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  1. Hi Whiteloren We are in Austin Texas since May. You can definitely bring your mom. My mom came with me and my 2 kids. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me. As you said you will have so much to do and organize. Good luck with the move.
  2. Hi everyone, I have been in Irvine, CA form the middle of March 2014. All "admin" - SSN, CA driver license and Green card - have been sorted. I am looking for an Outside / Field / Regional / Area Sales position in either Texas (Austin), Arizona (Phoenix), Oregon (Portland), Washington State (Seattle) or California (Orange County). I have 13 years B2B sales experience in consumer goods and wholesale. I also have 3 years retail experience in the building industry. Career Consulting International has done an evaluation on my SA degree and work experiences. Their report states my education and work experiences are equivalent to a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in the United States of America. I've attached my resume. Any help would be highly appreciated. ResumeAPPepler.doc
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