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  1. Congrats! One less thing to worry about now ?
  2. Yaaaay! Personally, I’d take that estimate with a grain of salt. My original estimate was something like 9-13 months. In fact I logged in to the portal last week to print out one of the notification letters on file and my estimate was still 4 Months! Hahahahahaha!
  3. I know right? Now we will always... “remember the 21st night of September”! Hahahaha! It’s like the ultimate dad joke!
  4. Yes, I filed online. Didn’t frontload withtax transcripts or anything other than the requested docs, which were birth and marriage certificates, green card etc. The interview notification requests that you take along the originals of these documents, plus any passports you have used to enter the US during the last 5 years, if I remember correctly.
  5. OMG! What are the chances!?! Congratulations, RubyShoes! ????? This will now forever be our citizenship day song! https://youtu.be/Gs069dndIYk
  6. OMG! So excited for you! I thought you were only due in Dec, but I totally forgot about the 90 day rule, which, i’m assuming you are taking full advantage of! Either way, I hope it goes quickly for you! I have a feeling that it will, as I suspect that the reason that so many applications take longer (which also skews most field office estimates) is that their paths to citizenship are quite often much more complicated and convoluted than ours, with more errors, more delays, more corrections, and higher chances of administrative reviews and appeals etc.
  7. Thanks, SJ! I know you only have a few months before applying yourself. The good news is that the whole process only took a little over 4 months for us, even though the estimated wait time was 9-12 months at our field office.
  8. We did it! We took our oaths yesterday morning in a truly wonderful ceremony with some truly wonderful fellow Americans! Listening to all the incredible and moving stories shared by our fellow freshly minted citizens, friends, and families, really drove home just how fortunate we are. Especially, those of us lucky enough to have DV Visas! Our journey from first letter of notification to citizenship was a little over 7 years in total, while others in our group spoke of up to 25 years, with tales of deportation, strife, and life’s many tragedies in between! Can you even imagine a quarter of a century journey to citizenship!?! Our group spanned the global, from Iran, Pakistan, and Macedonia, to Vietnam, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, UK, Liberia, Morocco, and more! Complete strangers welcomed us as family, and others remembered departed friends, family, and servicemen who had fallen along the way serving the country we now call home. Even an old cynic, like myself, was rather moved by the experience. Thanks again to all on this forum who have shared in this journey and adventure with us, and I look forward to hearing more of your own journeys and helping out where and when I can.
  9. Thanks, everyone! Quick update: Our notification letters came through the online portal at the end of last week, scheduling our Oath Ceremony before the end of the month! Which is incredible, considering even conservative estimates had the process taking us all the way up until the end of the year! No complaints from us! That’s for sure!
  10. Yaaaay! Congratulations and welcome back! Hope everything works out nicely this time and that everything falls into place for you guys. I trust that your son finished up his Matric and that you are all ready to start a new and exciting chapter?
  11. Yay! Good luck! Will be interesting to see if they’ve picked up the pace or whether our application was just an outlier.
  12. It took 4 months at LA Consulate. I think we were just unlucky, though. My wife’s passport took 5 months, but our friend in Texas took basically a full year to get his and his two kids’ passports!!!
  13. Thanks! We definitely intend to apply for our US Passports at the ceremony. The SA consulate FINALLY came through for us and we got our retention of SA citizenship certificates a week after we filled our N-400 applications. My wife also got her new SA passport in June. We’ve both applied this side, so we know the process is anything but quick ‘n’ easy. Thankfully, my new one only expires in about 8 years, so we shouldn’t have to deal with that or DHA for quite a while now ?
  14. Seven years and one month ago, on a lazy Saturday (much like today), our life took a complete change of course when my wife and I logged in to the EDV page and saw that crazy notification letter that I had been selected for DV2012. This week we both had our Naturalization interviews and have been recommended for US Citizenship! What a long, crazy, and uncertain journey it has been. So much has changed since that sunny but wintery Saturday morning in Johannesburg. We have travelled lots. We have made many new and fabulous friends. We have three happy little doggies, one of which is our 13-year-old dachshund who has shared this entire incredible journey with us. We also have a tiny all American ‘threenager’ full of personality and sass, who, in all likelihood we may never have decided to bring into this world had we not had such good fortune and incredible luck all these years. One last step remains. One last “hurry up and wait”. With just a little more patience and perseverance, our Oath Ceremony notification letters should arrive in the coming weeks and we’ll be sworn in shortly thereafter. The finish line is soooo close now! Thanks to all here who have shared this long journey with us, and thanks for the help, advice, and words of encouragement these last seven years! Jason.
  15. It’s an 11hr drive for us. Would be a good excuse to get out that way and visit my friend up in Santa Barbara, but still darn annoying every time you need to do something. Thankfully, after my wife’s passport, we shouldn’t need anything for another 8 years. I hope! We mailed in our apps separately with, two separate checks and two return envelopes. Funny thing is they sent our certificates back in one envelope, addressed to the both of us ?
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