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  1. Agh, too late, I'll only be in NYC on Friday morning...
  2. Charlene

    December visit

    Hexie> It's really great to see you around here
  3. That'a way!! I would also trash my truck for a mustang ... if I wasn't the one paying, that is! I take it from your tone that she's ok though?!
  4. Allready a dead giveaway, how's my car?
  5. The donkey would be your hint, liz Any bets on who crashed "the other site"?
  6. LMAO [at] Duncan!! Duns-can? Hi everyone, sux 'bout "that other site"
  7. I changed from J1 to F1 and after it was approved I went home and I had to get the actual visa in my passport, if I remember correctly it costs about $140 to "reapply" and about $80 if it's approved. Please bear in mind that they can decline it if you go back to SA, I'm not sure if there is an option of getting the actual visa in the US, but if there is, I would go that route. They gave me hell in SA! :thumbdown:
  8. I use www.prepaidcall.com - they have the blackstone calling card, calling SA is about 8c/minute. Also try www.accessworldonline.com for calling state-to-state, they have a calling card, god bless america, or something, it's 2c/minute. There's also www.phonecallonsale.com
  9. I'm not sure what she should do, 'chiproll', but I just wanted to say that it's a very nice gesture and I hope you and your family find a way to work it out
  10. There are more then just two, Biafrica. My school in IL has 4 types... DISTRICT RESIDENTS $51 Per Credit Hour ILLINOIS OUT-OF-DISTRICT $189.72 Per Credit Hour OUT-OF-STATE $230.36 Per Credit Hour OUT-OF-COUNTRY $274.01 Per Credit Hour There is also: Technology fee $4.50 Per Credit Hour Student Services fee $3 Per Credit Hour Capital Assessment fee $2 Per Credit Hour Course fees (vary per course) Goldi, as far as I know, it depends on the institution, where you live and how long you've lived there. Contact the college your children wish to attend... on the other hand, if your kids have SS#'s, I wouldn't say anything. Just register for classes, fill in the info and use your local address.
  11. Hi Natalie I can sympatize with you, because I almost didn't get my student visa when I returned to SA after aupairing for a year.. Many of my friends that have returned to SA after being in the States have been really unhappy and are also looking for avenues to return. If you're interested in redoing the au pair option I would look into these web-sites, where au pairs and families can hook up without an agency (some may require an agency after the match) But it allows you to have contact with numerous families before deciding. Also because you couldn't get a J1 again, look into your other possibilities (H2, or the 1 year extension on your J1 - I'm not 100% sure but look at the (visa) website : http://www.immigration.gov/graphics/index.htm) Au pair websites (a friend of mine in Gurnsey used greataupair.com, the family she matched with flew her over on a tourist visa) 1) www.greataupair.com 2)www.findaupair.com 3)www.aupairsearch.com Some of my friends have also worked at a Golf Course on Long Island, this option is only avalible in the summer though, so if you wanted to wait a year, you could look into that. I'm not sure what the south african connection is, but if you're interested, I could find out. You can have a look at this site in the meantime http://www.epinions.com/golf-Golf_Courses-...i_Course_009657 Also work on finding solid evidence that you plan on returning to SA - a letter from a company is in my opinion the best, even a spouse - heck! "get engaged" If you have any questions, please e-mail me at Charlenecpt[at]aol.com Good Luck Charlene
  12. Charlene

    Shaun: Howdy

    Hi Debbie.. Not sure if you remember me.. I think you might be talking about the same Steven that lives in Italy now.. he used to live in Ger and WA. He still posts on RSA-Overseas.com... Was it your son that was in Iraq? Regards, Charlene
  13. Also try www.phonecardonsale.com and www.accessworldonline.com (2c/min to call state to state in the u.s.) (I use www.prepaidcall.com)
  14. I know someone that does.. will let you know if someone hasn't privvy'ed you yet
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