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  1. Thank you so much for your reply. We have tried the DV Lottery route a few times without success but I will give it another chance this year. When is the draw?
  2. Good day all, My wife and I are considering immigrating to the USA. She is a qualified teacher with a bachelors degree. How would one start the process? Has anyone has success? Looking forward to your response
  3. GoDz85

    2017 Lottery

    Hey guys and girls. this is my second time entering the lottery. entry for both my wife and I. 3 May is just around the corner and I wish everyone luck and God's blessing over you all. really hoping to be selected this time as my wife is dreading everyday living in South Africa as things just get worse and worse. Too worried to even go out at night. have to make sure everything is locked and the alarm is on.
  4. Good day ladies and gents. My wife is a qualified primary school teacher and I see that some states are currently in shortage of teachers. Has anyone successful immigrated to the states as a teacher? Is it very difficult to apply for jobs from SA? We have been keen on immigrating to the US or Canada for years but now I believe it's our time. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Good day ladies and gents. Hope everyone is well! I have 2 questions that I really would like answered please. We have entered the DV Lottery this year but what would happen if my wife falls pregnant during the process? Could they deny us if we win? Second question! We don't have much saved up financially so could they deny us if we don't have a certain amount or could we get a letter stating we being sponsored by friends in the US? Reading through interview stories and it sounds quite hectic Thanks guys. Looking forward to your replies!
  6. Im ready and waiting..........
  7. GoDz85

    Dv 2014 Info

    is the US really as awesome as everyone says it is? People that i speak to tell me the grass is never any greener on the otherside
  8. GoDz85

    Dv 2014 Info

    Really awesome of you guys for all the help... now i just need to wait for October and then next year for an answer hahaha
  9. GoDz85

    Dv 2014 Info

    Thank you so much. Im so happy i finished matric then hahaha. another question regarding finances... what is generally required in terms of funds? i know they would only allow someone who could support themselves. and i am currently engaged but not planning to get married anytime soon but what happens if i do win and what would happen if i get married before or after the interview? i know i cannot put her as a spouse on the application form. Just worried about my future wife hahaha. Thank you for all your help, really appreciate it
  10. GoDz85

    Dv 2014 Info

    Hi everyone i have been reading on every ones success stories with the DV lottery and it gives me hope for my future that i can make it to the US also Does anyone know the exact date of the upcoming lottery? i would also like to know if i finished matric and studied and passed a few subjects at college will that help at all? When you get notified that you have won what actual personal documents do you have to send to the KCC? Thanks guys one last question... I read that they ask for a US address but what happens if you don't know anyone there? i have a friend that lives in Toronto, Canada. Would i be able to give his address?
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