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  1. adventurer1


    [at]Kallas. Just confirmed- you have to keep to your right when entering the arrivals hall's border security. Go to the end.(furthers point from where you entered ) p You will be at a normal counter (not the APC machines and their counters) if there's any further processing etc, they will take you to an office from there.
  2. adventurer1


    [at]SJ272, at JFK Terminal 4 there's always been a ESTA line (together with 'other' visas - not B1/B2). Different line from Citizen and LPR's. It might have changed with the new APC systems in place. I remember when we activated our GC's back in 2014, we went to a small office to your left, as you entered passport control. But the same office is currently being used as the Global Entry enrollment office (along with the Global Entry kiosks outside of it)- just came through it.
  3. adventurer1


    [at]Kallas, SAA flies into Terminal 4 at JFK. usually arrives around 6:40am- but including taxi-ing to the gate you will only get off the plane after 7am. it usually takes about an hour to clear customs at JFK- give or take if you arrive with another flight (shortest we've had was 40min but once it took over an hour and a half). For first time entry with immigration that might actually be shorter, as you won't line up with the rest from passport control- you will most likely go through the ESTA etc line? (this was recently changed) and again it will depend on any other flights arriving at the same time. This again can differ- our son in law had to go to a second counter/ office as the first officer wasn't able to click on a button (jip) to activate his GC and he had to line up at another office, where he waited for more than an hour- just to have a supervisor click the icon. you will have to pick up all your luggage and clear through customs before you can take your connection flight. You can make use of the Sky Train on the 3rd floor to connect to all the other terminals. Its less than 15 min ride. There's a Delta connection flight desk right outside the entry into the arrivals hall (to your left). I am not 100% sure if this is for all airline use or only Delta? I've hear of people using it for other airlines too Just a note: On Saturday I arrived back from SA from a short trip- and ALL the passengers from the SA 203 flight was pulled over for luggage checks from customs. There was a whole lot of customs police and everyone's bags were searched and some where even x-rayed. Wrappings were cut off etc. If its a normal day with normal circumstances you should be ok with 3 hours, but its no guarantee Good luck, All exciting. Its also great if the company is willing to fly you in for an in-person interview- this is usually a great sign as US companies will have 2-4 telephone interviews before they invite a candidate for face to face / in person interview
  4. adventurer1


    [at]Kallas, Congrats. Good luck with the move and every other aspect coming with that [at]FranetteM, good luck on the final steps to your process. All worth it in the end, though you might some days think differently. Keep going
  5. adventurer1


    Kallas, everyone's interview time slot for that day will be 8:30. It is not individual slots. If I can suggest, be there early, as you are allowed IN from your position in the line outside. If 'interviewees' before you take longer than expected, it will sure delay you as well. Good Luck
  6. adventurer1


    Congrats on the promotion and welcome to the North East NY has so much to offer, such an energy and melting pot. We are 50 min out from GC on the Metro North. Most people in our town commute daily to the city for work. Best of both worlds
  7. adventurer1


    Where we live, our school district requires utility bills (2) as well as your rental contract/ home owners proof for your kid to attend school. If you will be living with relatives / friends, they then have to complete affidavits of residency as well as the relation to you. (this is then qualified/ approved by the school district board before your kid can attend school) Kids entering school (any grade) also need to complete a Health Assessment done by a US Dr. This is usually covered by your medical insurance, but if you don't have, that can add up some bills (around $400-500) Nursery / day care is extremely expensive, it works out anything between $1600-2000 per month. Some school districts allow kids from parents working in that school district to attend school there- that's great if you ended up working in a great school district but doesn't necessarily live there. Towns / school zones are so strict, some streets are split up- this doesn't matter if it falls under one school district and the whole district is great, but it can happen that you physically reside in a different town than you neighbor Zillow is great in searches for homes, as it usually shows the school assigned to that specific address , but the onus is still on you to confirm that its correct An interesting fact that I've recently discovered, (which is more relevant to high school kids). When applying to colleges, you are weighed against your peers from YOUR school. Where you stand in your class "against" the kids that get the same exposure and education in the same environment as you. What this means, if you reside in a very affluent neighborhood (mostly the higher scoring schools), where parents have the means to afford extra tutoring and advance classes for their kids, you better be able to do that too, as your kid is not measured nationally, but locally. Your kid might still get that 3.5 GPA, but it means very little if the average in his class is 3,7 etc. Now this is not a big issue if your kid is planning on attending the local state college etc, but when they plan to attend a lower acceptance rated school or ivy league etc, it starts to matter. Just my 5 cents
  8. I would suggest you contact uscis.johannesburg[at]dhs.gov and ask I remember the family member originally send in the hand written marriage certificate (as they were waiting for the Printed long form one). Don't know if that makes a difference. They were also recently married.(2016) Keep us posted. Good luck.
  9. This is strange Our family member's marriage and birth certificates in the new formats were accepted. This was originally for I130 via USCIS and then NVC. (consular processing in Jhb) Are your parents doing Adjustment of Status in US or Consular processing?
  10. Hi RiaanGouws It seems to be true Both Birth and Marriage Certificates are now only the long form and states just Birth or Marriage Certificate at the top. (a Family member had this done as well) As long as their marital status before the marriage and all their details Full names and Last/ Surname as well as (Country of Birth, ID, Birth date and previous surnames) are on it, it should be fine
  11. Hi all Can anyone shed some light on the process to add a dependent child(6 weeks old) to an Approved F2A application? Interview in Jhb Consulate is in 4 weeks. Have been trying to contact the IV department for past few weeks, without any reply / success. Phoning the number doesn't help either as they say that the IV department has no direct contact line As far as I can search, the DS260 form needs to be 'unlocked' and the dependent child's details added. The beneficiary needs to make his medical appointment in Jhb, and the 6 week old will probably also then undergo a medical? Does anyone have a contact at the IV department maybe?
  12. Hi Oscar Contact Antonie Wildenboer at Reservation house. info[at]reservationhouse.co.za They do SanParks bookings, directly on the SanParks system. Tel: (011) 678 8870Fax: (011) 678 2575
  13. Remember there is just one official website, the rest is scams www.dvlottery.state.gov it costs nothing to enter. You and your spouse may each enter with the other as dependents. Make sure to list all dependent children etc Never use the same photo as before (it gets you disqualified immediately, without even knowing)- the rules states that it needs to be a recent photo (not older than 6 months). I assume they have software that dispose off the entries with duplicate photos from previous years. We've won on our 5 or 6th try Good Luck
  14. Congrats, must be an awesome feeling
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