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  1. Trixie

    Picnic 2012

    Baie dankie vir die wenk! Ek sal gaan kyk of die Texas potjie festival 'n moontlikheid is.
  2. Trixie

    Picnic 2012

    O hoe wens ek dat ek in Portland gebly het! Dit klink na soveel pret en ek voel sommer lus om alle verantwoordelikheid oorboord te gooi en sommer net soontoe te vlieg vir 'n braai! Is daar nie 'n groep hier in NY wat lus is om dieselfde te doen nie???????
  3. Trixie

    Dv 2013

    Thank you. I think I am going to love it. Where do you live now?
  4. Trixie

    Dv 2013

    We just found an apartment - 2 bedrooms - in Kew Gardens - 20 minutes from Manhattan for $1,450.00. Most 2 bedrooms range from this level, depending on the area to far above $4000 in Manhattan for the same privilege. I like this area in Queens because it feels like an English village and not just city blocks. If you want SA style housing, you will have to move out from the city into the suburbs of Long Island, Westchester or New Jersey. It makes for long commutes but gives you more space. I would just have a look at Craigs List for an indication and you will be far more in the know. Also, it is probably a better idea to use a broker since they will help you get an apartment despite no credit history. Hope this helps.
  5. Alright my take on the South African options available - 1. Madiba - 195 Dekalb Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11205 Tel: (718) 855-9190 Website - http://www.madibarestaurant.com/ My take on it - a schlep to get there but ultimately just simply wonderful. They have such great vetkoek and very interesting events. I love their malva pudding! I have been there a few times and I do not find them more expensive than a lot of other restaurants in the area. It would be utterly wonderful if they had an Afrikaans night though - but I do not see that happening anytime soon. Still really tugs at the heart strings. 2. Xai Xai wine bar - 369 West 51st Street New York, NY 10019(212) 541-9241 Website - http://www.xaixaiwinebar.com/ My take on it - awesome place with super friendly SA wait staff. The wine and food is crazy good and they are more expensive than Madiba. It is more sophisticated though and one can get stuck there. The atmosphere is also not quite as down-home as in Brooklyn. The venue is small but cozy and always filled. It is good to go there for some good Stellenbosch wines. 3. Braai - 329 West 51st Street New York, NY 10019(212) 315-3315 Website - http://www.braainyc.com/ My take on it - the last time I was there they had a very nice young man from Bloemfontein as one of the managers. Good SPRINGBOKKIES and very good food. Loved their koeksisters. This is definitely upscale and more expensive though. Love the atmosphere as it is almost always frequented by theater folk! There was a bunny chow place too, but alas that closed! I really want to know if there are groups of South Africans here so we could organize a braai or something?
  6. Trixie

    Stormers Is Voor?

    So, is ek reg? Is my wonderlike spannetjie in die nommer 1 posisie op die oomblik? Ek hoop so, dit kan net wonderlik wees as 'n SA span wen!
  7. Ummmm .... actually, the pizza here is SPECTACULAR. As are the bagels. Nothing quite like NYC pizza and bagels .... oops I have identified myself as a food snob!
  8. Trixie

    What Didn't You Like

    You would not be very happy on a New York beach or in a park then. I feel for you. As for your assessment on them loving those taxes so much - I think you are absolutely right. In the mean time, enjoy your cig wherever you get the chance to indulge
  9. Trixie

    What Didn't You Like

    I wanted to jump in late since I like this question .... 1. Eating french toast with maple syrup ... I don't know about you but I always thought that you ate it with ketchup or tomato sauce. Everyone still looks at me dubiously when I order the offending item! 2. Having to do another drivers test ... felt like I was 18 again (although that should have been good) 3. The absolute push from the far right Christian movements to want to legislate all their beliefs onto everyone - I call that legislative terrorism. I also have a problem when it comes from the other side (for those on the forum already living here ) 4. I do not smoke, but I still find it offensive that smokers in NYC are treated like criminals because they cannot even smoke in designated areas in parks, despite the fact that they pay the highest sin taxes for those cigs and smoking is not a banned substance. 5. Labor laws here are much more employer friendly. Vacation time on average is 10 days per year, and an employer can fire you at will, meaning you have little or no recourse if something was fundamentally unjust. I like that employees have more protection in South Africa, but then I also think that there the pendulum has swung too far to the other side. Those are my dislikes, my list of likes are so long that you would fall asleep reading it! I am firmly established here and blissfully happy that I have a say in my life on every level. I feel safe, free and excited to see what my fellow citizens will do to fix our problems because in the end we will all come together and fix it! This land is not the land of opportunity for nothing ....
  10. This was hilarious! Especially the holiday thing! I have had the same experience and had people believe me when I, out of sheer frustration, said that I had a pet lion. When asked what I fed it, I said zebra that I buy from the pet ship since the lion has to hunt ... oddly some believe that! I can also not count the number of times my husband has been asked if I am black ....
  11. CONGRATS! Was wondering about your interview. If you need any advice or support - I will be here for you guys.
  12. Ons trek van een woonstel na 'n volgende oor die volgende twee weke. Ek is klaar moeg en het regtig nie gedink dat ek soveel boeke kon he nie! My man het onseker gevra of ek almal nodig het en ek het net effens geglimlag en mooi gevra of hy dink dat hy al sy speletjies nodig het? Ja, 'n trek kan effe ongemaklik raak. Gelukig is daar niks wat 'n lekker drukkie nie kan reg maak nie - en ekstra boekrakke ...

