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  1. Wubby

    Notarized Copies

    Thank you, Nettie.
  2. Wubby

    Notarized Copies

    I need to notarize copies of our ID's etc to renew our passports. I am currently residing in Texas. My question is, do I need to ensure that it is notarized by a Texas notary or am I able to submit documents notarized by someone in Louisiana?
  3. That's great news whiteloren! You're almost there, good luck!
  4. Wubby

    Newly Minted!

    Congratulations! That's so awesome!
  5. [at]SJ27 and [at]adventurer1, thank you for those links! [at]oscar, I will definitely keep that in mind, thank you!
  6. [at]adventurer1 My first choice was New Jersey simply because it is close to New York and being in finance, it would certainly be better for my career. I was also looking forward to a white Christmas especially for the kids but I think that the novelty will probably have worn off after a year or two. I also took the flight time to get back to SA, into consideration and though I am not happy about it, I can live with it. I know that Texas is very hot but I will only know if it's unbearable once i experience it. I suppose that I'll be looking for a fully air-conditioned house! I've been using greatschools.org and zillow.com. The latter is nice because it gives you a lot of information about the house including the tax assessment value and the property taxes that were paid in the previous year. You can find the rating of all the schools in the area (per greatschool.org), you can search for homes within a certain school district and it also gives you a bird's eye view of the house so that you can see what's in the surrounding areas. Do you know where you will eventually settle?
  7. Yes, but I haven't been there yet. Are you referring to the Alamo? We had a choice to move there or Fort Lee, New Jersey (my husband's company has offices in those cities). We decided on San Antonio after looking at property prices and school ratings in both cities.
  8. That's exactly why we didn't get our vaccines elsewhere. But my friend showed the vaccination card from Dischem and he accepted it. Take the vaccination card for the shots that were done last year, perhaps some of them are on the list of required vaccines. Dr Cobb is no longer contracted to do the medicals for the USA visas. I agree, Dr Hoosen is very expensive, way more than the doctor in CT.
  9. We had immunization cards for both my husband and myself, thanks to our parents being hoarders, lol. But all of the immunizations that we had as children, only have a life span of ten years. so we had to have all of them again. All at once. I would recommend having the immunizations at Dischem or your own doctor as Dr Hoosen in JHB, charged exorbitant fees in comparison. A friend of mine did this about a month ago and saved herself close to R1800.
  10. I was looking at Delta airlines, I wanted the most direct route with the least amount of travel time. I guess that's why the price is what it is. I will have a look at the other airlines including KLM, thank you. 1,5 hours was wishing thinking on my behalf
  11. We will be traveling from to Atlanta with a connecting flight to San Antonio. How long will it take to process the visas? Do you think that a layover of 1,5 hours in Atlanta is sufficient?
  12. I went to collect our visas today, woohoo! I can't wait to start our new adventure! We're planning to leave around mid-June and have been looking for flights for a family of four . I've received quotes ranging from R17k pp for a return flight to 22k pp for a one-way trip. Seems a tad bit ridiculous to me. Has anyone used IOM - international organisation for migration to book their flights?
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