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  1. Excellent! Holding thumbs for ya! We got our second shots two weeks ago today, so feeling a huge sense of relief that, at the very least, we shouldn’t die or end up in the ICU. So there is that.
  2. Way back in 2013 we brought our two miniature dachshunds over from JHB to Tucson AZ with Keringa Petwings and it cost about R15k. For context they each had their own crate and also spent an extra week boarding in JHB, due to excessive heat at their port of entry in Atlanta. The Rand was only about 10 to the dollar at the time, so I’m guessing it’ll be more expensive now, but it’s a ballpark figure at least.
  3. Was just saying to my wife this weekend while in line for our first Moderna shot, “Of course there’s a crazy South African variant. Did we expect anything else?”
  4. Yeah, the passport requirement certainly does seem to have affected the number of entries. I think a very large part of it has to do with the fact that all of those ‘third party services’ people use wouldn’t have been able to automatically reenter the hundreds of thousands of people on their books who had previously enrolled with them before the passport requirement came into effect. Which is a good thing as far as I am concerned. As for the 510 South African selectees, it seems to track with figures as far back as 2016, when for some reason the number of SA selectees dropped from a previous average of 1,000 to half that number. Which is kinda sad, because that effectively doubled the odds for South African entrants from roughly a 1 in 25 chance of success to a 1 in 55 chance of success 😞
  5. Texas... and Arizona. Come November AZ could have two Democrat Senators to go along with the 5 (out of 9) existing House members. McSally has a shocking record on immigration and DACA (not to mention most other policies), which cost her in 2018. Not to mention her “military cred” she has been trying to ride to Washington is all but useless when she’s now facing Mark Kelly a former Navy Captain, NASA astronaut, engineer, and husband of Gabby Giffords. Yikes!
  6. Sounds like a feckless election push, especially considering significant changes like these would require an act of Congress and will almost certainly be challenged and lose in court. As always. Not that Trump, given his incoherent word salad of a statement, seems to even know The difference between a “bill” and an “executive order”... so it’ll be interesting to see how his own party reacts if he issues an order in favor of DACA protections. Having said that, I would put nothing past the current administration to push way beyond the very limits of a Executive power and do absolutely anything before November, especially given the GOP’s complete and utter lack of interest in anything but federal judge appointments in the Senate. Not to mention fearing for their own political fortunes ahead of Nov, which could very well be a Senate blowout akin to the House blowout in 2018.
  7. Congrats, Delo! You must be beyond excited! It will definitely be interesting to see how the process works during the pandemic, although with a +20k number it’ll most likely be next year before you can expect an interview. Who knows what things will look like before then. At this rate we’ll probably be dealing with an alien invasion by Independence Day... 😂
  8. I’m not intolerant of people with different views. I am intolerant of people who are intolerant of people who are different. I don’t like Trump or his policies. You clearly do. That’s perfectly fine. We can talk like adults all day long about the appropriate course of action surrounding the immigration process during Covid-19 lockdowns, shutdowns, slowdowns, and social isolation. Stephen Miller, however, the subject at hand, is a racist xenophobe who hates immigrants. This is a fact. Not an opinion. It goes way beyond this latest Executive Order. Every action suggested or taken by this odious man is openly filtered through his well documented deep set prejudices, intolerance of immigrants, and other races. Most notably the Hispanic population, which he has openly and publicly vilified since his junior year at Santa Monica High School. If you want to defend his personal and public intolerances as being ‘patriotic’ or agree with his well documented prejudices, you are more than welcome to do so. If this makes me a “cry-baby Trump-hater” then bar is set so low, I’m not entirely sure who is capable of stooping low enough to pass that particular litmus test.
  9. Well... there you have it! Can’t say it pleases me to be right about this though.
  10. This whole move has Stephen Miller written all over it. Nothing is too petty or pointless for that odious xenophobe when it comes to immigration.
  11. Hahaha! Yeah, I’m old enough to remember GST in SA too. I reckon shelf checkout was probably the biggest “whoa! wtf” moment for us. Did it a few times in the UK, but they seemed to have a wonky sort of weight checking mechanic for each item mechanic that didn’t seem work more than it did. Much like pumping your own gas, I just can’t go back. I’m also enjoying the online and touchscreen ordering systems that more and more places are rolling out.
  12. As a South African (from Slaapstad) visiting NYC, I thought that he would have found the uninterrupted water and electricity supply the most bizarre part of the experience 😏 Having said that, I also expected that a journalist working for “Business Insider”, of all publications, would at least know that the US (the world’s largest economy) doesn’t use VAT! I guess not. He’s lucky he only stayed in NYC with its public transport. Pumping his own gas and filling his own tires with air would have totally baked his noodle!
  13. Yeah, as Malamute said, there is no technical reason you wouldn’t be able to do so, but at some point you will undoubtedly be asked some probing questions about the frequency, time spent, itinerary, and intentions of each visit. Which in of itself should be just fine, but border agents can and do reserve the right to deny you entry at any point if they in anyway feel that you might intend to stay longer than allowed or not return to South Africa. In a way being retired will help in a way as it will give the impression that you do not intend to work in the US. Othe other hand it might also be viewed in the light that you might possibly be seeking to establish some kind of less temporary presence in the US than the B1 or B2 visa allows for. There is also an comprehensive list of acceptable and prohibited uses for B1 bad B2 visas, and I would be wary of violating them or using them interchangeably. For example, doing things allowed under B1 provisions when you only have a B2 visa and vice versa.
  14. Yaaaaaay! Congratulations at long last! What was the wait in the end? 13 months or so? Either way the hard part is over and there is one less (gigantic) thing lurking in the back of your mind. Congrats again and welcome to the club
  15. Do it! Do it ALL!!! So glad to hear about your adventures. We’re just finishing up our first trip to Mexico! Met soooo many Canadians down here, that now we just HAVE to head north and visit some old friends and new friends on the other side of the other wall! Maybe on our way up to visit Alaska. Still plenty of places to go in between the northern and southern borders, but that blue passport needs some more stamps!
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