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    2. Janneman


      Ek's bly dat ek jou oggend kon opkikker.


    3. CharmainedK2014


      Ek is net so lief vir boeke en lees, ek het al gewonder wat ek met my "library" gaan doen die dag wanneer ons moet trek. Ek sal maar my 10 gunstellinge moet kies en saamvat.

      Boeke is ook baie "swaar" om te trek.

    4. CharmainedK2014


      ok, miskien die 20 gunstellinge............

  13. I remember every stressful moment of the immigration process. I remember the photos, interviews and letters of recommendation so many of my american friends had to write. I remember looking for a job after leaving probably the best job I could ever have hoped for in Jozi. I remember many nights of crying in hubby's arms because I miss home and him not really understanding, but trying to be there for me. I still scour every place I can for Afrikaanse musiek, but do not get much luck. I miss my family and I miss the weather - snow is not all it is cracked up to be and winter really is quite miserable. I miss the space of South Africa - I live in a small apartment after growing up in big homes in pretty neighborhoods. I do not miss the crime, the reverse racism and the terrible disenfranchisement I felt. I feel like I belong now and that is priceless. Tell your wife to look past all the good things and to look at the things that do not thrill her and ask her how she would feel raising kids there? The internet brings family far away a lot closer ... Think about why you want to leave and chain that resolve to this endeavor because there will be many days when the Cape Town beauty will trap you in its glory and you will feel sad. The upper levels of the Titanic - phew, even there the Titanic is still sinking and the watery grave underneath it does not seem to me like it would be a great place to be.
  14. Trixie

    Where are you?

    Lucky duck - Bear Mountain is gorgeous! I live in NYC - Queens. It is a melting pot and I love it for its proximity to everything cultural. Your area is wonderful though, we always go there in the fall when the leaves change. That is quite the spectacular sight.
  15. Obama also qualified that in order to qualify for a work permit (for these young illegals), a person must not have any criminal record or have served in the military. In my mind, having served in the military should make a person eligible (although how you can serve as an illegal is beyond me). If someone cared enough to fight for my safety and my rights, then they sure as hell deserve a work or study permit - since this is what this will be - no path to citizenship here. Also, if my taxes went to educating a young person, legal or not, I would like to see those skills used in this country, not elsewhere. Also, if I am not mistaken, this was an idea that Rubio was working on. This idea is about the only one I can actually agree with, because like everyone else here, I am also extremely agitated when people do not follow the legal channels of immigration. If I had to go through interviews, tests and spending money, then everyone else should too. As for purging voter rolls - some of the voters taken off the lists were in fact deceased, but several citizens complained of being purged from voter rolls illegally and not being notified. I believe that voter rolls should be maintained and managed properly, but sometimes I get the idea that things like voter roll management and redistricting are used to further partisan causes here (and I include both the republican and democratic parties) . Also, someone who is not as productive as me or who is not as motivated as me to work hard, should not be denied the right to vote. Please know that I believe that the extreme partisanship here is ridiculous and that we can build this nation of 50 states together. I do believe that illegal immigration must be stopped and that illegal immigrants should not have rights to vote or work. I do believe that there is nothing wrong with requiring proof of citizenship or residency since I had to carry my green card with me for years and it is required of a green card holder. I do worry however that there is no way to prove citizenship after that card has been taken from you at the swearing in ceremony. I have a certificate now and a drivers' license, but the drivers license alone will not prove citizenship. I do not want to carry my certificate with me as proof. In some of the states like Arizona, this is a HUGE problem, since incorrectly detaining a US citizen could lead to huge legal issues for the justice department. I would like to see how that issue would be resolved. If they can do something to make sure citizens are safe from that I could absolutely get behind the legislation. Also, as my experience with prejudice against me is still so fresh in my mind, I feel some empathy for those of hispanic descent that are citizens that are unfairly targeted and profiled because of appearance and race, since I do not think that white people will be targeted for this type of thing on a regular basis. I cannot stand any form of racism anymore from anyone since reverse racism has absolutely scarred me and a lot of people from my generation. I know that no one here is ranting because of race related issues - please understand that.
  16. Trixie

