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  1. Adder

    DV 2019

    Good Luck Nesbert, sincerely hope you are successful with this. As much as I disagree with the whole DV Visa thing, our lives have been transformed by moving to the US. I remember being in your position 6 years ago.. Right now It does appear to be a race against time. The US are gunning to have this all stopped, It looks like DACA will be used as bait to get Dems to agree to a deal on the Wall and shut down the DV Visa among a host of other stuff this year. If you are lucky, even if this gets done, it will only apply next year - 2020 intake.
  2. Adder

    Bill proposed that would impact the DV lottery

    Lol... like the Van Jones nothing burger......
  3. Adder

    Bill proposed that would impact the DV lottery

    Malamute, Disproportionate? How so? The US sported a white population of well over 70% between1982 and 2012. Of the 62 cases, 44 amounts to 70%. That's not disproportionate that's pretty much bang on. We all too readily seem to accept what we read in the Fake news these days of which CNN seem to be the biggest culprits. My point still stands that the DV visa will be targeted and that IMO the lottery is a stupid idea. Now, all of you, please stop with the racial blame game. There are no winners here.
  4. Adder

    Bill proposed that would impact the DV lottery

    SJ272, Why you would answer my post with a racially charged response like that is beyond me..... There are plenty of mass shootings carried out in this Country by all types, if you care to open your eyes a bit..... I am surprised that administrators allow you to post crap like this on the website. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  5. Adder

    Bill proposed that would impact the DV lottery

    It's about time. The DV Visa was put there initially as a loophole to get Irish citizens into the Country. It really is beyond stupid IMO.
  6. Adder

    Bill proposed that would impact the DV lottery

    Manhatten ISIS truck driver came into the States with a DV Visa. Expect some momentum on the scrapping of the Lottery.
  7. Adder

    Opening a LLC

    I think we just put in SS no. simple as that. pick your State and off you go.
  8. Adder


    Sounds like some Pro-Trumper put a spanner in the works!! lol
  9. The Trump Administration is moving like a bullet train , I would not be surprised if this Bill gets done and passed in some form this year. Could it affect this years draw even after the May applications? without a doubt. The Republicans have the House, The Senate and the White house. Just look how they are shutting down the Democrats with all the confirmations. All the Democrats can do is shout, scream till they foam at the mouth. - it is having zero effect. If the GOP wants this, its as good as done. All we can do is hope that it does not get too much attention. We have a Family member in SA that requires care and we are planning to get them here when we become Citizens next year. this Bill will make it a lot more difficult to bring them over.
  10. so, here's the bill to end the Lottery: https://www.numbersusa.com/news/sen-tom-cotton-unveils-bill-end-chain-migration-visa-lottery?platform=hootsuite
  11. I have always thought that The DV program was a silly Program that Ted Kennedy implemented originaly to help the Irish get into the States. having said that, I'm also very happy to be here. However I don't thinks its gonna be around for much longer.
  12. Adder

    President Trump

    We stayed up through the night to watch the election results and I have to say, this was one the most amazingly brilliant nights we have had the pleasure to behold. To watch the mainstream media meltdown in front of your eyes and see the open mouthed realization that Trump is gonna win was simply priceless to see. Hillary, it turned out, had not even prepared a concession speech which is why shy did not speak that night. This was truly a golden night that will be recalled and remembered for decades to come. Go Trump!
  13. Adder

    2015 Irb

    Wrote this before the the Japanese invasion! Wow what a week! Don't u just love rugby!!Then the raiders turned out to be the Japan of the NFL when they zapped Baltimore......
  14. Adder

    2015 Irb

    Ooh not a good day to be a Canadian......
  15. Adder

    2015 Irb

    Um. Just a quick post here. How is everyone gonna be watching the Rugby next month?