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  1. Hi everyone --- some of you may remember me from posts back in 2013 ! After having to leave USA after only 2 months back then --- I'm very pleased to say that we finally made our way back and just arrived (AGAIN!) 4 weeks ago! I'm thrilled that my hubby decided to come back and holding thumbs that all goes well this time!
  2. Sol1

    One last step!

    Congratulations! i cant wait for that feeling one day!
  3. Finally moving back to the USA in August ! cant wait to get there - Jupiter Florida here we come!

  4. Sol1

    We Want To Go Back

    I can understand someone wanting to come back to SA - missing family, firends and your culture. We came back to SA -- the worst decision we could ever have made! Although we have Woolworths and other nice things -- depending on where you live -- all the "nice things" about living in SA quickly dont mean much when you see how they are burning our Universities down and you worry where you children will be safe and be able to study peacefully one day. Getting jobs here in SA are tough -- we are white and most jobs are given preference to darker colour skins. My son-in-law is a coloured guy and he cant find a job! He has been out of a job for 6 months! Food here and cost of living has become so expensive! the service in our hospitals is still good -- but on the decline ---- we are wondering who on earth will look after us when we get old one day! Medical aid fees have gone through the roof and our Rand is worthless -- tough to travel overseas, As for us --- when my eldest son finishes school at the end of next year -- we are setting our sights to go back to the USA. One thing you have on your side -- your USA Citizenship! You have the luxury of climbing on a plane if you dont like SA and go back to the USA -- so why not try it! Good luck with it all!!
  5. Sol1

    Re-Entry Permit.

    Thanks for the advice - right now we are residents in Maryland but its unlikely he will want to go to university there -- too much snow in winter for golf! Have you got an idea of where you will want to settle when you go back?
  6. Sol1

    Investor Visa Information

    We looked into this option before you won our green card. its complicated and the only thing is that the money that you put into a EB5 visa is alot and its quite complicated, We once chatted to a guy in Miami -- by the name of Clifford from Mirzam Investments -- he came and did a few seminars in SA on the matter with an immigration lawyer (Grant Kaplan) --- they all ex-SA guys. they coudl help. look them up
  7. Sol1

    Re-Entry Permit.

    Hi Adventurer1! Are you guys still back in SA (in midstream?) ? When do you plan on going back again? Thanks for the info about needing to live in-state for 12 months prior. My son plans on studying a PGA degree - only 6 universities in the US offer that degree (with different majors in each program) -- so will need to see which university offers the one that will suit him best ---- and then maybe we should by an apartment asap for him :-)
  8. Sol1

    2017 Draw Results

    Now thats a loong story -- its all here somewhere in this forum (i think in homesick forum?). We won the DV2013 -- arrived in June 2014 and stayed only 2 and half months before my hubby suddenly decided to come back to SA due to his business here. the move i think is the worst for the men i think -- they are used to a good lifestyle in SA, a credit history that was built over many years -- all goes to nothing in the USA and you need to start all over. Luckily we didnt need to lve on credit in the USA - but did manage to get a car financed pretty easily due to the fact that we had a good credit balance at our bank (but the interest rate was high but would come down later once we were living there longer). So if you coming to the USA with a fair amount of cash in the bank -- then settling in and getting things done is pretty easy. Right now we living in Knysna - best place in SA to live for lifestyle and crime! ;-) busy with our re-entry permits -- which we shld get in the next few weeks -- so have another 2 years to go back (my son is in Grade 11 and he wants to finish high school here in SA)
  9. Sol1

    Re-Entry Permit.

    Thanks SJ -- yip looks like we may come back to the USA in early 2018 when my son has finished Matric here!
  10. Sol1

    2017 Draw Results

    Hi Suzy - Congratulations!! Its a wonderful feeling isnt it??!!
  11. Sol1

    Re-Entry Permit.