    Haai Daar Almal

    Thank you Gemm! No worries about the Afrikaans - you should hear me speak it! I try not to embarrass myself too much, specially given the fact that I grew up in an Afrikaans home. That advice about 702 is priceless. One bit of advice for you - I see that you should soon be starting your naturalization judging by your entry date. If you want to retain your SA citizenship please remember to apply for retention - the consulate should be able to help. I did not do that and just found out that I no longer have citizenship. If I read your profile wrong, then I do apologize. I am looking forward to getting to know you since we both know what we had to go through and it is always nice to speak to the lone SA girl amongst all the Americans we are submerged into! I think that this is good though since it does make the transition easier. Please do chat often!
  17. I will be thinking of you and your family too. Anything is easier to get through when you have positive thoughts and prayers surrounding you.
  18. You got some really good feedback so far. I know that Cape Town is the most beautiful place in the world, and it is not as bad as the rest of the country yet. Your kids are going to have problems though, if you think about it. My experience is slightly different, because I married my New York hubby after a long distance relationship. I thus had american family and friends that adopted me super quickly. I live in New York City, and the reputation it has, is just plain wrong. My experience is that New Yorkers are friendly and helpful. I have friends that will do anything for me and that remind me constantly that home is where the heart is. It is completely true that credit reports rule your life here and getting it going before getting here is a great idea. I only now have a credit rating that allow for the deluge of credit card offers everyone else I know gets on a daily basis. As for crime, another poster mentioned that it might be different in NYC - a few little stories to put your mind at ease: 1. I walk around in Manhattan with my purse hanging loosely on my arms. I do not nervously clutch it to myself anymore. I walk around with an IPHONE in plain sight and no one has ever attempted to take it. 2. We bought a car last year, and since we live in an apartment, do not have a dedicated parking space. I park wherever I can find parking - sometimes blocks away. My car alarm is haunted I swear - so I do not use it. We forgot to lock the car one night and had stuff in the car over night. No one took it ... 3. We sleep with open windows and no one has ever attempted to break in. In short, I feel safer than I ever have in my life. There are some definite problems here. You will hear a lot of bad things about the USA. The one truly wonderful thing is the freedom we have - you literally can say what you want and it is protected by the Constitution. Churches and religious groups do not dominate legislation - even though they would love to. I like that I do not have to live life as prescribed in any form of organized religion. My relationship with my creator is my relationship and imposing my beliefs on anyone else would be heinous to me. I think it is wonderful that the founding fathers of this country agreed. Yes, do make that list and decide the responsible way - if you ever need a great immigration lawyer - mine was FANTASTIC and he has had several South African clients - he even likes rugby ...
  19. Trixie

    Haai Daar Almal

    O ja, slaptjips - daar is 'n restaurant in Brooklyn, Madiba, wat slaptjips maak. Nie so lekker soos die portugees nie. Wat hulle wel maak is vetkoek wat ongelooflik lekker is. Ek hoor jy bly in een van die mooiste dele van hierdie land en kan nie wag om dit te sien nie. My man wil met alle geweld soontoe trek, maar omdat my werk so lekker is, het ons besluit om 'n rukkie in NYC te bly. Die een groot ding wat ek geleer het om te maak is melktert, en ek dink my melktert is heel lekker. Ek moet koeksisters nog bemeester, maar een ding op 'n slag! Wanneer jy of enige ander lid van die forum NYC besoek, maak 'n punt daarvan om Madiba te besoek. Snoek .... hmmm ... Snoekies in Houtbaai! Nou het jy my dag gemaak met mooi herinneringe. Die patats op die kole saam met die snoek is ook 'n heel aangename idee. Baie dankie vir die mooi welkom. En dan gaan ek! Baie dankie vir die welkom vlaktebewoner ... Thank you. Hope to talk a lot.
  20. Absoluut mal oor jou naam! Asblikfontein .... sulke goeie ou herrineringe!

  21. Trixie

    Haai Daar Almal

    So ja, hier geland in2007 en burgerskap gekry in 2011. Het al gestem en "jury duty" gedoen. Wat ek nie geweet het nie, is dat ek nie meer 'n SA burger is nie, maar nou ja dit pla my nie te veel nie. I probably had the easiest path into the USA. No lottery or work VISA - I lost my heart to a born and bred New Yorker. I just joined him here, got married and life pretty much continued on. The worst I went through is probably the naturalization process with all its interviews, forms and unnecessary stress. So many letters from people and photos to prove that love is real. I guess I can understand it, but that is all over. I miss South Africa - I still have family there. I miss sokkies, braais (since Americans in NYC have NO CLUE what a barbecue is supposed to be - imagine cutting up one steak and serving it to 14 people ...). I also miss Afrikaans , Afrikaanse musiek and so much more of the SA of the past. I look to what is happening there now and I am profoundly happy to not have to go through all of it any more. I do not remember ever feeling so safe - parking my car blocks away from my apartment and not worrying that anyone will steal it (and the car has no steering or gear lock) and sleeping with open windows in NEW YORK CITY! Life is good. I do want to reach out to others from the country of my birth and speak a bit of die taal since my accent is getting to be really atrocious. I also have advice for those going through naturalization if needed and a very good immigration lawyer should anyone need it. I am looking forward to getting to know and connecting with people who understand where I came from!
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