process as it is right now. Dems and Republicans will also be looking to November any day now. The GOP would rather retain their power for 2 more years, than fight an unpopular battle on immigration this year. Dems will want to regain the majority and begin impeachment proceeding as soon as possible. So immigration reform will take a back seat if they can get DACA sorted out in the coming weeks in a straight up vote. I won’t even get into the potential train wreck that is the Mueller investigation. Which is already neck deep inside Trump’s most inner circle and tightening around the President himself like a python! That could blow up any week now and you can bet, one way or the other, if that happens it will stop all of Congress in its tracks, suck all the oxygen out of the room and become THE number one issue and priority for every member of Congress.
  7. Retention of SA citizenship

    It’s $25 per application. Got two check for our applications on Friday. Mailing them to LA Consulate tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes...
  8. South African Post Office mail tampering

    Yup! Last package I sent a year ago took 5 days to get to JHB, then another 5 weeks to get to Durban.
  9. N400 Application and Continuous Residence

    Thanks for all the feedback, everyone! It’s really helped a lot and helped put my mind worries to rest! We’re going to hedge our bets and fill out our applications this week and then file on March 10th. That would be 90 days from our final arrival date and will put us just outside any margin of error should we get a particular sticky case officer. It should also give us enough time for our SA Retention of Citizenship certificates to arrive from Home Affairs. We sent off our applications last week. It’s only another 2 months wait and barely 7 later than our earliest possible application date. No too bad in an otherwise long process that started when we were selected waaaay back in 2011. It will also give us enough time to get the rest of our ducks in a row, like my wife’s new SA passport etc. Will let you all know how everything plays out as things pick up pace again. In other news, it really doesn’t seem like Trump isn’t letting go of immigration reform and trashing the DV Lottery. He’s been incredibly vocal about it and immigration seems to be next in the crosshairs after the Republican successes in Tax reform. I’ve be highly optimistic about it staying put in light of the many stumbling blocks when it comes to large pieces of legislation like immigration, but after 2017, and the Tax reform bill that got brutally shoved through Congress against all odds, I’m beginning to question what is and isn’t possible before the midterms in Nov!

    Good stuff! Hope those babies pay you handsomely! Get in, get something out, leave some behind, rinse and repeat = free money :-)
  11. N400 Application and Continuous Residence

    It's going well so far. We're using FinGlobal and they have been amazing so far. Everything is filed and we already have our emigrant account all set up and ready to go. It's just up to SARB and SARS now and that could take 3 months or 3 years. You know how they are. Luckily we've been keeping our affairs in order and filing our returns every year accurately and on time and keeping our contact details up to date, so there shouldn't be any nasty surprises... I hope! We're in no rush and the ZAR/USD is surprisingly decent and relatively stable right now, so things are looking okay for now. So here's hoping nothing changes in the near future...
  12. N400 Application and Continuous Residence

    Thanks, Rubyshoes! We might just bite the bullet and apply anyway. The turn around time seems quite long right now anyway and we’d probably only get an interview around June (or later) anyway, which would put us well into the safe zone. Else we can just apply in March and that will put us within the 90 day period of our “second” 5 year anniversary :-) Sorry to hear those passports are taking so long! I did mine about 18 months ago and it took exactly 4 months to the day. Have all the paper work for my wife’s new SA passport, just need to do the fingerprints and send in the application. What fun! We’re also about half way through financially emigrating, so it’s a bit of a busy year on the admin side already!
  13. N400 Application and Continuous Residence

    Thanks! It’s a tricky one, because the more I read the official guidance on the matter, the more my head spins and the more grey area there seems to be in between the paragraphs! https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume12-PartD-Chapter3.html I totally understand your situation though, and would definitely apply as soon as possible in your case too! My biggest issue is that my wife is being bullied by her family into traveling to SA this year and it’s now directly conflicting with our Naturalization, which I warned her and her family about over year ago! As you might guess, I am absolutely unimpressed. I checked the processing times for our nearest field offices and it’s a coin flip. Tucson is still only processing applications from April 2017! Where as Phoenix is processing applications from Dec 2016. Eeeeek! Were you referring to Immihelp forums before? I’ve been meaning to head over there and do some more reading/research.
  14. N400 Application and Continuous Residence

    So we officially hit our 5 year LPR anniversary in Nov 2017! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Decided to delay our application a few months to get the holidays out of the way and make Naturalization our focus for 2018. But now looking at the application and supporting docs we're faced with a bit of a Continuous Residency issue. The thing is we arrived in Nov 2012 to active our visas did a Look 'n' See for a couple weeks and then went back to SA to sort out our lives. We came back to the US for about week 4 months later (in March) opened bank accounts, sorted out our Social Security Numbers (that never arrived) and received an offer of employment. We then went back to SA sold our house and moved to the US permanently about 2 months later in June 2013. Theoretically, we didn't automatically break our continuous residency by being out of the US for a single 6 month stretch, but we only really started "living" and residing in the US in June 2013. So basically it comes down to how the immigration officer interprets our travel, "residency" and intent up to that point as we had no physical US address during that period. Has anyone else here applied for their N400 so close to their 5 year anniversary after doing a similar LSD trip and relocation months later and had an issue with their application? Technically, we should be able to apply now, as we easily meet the Physical Presence requirement and on paper we meet the Continuous Residence requirement, but it just seems kinda risky considering that delayed start, if you will. Would it just be better to just wait until May or June? I've also heard that processing times lately are crazy long and I'd hate to get rejected now and then have to go to the back of the line again and end up waiting even longer. Or even worse, accused of lying or misleading USCIS on our application! EDIT: There is apparently a 'Four years and one day' rule that applies to broken continuous residence. Would that apply in this case if it were deemed that we did in fact break our continuous residence?

    I have a few friends who have delved into the Crypto market and I'd say the responses in the last month have been mixed. If you're looking in to mine Bitcoins, I think it's safe to assume that unless you are willing to drop a stupid amount of money into a machine (or a warehouse of them) then that ship has sailed for now. Ripple can't be mined so it's purely a trading market, from what I can tell. If you're looking to buy/sell/trade, then it's best to follow any normal trading rules, do's and don'ts. Do your research, track the market, leave emotion and hype at the door, use only reputable outlets and don't bet the house or put all your eggs into one basket. Bitcoin value has exploded since mid Nov, but with such explosions come the risk of a bubble burst or implosion. The adjustments in the last month have seen fluctuations of from $11,000 to just under $20,000 to around $15,000 this week! That's some serious high risk volatility right there! Yes, anyone who got in before Dec 4 has most likely seen a profit, but anyone after that has most likely seen marginal, if any, returns and in some cases losses. Some say it is looking suspiciously like a bubble right now, other argue differently. I personally think it looks far too risky an volatile as of now and personally would jump on that train in the current environment. Ripple XRP is very enticing right now. The value is relatively low and the movement has been very promising this week. Which means the entry point and risk right now is relatively low and there is a notable potential for profit. It works totally differently to Bitcoin, though. It is more centralized, controlled and prone to less volatility in regards to supply and demand. They company behind it are also looking to market XRP and integrate more with the banking sector, so you will probably see better stability and more growth if they make any progress on that front. It may be worth a longer term investment if you're willing to stick with it and give it a chance. I'm guessing it will perform similarly if not exactly to normal currency fluctuations and trading, with possibly a little more stability and less volatility but not being tied directly to one single nation's market, politics, economy etc. It will also probably have less of a tendency to explode and adjust with the volatility we are seeing in Bitcoin right now.