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  1. Hi, With regards to the Visa, it would help to produce evidence of property ownership, proof of employment and adequate cash available to support herself during the trip. With regards to the flight, Stopain! It has a dash of (dare not say it out loud active ingredient), which really does the trick on the incredibally long flight. My wife has used it a couple of times with just the required effect. But then again, I appreciate there are mothers that right now would say NEVER. To them I say, walk (or fly) the miles in our shoes, then we can talk.
  2. And to just drive home the point, note no. 6 of the page above: 6. Cheap living generallyCowen notes that this cheap cost of living isn’t just limited to housing, it’s a pervasive fact of life in Texas. And it has a huge impact on people’s standards of living: The lower house prices, along with a generally low cost of living — helped along by cheap labor, cheap produce and cheap gas (currently about $3 a gallon) — really matter when it comes to quality of life … Texas has a higher per capita income than California, adjusted for cost of living, and nearly catches up with New York by the same measure. Once you factor in state and local taxes, Texas pulls ahead of New York — by a wide margin. The website MoneyRates ranks states on the basis of average income, adjusting for tax rates and cost of living; once those factors are accounted for, Texas has the third highest average income (after Virginia and Washington State), while New York ranks 36th. The only reason we are not there is that I landed a good job in Phillie, giving me the right foothold to make other choices going forward. But I have to keep my wife's rioting in check about the bitter cold winters though!
  3. I think this will make it easier for you: Based on what I have seen (and we have seen quite a bit in the last 18 months, including Dallas/FW, Austin, Houstan), you cannot go wrong with Austin or Dallas/FW, at least not for the first three years. Low taxes, affordable quality of life, booming economy, FRIENDLY, LEVEL HEADED PEOPLE, good climate (-20 celsius SUCKS in the north!), space and meat! Check out this article: http://ideas.time.com/2013/10/17/10-reasons-texas-is-our-future/. Get ahold of the article (this page is just a summary), and you will read how there is a large nett mass migration from especially CA to TX! So, there you have it: if you are scared of making the WRONG choice, TX will not be wrong. There may be other MORE RIGHT, but figure that out later.
  4. After being in the US for just over 15 months and working hard to make a life here, the following conclusion struck me: Winning the DV lottery wins you the right to come work your nully-petully off to reach your goals. Nothing just happens. And no one hands it to you for nothing. You only win the right to Hard Graft on a level playing field. For all those out there walking the path and having to make plans, figure it out and BALANCE THE SUMS, you are NOT alone. We finally moved into a three bed finished basement home in a pretty golf estate in a rural setting in PA west of Philly. Things are getting better!
  5. Get Bank of America (BoA) secure Ct cards. My wife and I each got a Ct card backed by a $300 security deposit. After about a year the money was returned. Yes we had to keep on top of the credit margins, and frequently make payments, but it is the most direct and effective way to start building a credit record. With this card you should aim to not have the card at more that 28% utilized at the billing cycle time, the credit agencies use this as part of your credit worthiness. If you are seen to be using a lot of your credit, regardless of your allowed credit, it is seen as a negative. There is a post somewhere in here that goes into the best route to build Ct score quickly. You should start seeing something after 3 to four months, but have a serious credit score no earlier than 8 months. Realisticly, aim for one year. But before that you should be able to get a car on a lease - we did so within three months. Open a bank account in the address where your green cards get sent, and then use green card docs and correspondence as documentation of address. That is what we did.
  6. whiteloren, what is the deal with waiting for medicals untill after the birth? Is that required to be so in SA? I spoke to my wife, and she reminded me that the radiologist covered her abdomen with a lead apron which somehow was held in place. She was also exempt from the vaccines.
  7. Oh, we did not pay for the baby then. She was processed in the airport and that was it!
  8. Loren, did you see my posts on doing medicals now? My wife was 7 months pregnant and had her medicals. Not shots given on account of pregnancy, yet all was accepted in London. However, these guys are on top of their thing anf they will work to the same rules. So we then hopped over to get visas activated just after getting it, and explained pregnancy. Here is the beauty of it all: we were informed that our new baby's green card application etc will be taken care off at entry into the US. And that is what happened. At the check in desk at in Heatrow they nearly did not lest us board and they had to call ahead an get permission. My suggestion to you would be to get all done and just ASK them in the consulate how now with the baby.
  9. I am past the point of caring what other people think how I got here. Perhaps i am a little grumpy but what does not affect me, i dont care. I know how hard we have worked to enter the draw, get the docs, get us here, find work, build credit record, find a home and ensure we are a healthy family (although somtimes i have my doubts how sane we are). I could not care less and focus on moving forward.
  10. Hey, waiting for you to reach out. We are recruiting for IT Auditors. Checkout ISACA and/or SANS, that is what we are all about
  11. Whiteloren, When we went through the processing in the UK in Sept '12, my wife was 6 or 7 months pregnant. We went through the medicals, and the doctors were very accommodating to ensure that nothing is done that would expose the baby or my wife to risk. Therefore, my wife did not get any of the inoculations, whereas I had the hole shebang. The US Consulate accepted her medicals without the inoculations. For the Xrays they padded her up to only expose the lungs. It was explained that the level of radiation for a once-off lung Xray was harmless, I cannot remember the details. An avenue of inquiry you could consider is whether you can get it all done with very limited risk to the baby, that is, if your patience and nerves cannot last. My wife and I just today mentioned to each other how happy we are to be here, much better for us than the UK, and far more opportunity that in SA, so far.
  12. We landed in Orlando, FL and moved up to Philly area in PA after landing the job. We are recruiting for IT Audit, let's talk.
  13. I work in IT Audit and IT Risk assurance. I found work in three weeks after landing in Jan 2013. The IT Audit field is doing quite well, and has always been.
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