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  1. adventurer1

    Kruger National Park

    Hi Oscar Contact Antonie Wildenboer at Reservation house. info[at]reservationhouse.co.za They do SanParks bookings, directly on the SanParks system. Tel: (011) 678 8870Fax: (011) 678 2575
  2. adventurer1

    Immigrating to USA as a teacher

    Remember there is just one official website, the rest is scams www.dvlottery.state.gov it costs nothing to enter. You and your spouse may each enter with the other as dependents. Make sure to list all dependent children etc Never use the same photo as before (it gets you disqualified immediately, without even knowing)- the rules states that it needs to be a recent photo (not older than 6 months). I assume they have software that dispose off the entries with duplicate photos from previous years. We've won on our 5 or 6th try Good Luck
  3. adventurer1

    One last step!

    Congrats, must be an awesome feeling
  4. adventurer1

    Made it back to the USA!

    Hi Sol1, welcome back woop woop You guys back in Florida? Hope you settle in well and quickly adjust to the American way off life. Just give it time, its never easy the first couple off months (after the initial honeymoon is over)- but stick to it, it does get easier with time.
  5. adventurer1

    F2A (Family Based Second Preference)

    Thanks Great- the person in question has a current valid B visa and will be able to show ties back to SA It seems that Table A moves super slow. Some months the date only moves a week up. So that means that there is no difference in Adjustment of Status and Consular processing's times lines then? Thought the latter was quicker. Hurry up and wait game
  6. adventurer1

    F2A (Family Based Second Preference)

    Hi All (asking on behalf) Anyone here done F2A route recently? F2A (Second Preference Family base)- Spouses and unmarried children under 21 of Legal Permanent Resident Need to know the timeline - I-130 Petition has been approved, NVC has requested all supporting documents and confirmed that application has been processed and completed and send to US Consulate (jhb) for request for interview date The U.S. Embassy or Consulate General tells NVC what dates they are holding interviews, and NVC fills these appointments in a first-in, first-out manner. However, before applicants in a numerically limited (preference) visa category can receive an appointment, their priority date must also be current. You can track your priority date using the Visa Bulletin at https://usvisas.state.gov/visabulletin. NVC schedules appointments one month in advance, but we cannot predict when an interview appointment will be available. An interview appointment letter is sent to you (the applicant), as well as your petitioner (sponsor), and your agent/attorney (if applicable) to notify you and them of the date, time, and location of the interview once the embassy has an appointment available. There may be a wait of several months for an interview date to become available. Supporting documents are sent to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Once your interview appointment is scheduled, NVC sends the immigrant visa petition, visa application, and all related forms and documents which were submitted to NVC to the appropriate U.S. Embassy/Consulate. If a visa is available for your petition (or if the Department of State believes that one will be available in the next several months), the NVC will send you, the beneficiary, a letter or email directing you to begin visa pre-processing with the NVC. NVC will begin pre-processing your case by asking you to first choose an agent and then submit the appropriate fees. After the appropriate fees are paid, the NVC will request that you submit the necessary immigrant visa documents, including the Affidavit of Support (AOS), application forms, civil documents, and more. If visas are not available for your visa category, the NVC will notify you that the NVC received your petition and will hold it until a visa becomes available. Now this is where the questions comes in: 1) anyone done their interview recently or have an idea on what the current timeline is? (between receiving confirmation that NVC is sending docs vs interview date confirmation letter) 2) Which priority date do you use on VisaBulletin (Last action date or dates for filing) - this is a Consular Processing Case and not a Adjustment of Status Case 3) Anyone traveled/ entered US on B1/B2 visa (for a short trip) while waiting for interview date back in SA? - I read on other forums that customs can be difficult about granting you entry (immigration intent) Thanks in advance
  7. adventurer1

    California Road Trip

    Great I would have never considered any off these, Big thumbs up to you all
  8. adventurer1

    California Road Trip

    Thanks Will check if we have some spare days then- good to know, somethings should not be rushed
  9. adventurer1

    California Road Trip

    Its true- part off the whole idea would be to stay a few nights in the city, right. Same as when we get guests I always suggests, (though we are only 46 min train from NYC GC-Terminal) its worth the $$ to at least spend one night IN NYC. Different story for everyday life. Big Sur; Monetery/ Carmel are all on the list now. Napa Valley might have to wait for another trip (or is it worth a day trip from SF?- or should one rather do a whole wine tasting trip on its own? Is the wineries like in the Cape - where its worth to do a few days with different stop?)
  10. adventurer1

    California Road Trip

    Thanks for the head up!, will most likely be on the to do list. I have several reminders on my calendar for ''stuff'' that need to be booked in advance but that not ''open'' yet. Will add this one
  11. adventurer1

    California Road Trip

    Something funky went on with my quoting extractions now Thanks Oscar, Will definitely look into the Hilton in San Ramon- don't mind using public transport in cities and hate traffic Did not realize the whole Fisherman's Wharf / Union Square issue is related to MJ;) - nice heads up thnx.
  12. adventurer1

    California Road Trip

    Thanks Ladies I knew I could count on you;) Much much appreciated
  13. adventurer1

    California Road Trip

    Hi thanks. Yes thinking of a 10-14 day trip (14 if we have to detour to Vegas- Have just suggested to roadies that we skip Vegas: in my opinion not the best place for teenage boys with their parents;)) This will most likely then exclude Grand Canyon and Red Rock state park (or we will do this as a separate break/ weekend) Plan to do coastal drive from San F down to San D. (some 'Harry Pottering' and Studio Lot exploring will be done in LA, and the usual touristy places.)- Anyone been to both Disney World Orlando and Disney Land California? (worth going to Disney Cal instead?)- our guests are also opting to do less off the West Coast road trip and spend some time and $$$ in Orlando. (PS. I'm bias as I can't stand the magnitude of hysteric masses and chaos in the Parks (Orlando)- so its a easy choice for me) The trip will take place probably last week of June into first week of July. (keeping in mind that we would like to celebrate the 4th somewhere maybe on a beach and fireworks) How is the weather that time off the year down there? Dry or Rainy? I know her up North East, its touch and go for summer (we still had horrible cold days late June) Every tip is greatly appreciated and I'm plotting it down Thanks
  14. adventurer1

    California Road Trip

    Thank you!
  15. adventurer1

    California Road Trip

    Hi All Those off you living in CA, or has done a road trip there Friends from SA plan to visit next year early summer. We are planning a road trip with them from SF down to San Diego, (with a detour via Vegas and Red Rock State Park / Grand Canyon) I need tips on the following: Where to stay in San Francisco (Union Square or Fisherman's Warf or any better place? )- 5* places on 3* budget;) (though I see in SF everything is on 5* budgets;( What NOT to miss on the trip down (pit stops; must-see- off the beaten track- places) Accommodation and tours around Grand Canyon? What is worth and what not We will be travelling with 3 teenage boys, I need them off their screens and into the scenery;) and adventure Been to LA and Vegas before- so I think we will be ''sorted'' there- have an idea on what and what not (but if you have great finds, please advise) Thanks in advance