    Hi Everyone! As some of you may know my story -- we returned to SA about a year and a half ago and did not apply for our re-entry visa's before we left. We made sure we kept our ties going in the USA ( a business, bank accounts, credit rating etc) and made sure we returned every year before 12 months were up. I know that when you look up the info on the re-entry permits - they tell you you need to apply when you are in the USA and may leave when your bio-metrics have been taken (and then when you get the re-entry permits they can send to your nearest consulate in SA). I just wanted to let you know that we just applied for our re-entry permits a few weeks ago when my hubby and I were in the USA but could not stay long enough to wait to have our biometrics taken - so we returned to SA. We have now gotten our I-797C forms to appear in Baltimore for our bio-metrics appointment at USCIS. I called USCIS in Johannesburg and explained that due to my husbands work commitments and kids schooling we needed to leave the US before bio-metrics were taken. They said no problem -- in such cases (they say they don"t do it as a norm but do help in circumstances like ours) they can take your biometrics in JHB. So we are off to get our fingerprints taken next monday. I must say, i have never found the US authorities unreasonable and I find them very happy to try help people where ever they can. My advice to anyone is always tell the truth, just be honest and explain your situation -- and you wont pick up any hassles. Hopefully we will be back in the USA sometime within the next two years!
  12. Sol1

    6 Months On.

    Oh i so know how you feel Adventurer1 -- i also so wish we had stayed in USA. We back in Knysna now -- life is good here but all the SA troubles really worry a person. Wondering if we could ever get returning resident visa's one day.
  13. get those green cards couriered to you asap --- I had huge hassles at JHb airport when we left last year ----- my greencard was still at my cousins home in the USA and although I had the immigrant visa in my passport and it had been endorsed -- the lady in charge at the airport didnt understand the visa and told me it wasnt a valid travel document and she would not be allowing me to fly to the USA that night with my hubby and kids (who had their green cards with them) ------ my heart almost stopped!!! I ended up having to patiently explain to her (without basically telling her that she didnt have a clue what she was doing) that it was valid for 1 year as a travel document after it has been endorsed --- I insisted that she call her manager, who also didnt quite understand it --- eventually they called the guy from the SA consulate that was at the airport (luckily he knew exactly what he was doing and told them that it was a valid document) Never-the-less ----- I was so bloody stressed by then that i needed to take Natura Resuce Remedy tablets all the way to the USA!!!
  14. Well - now that we've been back in SA for a few months -- something interesting has happened to us. Just as we were settling to life back in SA -- rented nice home in Woodhill golf estate in Pretoria, kids going to nice school and we were for a home to buy ----- a few weeks ago I awoke to hear faint screams of woman in the night -- you just know by the sound of the scream that the woman is in serious trouble (like as described by witnesses in Oscar Pistorius trial) -- I woke my husband saying something is going on in our estate cause i hear a woman screaming like she is terrified. about 30 min later we had the police helicopter flying over our house , shining their spotlight all over the show - in our garden, all over the golf course in front of us --- we couldnt sleep for a about 2 hours with the noise and figured out they are looking for somebody - which left us very unsettled. Next morning we found out from our homeowners association that there had been an armed robbery at one of the homes and that one of the owners had been fatally shot! They tell us that they are looking for 2 black men with Nigerian accents and that they do not know if they are still in the estate or not and that we should be vigilant, lock our doors and windows and let them know if we see anything. Security were searching every car in the estate as you left , whether you were a resident or not - looking for these guys. This went on for days! All i can say my hubby was seriously wondering what on earth possessed him to come back to live in SA! Our two boys are now back to living in fear and are very nervous. Hubby and I feel the same - don't even want to go for a walk after dark in what is said to be one of the' So now hubby is thinking of us going back to the USA (before our Green cards expire) and just making it work -- I really hope it happens! how many of you live in California and enjoy living there? can you recommend any golf residential communities in your area?
  15. Glad things are going well for you guys so far SJ! We also sold up everything and moved money over etc--- all except the business as its a family business. I thought my hubby was quite mad to spend all that money to get there only to come back so soon. I sense that perhaps he may be starting to regret coming back -- but its done and we cannot cause more turmoil for the kids until my eldest has finished high school - he is in Grade 10 now. We are wondering how on earth we can keep our green card open in case we decide to want to go back to the USA after my son has finished matric (3 years time) -- we still own a percentage of the business in the USA and have our credit cards open there etc. ---- anyone have any ideas???