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  1. Hello everybody please i will like you guy to please give me the best advise as i and my wife are planing on traveling in two weeks time, and she intend on spending just a week at first, and that wont permit her to get are social security on the first trip i want to know if this will cost any problem when she will come back in november and then go register for it please advise needed. Good people.
  2. Thanks you right wife and daughter will be going back to south africa and i have to wait for our green card in new york so this is why am worried of where to get something cheap for the rest of my stay over.
  3. Hi everyone wow it being a long time i see someone post on here wow what going on? Guys can any one give me and advice as we traveling the new month June to activate our Visas and our port of entry is New York , can anyone advice on where can we stay for the one week we intend to stay there, really we are worried about the hotel prices in New York......... Thanks
  4. Each and every one of the family who is apply for the dv lottery must have there unabridged birth certificates e.g Father, Mother, all Children.
  5. Please can anyone give me information about great and affordable areas in new york or new jersey, for i will be relocating with my family next month and i want to have an idea. Thanks
  6. hunterblue


    Thanks for the post and if i may ask you, how do you go about getting a job if you don't mind?
  7. hunterblue


    Yes Shaun thanks....
  8. hunterblue


    Yes you need two photos each per applicants.. Eileen Yes we are so happy and it all looks like a dream, thanks Eileen.....
  9. hunterblue


    Today is my happy day, me and my family got our visas today wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
  10. Hi Guys Actually the interview differ from person to person, when I was still sitting on the bench There was a white lady who was going through the interview The consular was really hard on her especially since she is a single mother a lot of things was asked from her. Lets talk about my experience. Tell the truth and nothing else but the truth, if you dont understand something ask the consular to clarify his/her question. be careful of questions repeating as this is a way to see if what u said is the truth. Most of the questions are posed to the main applicant, we were asked when did u marry? where? how did u guys meet? why did u marry in the city different to the city u are staying? are you guys staying together? do u guys have a property together? do u plan to have kids? how much are u paying for the property? the will ask the beneficiary spouse what does he /she do for a living? salary figure? As for education they only base the question to the main applicant and yes the most important qualification is the Grade 12 Matric certificate, please guys just double check your full birth certificates somehow they can have contradicting information which can cause problems at the consular. let me clarify this My wife full birth certificate was saying she was born in Brits a small town in the city of Pretoria. on the child's birth certificate it was saying the mother was born in Garankuwa a town in Pretoria too. so guys just check this points and rectify I was lucky my wife new someone in the department who can help us very fast to rectify the matter other wise we would have faced the problem at the interview as this was checked and the information must correspond. A question of the names of your parents was asked to the main applicant. Going early is a no no as they will only allow entrance exactly 13:00 before then you will have to wait outside
  11. hunterblue


    House the interview is not really a interview it just a formality to cross check the information you feel and send back to KCC so you better don't stress your self worrying thinking you going for a very hard interview it just assessment and before you know it visa approved. Important advice, go to there interview with all the required CIVIL DOCUMENTS and you will smile walking out of the consulate.
  12. hunterblue


    Thanks Eileen...
  13. hunterblue


    Hello house i and my family had a successful interview today i will keep you all updated once we finally have it next week, preparation begins. Good advise for everybody going for interview make sure you go to interview with your full Civil Docs so that you wont be given a slip to come back and get your visa when you have the full info ........... bye for now all wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaw can't wait to see that beautiful visa...
  14. hunterblue


    Yeah you right, that's what she needs to do........
  15. hunterblue


    Yeah i feel same way i just can't wait to go, fingers cross we will all make it don't worry.
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